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Max Payne ALL Easter Eggs, Secrets and Tricks (Part 1)

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Every single secret and Easter Egg from Max Payne including some funny moments and helpful tricks during the game, which I also put together as secrets. Game version is in Polish language, but with English subtitles. The video montage is split into 2 parts and I hope you will enjoy it! Don't forget to watch the other part! Visit my channel for Max Payne Speedrun videos and more Easter Eggs series Thank you for watching!
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Text Comments (240)
McShane (1 month ago)
I discovered maybe two secrets hahah
max bwavey (2 months ago)
You missed shooting the alarm in the vault he also says thank you
Junkid (2 months ago)
At 2:22, it's a easter egg to "Buffy vs Vampires"
Mi chał (3 months ago)
Rachetix (2 months ago)
David Curry Films (3 months ago)
Love the Polski dubbing ;)
piero Vasquez (3 months ago)
joder yo ni sabía nada de eso:V
Miss Bubble (4 months ago)
wtf is that language
Arijeet Dash (6 months ago)
Ammezing bro who u find 😨😱😵
Myles Hamann (7 months ago)
Before the baseball bat there's a shotgun in a closet on the 1st floor across from the phone.
Eugene NW (8 months ago)
а поляки молодцы, открыли больше секретов чем наши ))) увауха! :)
Pavel Paškevič (9 months ago)
Great video!
A.M. Ghost (9 months ago)
Buff means Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Its easy to understand cause that dude has Aspen stake in his back.
Brian Freeman (11 months ago)
how do you noclip?
Brian Freeman (11 months ago)
kacpi where are you from?
David KINDL (11 months ago)
Great work! I have played Max Payne many times, but I did not know about 75 % of these tricks.
TheGamingEagleYT (1 year ago)
I guess the rat with gun is another mini games like the first game if u press button whare u go to a van u will see a button in corner of the city if u press that u will freak out cuz there is alot of wnwmy
TheGamingEagleYT (1 year ago)
I Already know First Secret i play that sojce i was 3
Stan Brown (1 year ago)
Thanks for these, I didn't Kno more than half and I really called myself a fan of Max Payne
Earl The Pearl (1 year ago)
The rats with guns are hilarious!!! I never knew about that! LOL
undefined undefined (1 year ago)
How did you do control camera 2:30 ???
Husnain Naeem (1 year ago)
That was really amazing Easter egg I ever seen
Hip-Hop Don't Stop (1 year ago)
you missed this mural thing for the person who died . somebody who worked on the game. theres a room with a book and a pictures of him and some candles around it
Ruttokello (8 months ago)
Köllefornia 4711 its actually on max payne 2
Angel Cvetanovski (1 year ago)
that with rats with guns like in duke nukem land of the babes
Aditya Prasad Singh (1 year ago)
bro there is one more secret in Part 1 Prologue remember-there is a pump action shotgun in the cupboard ir whatever near the telephone
(1 year ago)
1:30 OMFG I laughed out so loud when those pesky rats started shooting Max Payne 😂
Dandramere (1 year ago)
He was writing the word: Buffy but didn't finish, notice he had a stake through him. :) He was a vampire.
Dhaotyx 64Bit (1 year ago)
i didn't knew the part with ''Buff'' was a secret... because i found it the first time i played and it had a cutscene (the comic style)
Dhaotyx 64Bit (1 year ago)
And the one with the grenade i saw it at the first time when i played it!
Kyle (1 year ago)
The "buff" secret is a reference to buffy the vampire slayer. 2:14
TheRedCaptain (1 year ago)
i've completed this game 7 times... still want to play it again.
Dhaotyx 64Bit (1 year ago)
ElManguitoo (1 year ago)
lol !! 1:33
nikburton85 (1 year ago)
Good Job.... tx...
KexterPL (1 year ago)
its a poland ?
Kavone (11 months ago)
It's America, New York xd
KexterPL (1 year ago)
Jestes polakiem ?
