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All 24 New Switch Games ANNOUNCED & Release Date Update For Week 2 October 2018 | Nintendo News

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This week 2 October 2018 Nintendo Switch got many new games announcements and release date update. Which one of these games do you like? ◆ MUST WATCH ◆ Top 15 NEW Upcoming FIGHTING Games On Nintendo Switch (2018 & 2019) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SHLLSwOAme8 -Follow Us Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/SwitchPlanetOff
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SwitchPlanet (1 month ago)
Top 12 NEW Upcoming RPG Games On Nintendo Switch (2018 & 2019) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3p4rHcv5t2c
Quem.vai de mito seus pouto?
Facalet Marian (1 month ago)
I wish you would post the list in description on comments
Dexter Johnson (1 month ago)
bigorange2082 (1 month ago)
Xenon Racer Subdivision Chronus Arc Shadowgate I’m interested.
SwitchPlanet (1 month ago)
It will surely be here when we got the update. One day!
ARP (19 days ago)
Menuda mierda de juegos. Está tablet obsoleta está muerta.
Shattered Sentient (19 days ago)
#4 I did not hit her! This is bullshit. I did not hit her. I did NOUGHT!
nowonmetube (21 days ago)
The Room Android: 1,09 € Windows: 5,00 € Switch: 10 € Seems legit
Henry Quock (24 days ago)
The games suck i hate pixelated games would be cool if the friday the 13th was like granny need better games makes me want to get a xbox one x the only game im waiting for is super smash
1ifall Allinall (25 days ago)
I strayed from Nintendo during the PS2 era,...now I remember why...d0_0b
Itachi Uchiha (26 days ago)
oh look 24 more garbage ass games I will never play
nowonmetube (21 days ago)
They're not all garbage ass 😑
Squid From hell (29 days ago)
1:39 thumbnail
Kayo Rico (1 month ago)
Heu mec par contre peut on en parler de tous ces jeux de merde certte c'est pas toi qui les fait mais quand même parfois je me demande qui achèterait ces jeux
Rawr5649 (1 month ago)
yeah this was great and all but still trying to beat Celeste
Robin Lagelius (1 month ago)
Mostly garbage
andybuttz (1 month ago)
The Room.... I had that on iOS like 7 maybe 8 years ago and it took an hour to finish. What a waste of a release.
Patrick Koller (1 month ago)
99% is bullshit
James Davidson (1 month ago)
Rubbish line up
ActosMagus (1 month ago)
Now there's something I never expected to see, a real reboot/remaster of Descent for modern times.
Y Y (1 month ago)
I just want Rhythm Tengoku
Goddess Queen (1 month ago)
bloody mary (1 month ago)
Most of it is bad as a waste of money to try
Jinsei Cast (1 month ago)
Jesus, I wonder what are people's criteria when it comes to deeming a game good or bad. I feel like I'm the only one in this planet that actually is willing to give smaller games or mobile ports a shot. Of course, there are others like me. But here, I feel so lonely.
Serah H (1 month ago)
90% eshop indie games.... Good thing is just dont buy them ^^ Physical games is whats the best! ^^
Jerry Fransz (1 month ago)
I'm looking forward to when kingdom hearts 3 would appear in this channel. Fingers crossed #KH3forSwitch
mkitten13 (1 month ago)
My flatmate will be really happy about Trine 3, and I think that one looks really good. Also really interested in Chasm
Ow3zara (1 month ago)
99% shovelware :((
sean sullivan (1 month ago)
nintendo = pile of crap
Like come on Nintendo, we know damn well that Jason game is from the mobile store -_- and it's free or to pay..forgot what it was but yeah..this is sigh and it is true some of the games look fun while the rest is just bad
Hector F. Torres (1 month ago)
Where's Resident Evil 12345678... Remix Champion Edition Ultra?
James Pelton (1 month ago)
I would hope they would release all 3 Trines
JJ_ Corrupted (1 month ago)
Trine 3 looks fun
Premium Fruits (1 month ago)
Oh lawdy is dat sum Kairosoft?
Quem vai de mito nessa porra? Os gringos viadinhos não conta kkkkk até a puta da Madona virou Helenão 🤣😂😂
Paul Branwhite (1 month ago)
Xenon Racer, Subdivision, Trine 3 and The Room all for me please.
