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Nintendo Direct E3 2018 - Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Pokemon, RIDLEY!

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Text Comments (93)
Steel Curtin (16 days ago)
*makes multiple videos about many characters they want* Sakurai: there won't be many newcomers
Martin Skjøtt (3 months ago)
You guys seem mad at each other, like you just had a fight. At least the two to the right.
CrimsonZEXAL (3 months ago)
I knew that SouperGaming would be excited about the Hollow Knight announcement. But I almost think I was more excited for him than he was.
The little brickshack (3 months ago)
pff ports of games. Nintendo has lost it. Sad to see, this is the first console i'm not buying. Bye bye childhood.
Walaba (2 months ago)
The little brickshack You fucking kidding me? The added new characters, every character in smash history, changed mechanics, updated the graphics, changed character's movesets, added maps, etc. This is no where near a port and it is extremely disrespectful towards sakurai to call it one. Also, you're not buying the switch? If anything nintendo is reclaiming fame with the switch! You think it is a failure? Pathetic.
The little brickshack (3 months ago)
Shane OG what is so different about it?
Shane OG (3 months ago)
This is no where near a port 😂😂😂😂 the physics and engine are completely different from the previous games
Airgearzx (3 months ago)
The little brickshack oh please with what they have in store for 2019, you'll be back
zachary johnson (3 months ago)
Who here wanted sora to be in it
zachary johnson (3 months ago)
Porky city is from brawl
zachary johnson (3 months ago)
It's kinda funny how nobody was hyped for inkling (inkling is to op because of well what we saw is proof enough)
Griverるんぷ (3 months ago)
45:30 Nintendo have Cemu xD
Yousef AL-Dulaijan (3 months ago)
Nintendo won e3 Microsoft they keep lying
Rss (3 months ago)
god this comments section is a mess
lucky luciano (3 months ago)
Look at all these losers you can tell they dont have a job or a girlfriend. Lol fucking losers go fuck your self
Cesar Lagunas (3 months ago)
Bro anybody can add me on Nintendo!
Dovahkiff (3 months ago)
That was a pretty underwhelming direct compared to Sony and Microsoft, least it was better than Ubisoft and EA though.
rhodmie joi Sagum (3 months ago)
it could have been better if you guys don’t cuss during the presentation
Zirkumflex (3 months ago)
"fuck off"
21 7Xe (3 months ago)
So guess no mortal Kombat announcement here!
Quinn Warwick (3 months ago)
I wish I could mute you guys so I could watch the trailers.
Colton Lindley (3 months ago)
dammit, they made ZS samus's boobs smaller
spiax (3 months ago)
Wow what joke of a direct
rojodiaz (3 months ago)
Min 26:30 Whaaaaaat? Zelda Gorgeous! Are you kidding! This animation sucks! I lost my excitement with this game the moment I saw they used this version! She DOES NOT look more elegant or regal! I would gave preferred they do a OOT or Twilight Princess version and include Midna as shadow form. This would have been epic! Not this very unpopular form! I wasn’t even excited to see Ridley (a character I always wanted to see as a playable character), just because they screwed up using this crappy version of Zelda!
Zeltron 2187 (2 months ago)
rojodiaz lmao you must be high
Josiah Collins (3 months ago)
Zirkumflex (3 months ago)
Nvm this is comedy gold
Zirkumflex (3 months ago)
Gabriel Magana (3 months ago)
just because they are adding a lot of the same doesn't make it a port
Ezey (3 months ago)
i think you get ridley when you complete the story
Richard Wu (3 months ago)
Well shit I was hoping for Sylux :( My theory is that Sylux is intended as a metroid character for smash ultimate, but he will be released as DLC accompanying the Prime 4 reveal.
Samuel Davenport (3 months ago)
Upset that they called samus a he ::((
Samuel Davenport (3 months ago)
Literally at the end she jumps out and attacks Ridley how do you not understand 😂😭
zachary johnson (3 months ago)
Samuel Davenport yea but a lot of people made that mistake
Don Billbo (3 months ago)
"We hope you didn't too many new fighters" Telling this to the guys, who made videos for like 300 possible newcomers.
zachary johnson (3 months ago)
Don Billbo what
Colin Reinhart (3 months ago)
“Oh Fuck Off!”