PiotrK18 (2 years ago)
Max Payne 1 jest spoko... Pozycja must play dla każdego szanującego się gracza. :) Sam przeszedłem tą grę chyba z 6 razy. Pierwszy raz przeszedłem tą grę jak miałem chyba 8 lat i muszę powiedzieć, że wspomienia odżyły. Jak dziś pamiętam jak tata na początku w to grał i bardzo lubiłem siedzieć obok niego i go obserwować jak gra w to... Pamiętam, że gra urzekła mnie już po 5 minutach rozgrywki... Problem w tym, że teraz trzeba składać komputer na Pentium III, ewentualnie innym procku tej klasy i zainstalować XP, lub 98, bo na nowczesnych komputerach nie ma szans odpalić już tej gry. Kiedyś pamiętam, że jeszcze na Viście udało mi się uruchomić tą grę i na tym koniec.
andrei andru (2 years ago)
What chat did you used?
Leonardo Salinas (2 years ago)
can you tell me how you can move the camera? Like in 2:40
vanjavk (2 years ago)
lol i actually did the swinging part too hahah
trickster8009 (2 years ago)
6:10 Those death screams tho...
Willcoom Hitch (2 years ago)
thank you,guy. I didn't know about rats with pistols :D:D:D
McShane (1 month ago)
Yiğit Umut Can (2 months ago)
They are not rat with Pistols they are Mafia rats
ShaQ (2 years ago)
Wow nie wiedziałem że kiedyś nagrgwales filmy. Lajk za Maxa
Yuki Asakawa (2 years ago)
O kurczę, dzięki gościu. Nie spodziewałam się, że ten filmik będzie po polsku :)
Mr. Almighty (2 years ago)
does anyone get creeped out when that baby Crys on part 2 prologue
the gametimer (1 month ago)
hey no spoiler
Nikhil Jaiswal (9 months ago)
Mr. Almighty I HATED that level! Way too creepy and unnecessary... I never played this part again.
PBL187 (1 year ago)
Mr. Almighty I've recently done that one where you have to drop from one blood trail to another as well as jump. I believe that blood curdling scream is a way of telling you that you're going the wrong way
African warlord (1 year ago)
Mr. Almighty more like the second one with the demonic voice
Have Faith In Me! (2 years ago)
yea i was scared at this part when i was still 7 and let my dad play that part haha
Abdelrahman Hatem (3 years ago)
Dude how did you get grenade tomake the rats shoot you
TEIMO KAUPPA (1 year ago)
kacpi26 jesteś polakiem?
kacpi26 (3 years ago)
+Abdelrahman Hatem you can find two grenades on that level both carried by thugs - one is the bank vault and the other one is at the door with the bombs on your way back from the bank when you get the detonator. Just shoot them fast before they throw a grenade so you can pick it up, go back to the beginning of the level and throw the grenade in that wall crack, then come back to the place where rats are and they will start shooting with pistols and desert eagles
Mateusz Litwa (3 years ago)
dlaczego grasz na Polskiej wersi jezykowej ?
National Soviet (9 months ago)
A to rozumiem że jak ja jestem polakiem a gram po angielsku to już nie jestem polakiem? xD
Konrad Daszkiewicz (1 year ago)
Mateusz Litwa bo jest Polakiem?
Mateusz Litwa (3 years ago)
jeste ś Polakiem ?
SoFZlodei24 (3 years ago)
+Mateusz Litwa Actually there are pump action shotgun in the prologue. You can find it if you look to the right from ringing phone and open the door of first locker. P.S. I just noticed that you actually took it, I just don't know that language so I didn't noticed you actually had it.
Redemption12 (4 years ago)
When you shoot the car there is a wall not a fence
dennyfrontier (4 years ago)
Some of these secrets were never added into the playstation version unfortunately
PlasmaTron (4 years ago)
hey in max payne there is any secret in part last level
Deepu Bhola (4 years ago)
I like it
Tariq Da Silva (5 years ago)
How did u change the camera view at 1:31?
Harsh Virdi (5 years ago)
In the ragna rok level just when u start thereis a security room where u.proceed just like that room instead going right go to the left and there u will find shotgun ammo
Typical Cheater (5 years ago)
3maj suba polaku xD
Richyy!꼬링크 (5 years ago)
rats shoot at you xD^^^
Motylowy Kisiel (5 years ago)
1:33 lol :D
Tyler Hershberger (5 years ago)
I'm Having Trouble With That Part.
Tyler Hershberger (5 years ago)
How Can You get To The Secret Parts in Ragna Rock?