Chris Bricks (1 month ago)
I wish they'd just cut it with all that cheap smartphone Indie crap!
Alan Gonzalez (1 month ago)
Love Chasm, played it a ton on PC. such a fun Castlevania styled game.
marlol22 (1 month ago)
pffff c'est triste......
Ricardo Jara (1 month ago)
Exorder, xenón racer and those spaceship games looks cool to me
seng vang (1 month ago)
Xenon racer reminds me of San Francisco rush on the Dreamcast
CasePB (1 month ago)
I hope Xenon Racer is as good as it looks. It makes me forget all about 90s Super GP.
Celal Cayci (1 month ago)
Pls change the intro music... i can't hear it pls... everytime when i click a video i roll my eyes... my brain hurts
London Plum (1 month ago)
What’s the thumbnail?
Alex Munhoz (1 month ago)
se loko so jogos besta.
Wanderson macedo (1 month ago)
Name of música intro ?
Some of the games copied super Mario
Garten Kings (1 month ago)
Descent 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
Where switchsetta?!?!?!?
Gaetan GAINARD (1 month ago)
I'm so trine ! Tchouss !!
Eric Ling (1 month ago)
You can never kill off Jason, not on TV, nor on Games
DwarvishPasty (1 month ago)
All crap then , switch so far is a crap purchase . PS4 and pc get all the use
MrCool (1 month ago)
Where's GTA 5 Kingdom Hearts 3 Need for Speed and Naruto Storm 4
Dyllin Ryman (1 month ago)
+michael windura they approved saints row
기꺼이 웃다YOU (1 month ago)
+michael windura then why they approve Wolfenstein??? Also the next one is coming out for switch to.
michael windura (1 month ago)
theres no way nintendo would approve gta5 for the switch
Mario alberto cantu (1 month ago)
welcome to 100% games shit for the switch
Ph Ph (1 month ago)
Damn.. So no games on switch.. When is diablo coming? And I will definitely purchase dragon quest 11 on switch. It better come to switch
Paul Branwhite (1 month ago)
Diablo3 coming November.
NCrNaimadBeats (1 month ago)
All I see is indies or games that look as if your playing on a gameboy.
nowonmetube (21 days ago)
It doesn't count if you're blind
y26op (1 month ago)
Why is it always Indie stuff? Yeah, great, we get it... There's no shortage of Indie games for the Switch. But, where are the Triple-A titles? Where are the big blockbusters? We're tired of only hearing about Indie games.
TurtleDragonSilent (3 days ago)
Everything comes next year beside Smash bros which comes at the beginning of December
Lucario (1 month ago)
Finally a person who gets the point
Anthony Chesery (1 month ago)
+y26op Bethesda games run ok due to a vastly out dated game engine
y26op (1 month ago)
+Anthony Chesery Well, I didn't say it had to attempt running high end PC graphics. As far as third party hits... They've gotten some good support from Bethesda. But, they need more. There's plenty of games that could run on Switch, only taking a framerate and resolution hit. And, these games need to be in development along with the other versions, instead of coming out months later, after the others. But, aside third party... Nintendo hasn't exactly been going hard with major first party games. How long are they going to be talking about Metroid Prime 4? They need to be doing more.
Anthony Chesery (1 month ago)
Wrong system man look at most aaa games and ask yourself can this tablet handle that?
RetrO GameBeard (1 month ago)
Trine 3 looks awesome !
Ahmed Falahy (1 month ago)
Had Chronus Arc on the 3DS, why should I get it again? Hey Kemco, at least bring us titles you hadn't brought already to the Wii U/3DS Eshop.
Dexter Johnson (1 month ago)
Blame UNLTD (1 month ago)
I sold my switch last week. And I'm happy.
Riky Stevanus (1 month ago)
i sold my switch and buy dji spark, totally worth it
Cor Draws (1 month ago)
Lol I remember decent from n64!
Michael Lacasse (1 month ago)
Wtf all of them look like total shit
Nock Legacy (1 month ago)
Franchement Trine 3 fut une grande déception donc ce portage ne me feras ni chaud ni froid.
Azwan R. (1 month ago)
I think most of the games this week actually looked pretty good.
