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PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BUBBLEBUTT (The Videogame Show What I've Done)

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Rory Fingers gets in the thick of the Battle Royale experience and lets us know what Playerunknown's Battlegrounds is all about. He tries to, anyway... the poor sad git.
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Text Comments (741)
Chi Pa Pa (3 months ago)
I wanna see 40 inch+ For research purposes...
Drakulas Kuroyami (7 months ago)
40 inch plus 2
Channel ႿII (7 months ago)
Darth Revan (8 months ago)
3:00 to 3:10 goes from fucking loud ass sirens to dead silence... such a sudden shift in volume made me feel uneasy for some reason, not actual ASMR but like I needed to go make sure my door was locked... I guess that's your job, Rory Fingers, good work!
Kyros the Wolf (8 months ago)
We need more VGSWID
Lee Jones (8 months ago)
Review Street Fight 2 Back in the habit please, Its gooder than a bitch.
Ricky Farndon (8 months ago)
A truly magical video.
Tu Holmes (8 months ago)
The first "whaaaaaaaaaat" was the best take. Excellent work sir.
SubsAndSoda (9 months ago)
3:17 no need to thank me.
Nannirk (9 months ago)
Dude.. learn to play!
Vengenace .Purity (9 months ago)
this reminds me of adam kovic's overwatch review
elfoxy (9 months ago)
this video is why you shouldn't do drugs. Stay safe kids.
kazerniel (9 months ago)
thanks for that alert, I hate ASMR xd
ajshell2 (9 months ago)
Is it bad that I knew taht "EV-9D9" is the name of a droid in Jabba's Palace?
Zigzagd4life (9 months ago)
I started watching this drunk and when you started talking I feel like I actually understood you. I'm snorting and laughing. This is gold. This is Jim levels of gold.
Zigzagd4life (9 months ago)
I just realize I made a Gold's Gym pun. Fuck...I'm good.
Jack Blades (9 months ago)
Is anyone amused by these? I find myself just sort of cringing in confusion the whole way though.
Jon Alba (9 months ago)
DarkAngelus 23 (9 months ago)
The game can't even run properly. You can't even move without it rubberbanding. Yet people bought this shit on Shitbox and PC. I wouldn't pay for this SHIT!!!
Devoured Eagle (9 months ago)
Jim, when are you planning on doing remakes of the old VWSWID from Destructoid?
scottthewaterwarrior (9 months ago)
Wow, the driving physics in this new Burnout game really suck. I think I will just go play Midnight Club, that was a much better entry into the Crazy Taxi series then Need for Speed 2142
"would you like your hair cut toda-OhhhOOOOOOO!"
Irishman checkin in (9 months ago)
he said something about asmr, then ate lunch in my ear. So where exactly did this giant boner come from? It looks angry, dont stare at the one eye!
Josh Davis (9 months ago)
Player Unknown's Bangle Sounds!!! xD I love that Jim is using the Fortnite Battle Royale music in the background too!!!! ;D
NICKREAPER316 (9 months ago)
Player Unknown's Barcode Battler. I fucking love you, James.
Aardvarkwrangla (9 months ago)
Bro team, is that you?
Ironreeve (9 months ago)
I soiled my pantloons
Star Seeker (9 months ago)
Whoa, this game actually looks like one of those really shitty games that Jim makes fun of on Steam. It honestly looks like one of those asset-flips that people normally tear into, yet was one of the most popular games of last year. It looks that dreadful and unfinished (which it is).
This_is_ellis (9 months ago)
Lmao that asmr. "How would you like your haircut toduuarrgwoooooo" haha im dying
Rei Ayanami (9 months ago)
PUBG is shite, stahp promoting it.
Jake Shepherd (9 months ago)
I do love myself a good Jim sterling shitpost
A Physics Professor (9 months ago)
This game has more gambling mechanics than Battlefront 2.
Lettuce Lizard (9 months ago)
This moment shoes Jim lost it xD
Shalz (9 months ago)
I know a lot of this video is just Jim (edit: Rory) taking the piss, but most of these thoughts are my legitimate 'Shalzpressions' of the game.
Raven Wood (9 months ago)
Rory I love you please be featured more
Rory Mitchell (9 months ago)
Rory fingers?
grandad1982 (9 months ago)
You reminded me of Mike Skinner for some reason
Michael Name (9 months ago)
Danstarr13 (9 months ago)
is that fortnite music in the background lol
Alica Ljungberg (9 months ago)
what is this even
mikerms12 (9 months ago)
Can you do a review of Pablo Explained's : Bumbledinks next?
Atlas (9 months ago)
That Fornite ost tells a different story
Raleigh Cockerill (9 months ago)
This was a terrible video, did not enjoy
MarcAFK (9 months ago)
Oh its that chicken eating game. 1/10 . Not enough chicken.
BurroDiablo (9 months ago)
Thank you for the informative video Mr Fingers, I look forward to purchasing this interactive experience.
MrClassicInTheMaking (9 months ago)
Everytime I watch this show my first thought is......"I miss The Dismal Jesters"
Victor Luna (9 months ago)
Nice Fortnite background music.
Anime9001 (9 months ago)
30 seconds in and I minimize the video to make sure that I clicked on Jim Sterling and not Dunkey.
CholoHD (9 months ago)
Uh oh! Looks like Jim's been eating too many garlic only sandwitches again .. or is it a side effect from playing Skyrim VR (motion sickness simulator)?
Hatwox (9 months ago)
what., what's happening ?