Barry Allen (5 years ago)
Sorry, I'm from Mexico and my english is very basic :D
sparsie1995 (5 years ago)
nice copypaste there :P
Barry Allen (5 years ago)
There is more than just that! A bit later, after walking through some water and taking out a few enemies on a train platform, walk up the wide stairs. In the room at the top are a bunch of rats... with Desert Eagles! Now shoot at one of the ceiling lamps that's off. Hit the base of the lamp and it will fall. The rats will now battle each other. If "your" side wins, the remaining rats will take up defensive positions around you. If your side loses, the remaining rats will come after you.
RazrDaze07 (5 years ago)
Awesome and funny vid xD
Dominik Orlowski (5 years ago)
Ja wiedzajes gdzie som te bronie
josh garcia (5 years ago)
me to
josh garcia (5 years ago)
this was the best max payne game ever
Rekwire Jimenez (5 years ago)
I hate that crying baby mission it kinda scared me when i was a kid lol
KEK (5 years ago)
the one at 2:35 was about the TV show BUFI the vampire hunter.
Tariq Da Silva (5 years ago)
@1:30 how to change the camera like that plz tell me :D
Renee Irby (5 years ago)
He missed one, in live from the crime scene shoot all the alarms and look in the big vault
LunarOfHundredNights (6 years ago)
And youll hear the phone ringing with Jim on the line.
conker balderas (6 years ago)
what cheat do you use
KubaNS (6 years ago)
Anglicy wyp******** to Polski filmik!!!!!!!
aditya pathak (6 years ago)
good vid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!was very helpful for me.i am subscibing for u now!!
Mihhail Sfafa (6 years ago)
ty bro good secrets ;)
kacpi26 (6 years ago)
It says in the video: Tutorial.
Saqib Tanveer (6 years ago)
0.04 what is the name of the chapter nd mission?
krgf15 (6 years ago)
scratch that im thinking of max payne 3
krgf15 (6 years ago)
you have to get it on steam $60 thats how much you have to pay
zebracherub (6 years ago)
You can also shoot the alarm in Live from the crime scene, Max will thank you :D
desertman236 (6 years ago)
I know this trick and it could come in handy when someone is shooting you and your about to die dive and the screen will turn red but you wont die
Deliz1 (6 years ago)
EA Games: Easteregg DLC: only 15 Bucks ;-)
Giradox (6 years ago)
LOL the rats shooting with pistols and you getting slomos when killing them XD hahaha
Paweł (6 years ago)
:D Rats got payback for destryoing his lair
Deliz1 (6 years ago)
there are so much eastereggs in this game....do you find something like that in the games today? no.
Paulo (6 years ago)
nope. chuck testa
ronnie davis (6 years ago)
I thought this was spanish
graffitidct (6 years ago)
thats so awesome! i did not know that
FINSullivan (6 years ago)
Thats some horrible voice acting.
Konrad Daszkiewicz (1 year ago)
FINSullivan yeah that's why I played this game with original voice acting because Polish voice acting is just shit
olty49 (6 years ago)
because new rookie players will go straight to finish the game while players with some experience will look around for new items and stuff, maybe?
Nyqual (6 years ago)
Nie wiem czy dubbing do tej gry był mądrym pomysłem :D
Zoul787 (6 years ago)
GN haxor (6 years ago)
lol rats with guns
jack mason (6 years ago)
the rat are mad
MrSmokeful (6 years ago)
i remember when i was kid then i shot the radio in elevator and i was so proud and stuff and i bragged from it to all my friends xD
ras464 (6 years ago)
loved the rats easter egg :D
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Ramiro 1992 - Mr_x (6 years ago)
in Roscoe station, on the walls you can see posters with the faces of some people, I think they are the creators of the game.
Donjey (6 years ago)
how come youre using english but the game isnt
Donjey (6 years ago)
ho shit rats using guns? i must be dreaming
mateusz2737 (6 years ago)
Try using Noclip hack in trainer.
The Patriot (6 years ago)
The hidden room was a Buffy the vampire slayer easter egg because of the stake in the guys back
Kane (6 years ago)
There is a part in a game where two junkies start talking and one says "its the end of the world as we know it and i dont feel fine" I think its reference to REM song
Metin Özbaş (6 years ago)
rats is so interesting...

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