Justice 2 Free (3 months ago)
Smash Ultimate is running on Unreal Engine 4
Justice 2 Free (3 months ago)
TooN X made a mistake, it was just copyright at the end of the direct for Fortnite.
TooN X (3 months ago)
Justice 2 Free proof
Ryan Robinson (3 months ago)
I'm happy with the roster. I mean EVERY character to ever be in Smash plus RIDLEY!!! Come on, guys! Still hope for a story mode though
Ryan Robinson (3 months ago)
Claire I would probably care about him if Nintendo did anything with him other than have him play sports...yeah. Never got too much into the Mario sports games but that's just me I guess.
Claire (3 months ago)
No one gives a shit about him.
true vs you (3 months ago)
don't forget about WAHLUIGI
Ryan Robinson (3 months ago)
Claire. Ah. Well. I'm sure we will get DLC later. By the way. Isn't this going to be the last Smash game?
Claire (3 months ago)
No, the official site literally says they are 66 characters in the game and Ridley is 65. One more to go and we are done.
Yonk (3 months ago)
Your videos and live reveals a great insight into what gamers are disappointed by. People describe me as easily highly satisfied, so this is a refreshing change of pace. I'm personalyl sad we had no hint at Animal Crossing happening in 2019. It would have been nice to be confirmed. (Just don't lose too much hope with Smash! Updates are coming during E3, all the way until December, and then after the game's release as well)
12canadianboy12 (3 months ago)
Watching these guys react like this over nintendo characters is bloody sad. Bunch of manchilds
12canadianboy12 (3 months ago)
T-Donor66 lol stone hearted dickhead
12canadianboy12 (3 months ago)
One Big Pupper sure i do, kid
T-Donor66 (3 months ago)
Oh no one is stopping you. Just keep showin the world what a stone hearted dickhead you are, so we can keep laughing at you! :)
Rss (3 months ago)
12canadianboy12 if you seriously want to act like an asshole online, then you have no right to call ppl kids
12canadianboy12 (3 months ago)
RETNUH GAMING To see what these guys say not what they squeak to eachother in girlish delight as a cartoon character steps on screen. Whose gonna force me fuck face huh? You? Bahahahahahaha take a hike kid
flodusishigh (3 months ago)
I'm glad there was no Metroid Prime 4. I hope they take their time to develope the best Nintendo Game ever.
Claire (3 months ago)
They did. Reggie said "we are still working on it, and will show it when it's ready to be shown". Now stop crying.
Chris Auer (3 months ago)
people just want to be informed about its progress. all we know about this game is that it is developed and that there is a logo for it. even a cinematic trailer would have been fine. and to clarify: cinematic trailers are rarely done in house and basically never by the same people working on the actual game, so it wouldn't have taken away from development time.
TopOfAllWorlds (3 months ago)
1:34:00 whats that a reference to? The “how many times do I gotta teach you this lesson old man?”
TopOfAllWorlds (3 months ago)
Alex C. Ah yes! Thanks!
davebro (3 months ago)
TopOfAllWorlds a fish from spongebob says that
Fuss Star (3 months ago)
1:33:51 👌
CMDR Legendie (3 months ago)
Looks only like an add on to the previous Smash bros game
Luki_ Cookie 1 (3 months ago)
RBarc (3 months ago)
The direct was decent, but no Metroid Prime 4 or Yoshi?!?! And Smash Ultimate is basically a port sadly...
Gabriel Magana (3 months ago)
zachary johnson I never played as ganondorf on the 3ds version
Gabriel Magana (3 months ago)
zachary johnson I never played brawl so I dont know how easy Ridley is
Gabriel Magana (3 months ago)
zachary johnson the reason why it probably won't be on 3ds is because if ice climbers physics which is why they weren't in smash 4
zachary johnson (3 months ago)
Gabriel Magana ridley has Ganondorfs down b from the 3ds
zachary johnson (3 months ago)
Gabriel Magana well I know what the worst character that's in the game the winner for the #1 worst ssb character goes to RIDLEY
When you win e3 with 1 fucking game. Fuck you, nintendo.
F. B. I. (3 months ago)
Snake. Snake damnit
Anthony Rodrigues (3 months ago)
Shark 22964 (3 months ago)
Oh fuck
Marc Fasulo (3 months ago)
Doug Snell (3 months ago)
Super Smash bros Dojo
Yonk (3 months ago)
yeah smashbros.com is up and running again in all of its beauty with a blog format page for updates!

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