Justin Hazlett (1 month ago)
Me too, and everyone fuckin' bitches and complains. Personally, I want to try out Boom Ball this week. Not sure if I'm going to get it, considering I only have 5 eShop games, and I'm picky about money.
-J- (1 month ago)
Xenon Racer looks like Split/Second combined with the F1 games
Dan Hill (1 month ago)
For all you weebs out there SAO fatal bullet for the switch is being released on January 18th next year, along with its DLC
Xtreme.xirtam (1 month ago)
Descent & Xenon Racer are some graphical clean looking games on Switch, Trine 3 looks very beautiful just like it's past titles.
cartoon boy (1 month ago)
Nintendo losing sales cause there a lack of good big games
Daniel kader (22 days ago)
cartoon boy what about SAO or warframe or smash bros or Pokémon ?
cartoon boy (1 month ago)
I like trine
cartoon boy (1 month ago)
Upgrade the music in the beginning it give me a headache every time
Hellrider (1 month ago)
What the Title of music from Game dev story until hot springs story pls? I like it!
Islam Taha (1 month ago)
I liked all of this games but I want one piece world seeker
Rene Manqueros (1 month ago)
holy mother of god, descent is coming
Nour Al Dean (1 month ago)
This time there's alot of cool and awsome games!!
matthew tricker (1 month ago)
Yeah I agree ^_^
so they didn't bother finishing the story of Trine 3 yet decided to port it on switch? well, that's some nice prioritization
Νοῦς (1 month ago)
Артем Парпулов 😆
cronos gamer (1 month ago)
Esos juegos de mierda en 2d y juegos indies nintendo se tiene que dar cuenta que ya estamos en otra era esos juegos estan bien paro para el tiempo de los 90
Kachibachero (1 month ago)
Trine 3 and Descent physical releases??? Really I think that is a mistake but if true, I am so sold +
Hot Giii (1 month ago)
We need a timestamp hero
robotoda2000 (1 month ago)
Trine 3 looks nice
Divyansh Sunak (1 month ago)
That racing game looked pretty cool
Fear Kratos (1 month ago)
Stop giving us a million of the same fucking man cCOME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Caio Martins (1 month ago)
This is my favourite Switch related channel on YouTube. I'd have no idea how id keep up with the constant Switch tsunami of games that comes every week.
+Matuscara I like bananas, too! Big ones!
Matuscara (1 month ago)
Nickolas Canning-Battye: I like bananas 🍌 but not apples 🍎.
Corrin 27 (1 month ago)
I think Nintendo is allowing all developers to throw those shit games to the console so we can value their games when they decide to launch them , especially wii u ones
#Bolsonaro17 seus trouxaum
CasePB (1 month ago)
Quit your bitching, no one is forcing you to buy them, some people enjoy those games. To each their own.
A.4. Adam (1 month ago)
thanks for nintendo give them a chance , one day they will make better game for nintendo :D
Dexter Johnson (1 month ago)
Azwan R. (1 month ago)
DarthRevan .Gaming (1 month ago)
I got CHASM on the ps4 and let me tell you it was the best $20 dollars spend on a game.
Roland Salvatierra (1 month ago)
OH por dios dios THE ROOM SALE EN SWItCH, tambien lo comprare esa compañia tiene mi apoyo en todas las versiones :)
Matuscara (1 month ago)
Roland Salvatierra bad iOS game
GuyRification (1 month ago)
Descent?! Oh boy, I hope they don't mess it up!
xSiGFriDx (1 month ago)
who asked for bullshit? Nintendo heard him
Chesterfield The 3rd (1 month ago)
Youssef Ait (1 month ago)
More mobile games :/
Nathan (1 month ago)
@sujan Graphically speaking? not really. If you watch the Xenon Racer trailer, you can see a far more advanced lighting system with trees that cast shadows on cars and cars that cast dynamic shadows on the terrain. The Asphalt 9 implementation is basically a PS2 era glitchy shadow projected under a car that flickers in and out. Asphalt 9 looks as good as is it does because practically everything in the world is prebaked...which is just a memory thing...which is fine...it plays to the strengths of phones whereas compute would use power/produce heat. Anyways, nobody can know which is better because Xenon Racer isn't even out. Nobody that I know of has played it.
sujan sitaula (1 month ago)
+Nathan asphalt 9 is far more better than xenon racer...