Charles Davies (9 months ago)
Can't say trying to give people an epileptic fit was a good call.
deepvybes (9 months ago)
Well for one, they should stop NA from autojoining the Asians servers xD
AdaaDK (9 months ago)
are you 2 persons Jim, i recall you mentioning in a different pubg video, that the game had grown on you and you actually liked it now(after playing it on xbox). What video is right, this one or that other one ?
Toast Burner (9 months ago)
AdaaDK This video was made by Rory Fingers. Jim's just hosting it on his channel.
ZeGermanBoi (9 months ago)
Please stop doing these. This kind of "humor" isn't your strong point.
AtlasRedux (9 months ago)
Then don't watch it. The majority of us really enjoys it, and he has been doing this for over a decade.
sentinelx1337 (9 months ago)
I still don't know what TVGSWID is about.
Random NPC (9 months ago)
It takes talent to make a show this deliberately bad.
SoundIllustrations (9 months ago)
Since watching this snakes have manifested in my house.
TJnrOne (9 months ago)
I love how the FortNite music is playing in the background.
MartyVendetta27 (9 months ago)
that Fortnite backing music is an epic troll, Jim.
Sanguinefrozenboy (9 months ago)
The background music though. XD
edt1201 (9 months ago)
I like Polygon, and even I think their obsession with this game is strange. Have a like.
Matthewdeargameaudio (9 months ago)
asmr ftw
Inferno Cop (9 months ago)
Rory Fingers is my waifu
Ste ik (9 months ago)
I am quite a fan of Pub but as always Rory makes it just a little bit better. Thanks Jim, without you we would never have the greatest game reviewer of all time.
Tal (9 months ago)
3:33 caught me off guard, sounds like fucking lemongrab
djaevlenselv (9 months ago)
Rory that's not Evee99 that's Sebulba. Also, have you heard from your brother Royston what's going on with that Hardcore gamer quotes his boss is doing? Haven't seen it in a while.
Harmless Prankster (9 months ago)
Are you bored Jim?
Misaio (9 months ago)
4:44 Damn. He ain't hitting the drive-thru.
cori (9 months ago)
3:10 and Jim Sterling's a professional?
me99771 (9 months ago)
It's like Barry Shitpeas and Philomena Cunk from newswipe
Greg Wells (9 months ago)
HAHAHA ASMR time haw haw
Nico B (9 months ago)
Battle Beasts. Dat '90s reference <3
Hiyu (9 months ago)
Best shitpost of 2018 so far
Optimist Prime (9 months ago)
Oh my god, is that quiet music in the background the Fortnite menu music? That's just bloody fantastic.
Daniel Keogh (9 months ago)
I feel like I've been pranked and I've missed the punchline
Bambino (9 months ago)
I've been waiting for a video like this once since the Top Ten Video Game Characters I'd Wank Off In A Public Toilet.
Bismuth Crystal (9 months ago)
Goddamn I love this series.
Carl Jim (9 months ago)
Gedgemondo :D (9 months ago)
I wonder if anyone other than me recognised the Cardiacs picture, love Tim Smith
Jeff Maesar (9 months ago)
Fortnite menu music in the background, nice touch Rory Fingers.
Dick Wolf (9 months ago)
I refuse to believe that Rory would know enough about anything to know Figrin D'an of Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes.
ThePerfectDesign (9 months ago)
..appreciate the subtle fortnite music in the background
YumLemmingKebabs (9 months ago)
I love how many comments come up on these videos that are just people being confused as hell.
Arbiter-nine-oh-two (9 months ago)
You alright Jimbo? Just y'know....checkin.
Satisek (9 months ago)
Is this video a joke or are you actually serious?
young_padawan (9 months ago)
you went full dunkey on this one
George Norwood (9 months ago)
Best video on the channel wp Jim wp
Saebelorn (9 months ago)
this bit just isn't funny
Cory Riesen (9 months ago)
Trying to be dunkey?
Toast Burner (9 months ago)
Cory Riesen this series has been going on since before Dunkey even had a YouTube channel
MisterZimbabwe (9 months ago)
Oh my god as soon as I heard the Fortnite music playing int he background I lost my shit and didn't stop until well after the end.
Akaihiryuu77 (9 months ago)
That game looks like absolute shite. No idea why so many people play it. Unless it's just sheeple following streamers.
VideosForHumans (9 months ago)
I was getting worried about Rory. I figured he'd died from some sort of erotic asphyxiation.
GuvernorDave (9 months ago)
PlayerUnknown's Battlefront Hardline: Infinite running
onedeadsaint (9 months ago)
loved that asmr alert siren! I find it very helpful having a loud siren announcing the asmr part! thanks! too many asmr videos don't do this and I always miss it.
wacojitsu (9 months ago)
I've been on the internet since 28.8... for those millions that don't know it's before they were born. And i've looked all this time for something more sarcastic then life it self. Well i thought i'd be happy but i can't be happy because now i have to saw Jim Sterling for my medical damages due to my jaw hitting the floor so many times. Congrats on being the most sarcastic person on the internet. I LOVE IT!!!
Undeadmerc (9 months ago)
MY EARS JIM! MY FUCKING EARS! .... did i tell you to stop?
Mechahedron (9 months ago)
haven't even watched it yet and i love it
Jeremy Alexander (9 months ago)
I'm going to assume a joke just did a flyby over my ever loving skull. Didn't you just do a video saying that you liked the game or did I empty another bottle of gin?
Nathan Post (9 months ago)
PlayerGrounds Battles Unknown
Tuxfanturnip (9 months ago)
wouldja like your hair cut today oooooUUUUoouu??
Lolzygag (9 months ago)
Never stop making these pls. Rory Fingers is my favourite anime villain

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