Nathan (1 month ago)
Xenon Racer is a PS4/Xbox One/PC/Switch arcade racing gaming. It is not on iOS/android. The only thing that is "mobile" about it is that yes, the Switch is a mobile console. But then anything that a gaming laptop can run is also a "mobile" game.
sujan sitaula (1 month ago)
+Seth Kauffman xenon racer is like asphalt so yes it is like mobile games ...my mobile has nice game than switch it sucks..
Seth Kauffman (1 month ago)
I feel like you only watched a small *part* of the video if that's how you feel. Chasm, Xenon Racer, Trine 3, at least 70-80% of these games look nothing like mobile games...
Zyaku (1 month ago)
Still waiting for A hat in time :P
III III (1 month ago)
No PixArk?! nooooooooo!!!
Michael Phelps (1 month ago)
Chasm and Trine 3 look pretty good and some of the star fox shooters looked good
Matuscara (1 month ago)
Michael Phelps trine 2 sucks
zac taylor (1 month ago)
Michael Phelps lmfao chasm is a horrible game guy please save your money take from me i wish i never fucking bought it for ps4
Hexill (1 month ago)
Как этак стремительно смогли переместить видео?
James Forero (1 month ago)
Descent, Xenon Racer, the Chasm, the Room, Shadowgate, and Trine 3 looks awesome.
Matuscara (1 month ago)
James Forero: fair enough
James Forero (1 month ago)
Matuscara I played Trine 1 and 2 and finished it on the Wii U eshop. I kind of enjoyed it. As for Shadowgate, I played it back on the nes when I was a kid. I miss that game.
Matuscara (1 month ago)
James Forero the room is a bad old iOS game. Trine 2 is terrible, this one looks interesting. Shadowgate looks horrible dude...
Dexter Johnson (1 month ago)
GuyRification (1 month ago)
+Marcin Rychter Apparently it's a new game, with the title kept simple (reboot style). I hope it's good!
_legalizex_ aws (1 month ago)
shit shit shit shit and shit
Craig Morgan (1 month ago)
Spideraole WoW (1 month ago)
Puro juego feo
Matuscara (1 month ago)
DarthRevan .Gaming xenon racer is probably very bad. Trine 2 was bad.
Νοῦς (1 month ago)
DarthRevan .Gaming yep those suck to
DarthRevan .Gaming (1 month ago)
Chasm Trine 3 Xenon Racer O_O???
Thiago David (1 month ago)
Como é bom ser Nintendista
Matuscara (1 month ago)
Thiago David bolsonaro 17
Dexter Johnson (1 month ago)
daniel franco jareño (1 month ago)
No se salva ni un juego de ser malo, y nos siguen metiendo juegos de generaciones anteriores o de hace 5 años a precio de oro, o llenando la eShop de basuras porteadas de movil, muy mal nintendo.
Brandon Heat (1 month ago)
Descent es un excelente juego de los 90 de FPS con naves... Es normal que muchos no lo recuerden o siquiera lo conozcan, sí, es verdad hay juegos malos y ninguna consola se salva de ellos como el 100 veces premiado Knack... Tal vez hay que darle oportunidad a algunos, y pues... Jugar lo que te guste
Felipe Hernandez (1 month ago)
s MelDI (1 month ago)
Xenon racer ? I like this
Dexter Johnson (1 month ago)
Flaxy0 0 (1 month ago)
Je savais pas que tu était français ! X)
kelloggs frosties (1 month ago)
what Blue Bird said is right because i got the thing in german
Je crois que c'est YouTube qui traduit les titres. Donc la chaîne n'est pas forcément française.
Assasin J (1 month ago)
Some of them are good but most of it is bad
DilPower (24 days ago)
Descent looks amazing
Juliaan Coleman (29 days ago)
...You do know everyone needs to have a chance (Or multiple chances) as a Game Developer, artist and the like right? Who cares if they are indie? Everyone needs to start somewhere!
Jue Viole Grace (1 month ago)
+stagm3 I will do the same considering the new switch will be coming out soon. This sswitch is just to underpowered and so many 2d platform games
stagm3 (1 month ago)
After completing Zelda and Mario odyssey, sold my switch and never looked back
Job Milton (1 month ago)
Why was trine 3 not in any directs

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