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Nintendo Switch in 2018 - Super Smash Bros, Mega Man 11, Kingdom Hearts 3? (Part 2)

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What will 2018 bring for the Nintendo Switch? Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtUP1g6h_34 We continue with Rogersbase to go over everything from Super Smash Bros Switch, Kingdom Hearts 3 for the Switch, Mega Man 11, Final Fantasy VII, Wolfenstein, No More Heroes and more! Rogersbase Channel: youtube.com/user/Rdilui2 Support CR on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/Commonrealm Subscribe to Commonwealth Realm!: http://bit.ly/Commonrealm Join our Discord, Sacred Realm: https://discord.gg/mAP5K Follow CR on twitter! https://twitter.com/Commonrealm
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Text Comments (656)
RogersBase (8 months ago)
Thanks again for having me on!
Commonwealth Realm (8 months ago)
It was a great pleasure to have you onboard, Roger! :)
Blazer The Cat (23 hours ago)
Zach Borgan (22 days ago)
Of course super smash ultimate isn’t going to be a port. And we do know that kingdom hearts may not be available for the switch.
Dav G. (3 months ago)
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 for switch
Crystal McLean (3 months ago)
1.Starfy 2.Bomberman 3.Ristar 4.Shadow 5.Tails 6.Krystal 7.Mrs.Pacman 8.Crush 9.Spyro 10.Nights 11.Sora
Crystal McLean (3 months ago)
1.Starfy 2.Bomberman 3.Ristar 4.Shadow 5.Tails 6.Krystal 7.Mrs.Pacman 8.Crush 9.Spyro 10.Nights 11.Sora
AngelicSlayer23 (4 months ago)
I would love for KH3 and Fallout 4 to be out on the switch. I would also love if Ubisoft released some assassins creed games on the switch as well.
Joshua Nicholas (5 months ago)
I want Kingdom Hearts on the Switch the switch should be able to run 1.5 and 2.5 no problem at all.
Tyrell Watson (5 months ago)
I would like to see the port of Monster Hunter XX
Danie Bates (5 months ago)
I'm hoping for ni no kuni 1 and 2, kingdom hearts 3, super smash bros and dragon quest heroes 1 and 2.
Mike Laymon (5 months ago)
I just never cared for the game. It’s every ones favorite not mine
Fikri fadhli (5 months ago)
already played
eduardo garcia (6 months ago)
Super smash bros is out!!!! In 2018. Go and chack it out!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😃😃😃
TenguMan DWN:57 (6 months ago)
Well ain’t this dandy, future was predicted
WhoIsJaimeDoyle (6 months ago)
But no shin megami tensei v release date
Charles Ruckle (6 months ago)
Storm™ (6 months ago)
Hmmmm I wonder if Smash Bros. will be announced this year 🤔 I won't lie the trailer gave me goosebumps!
Winterfall7084 Ethan (6 months ago)
Sora for smash bros PLZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!
Wonjae Yi (6 months ago)
So what next? Digimon and monster Rancher?
Cablabaflaba (6 months ago)
Spydermann (6 months ago)
Are you kidding me? They added Splatoon characters to the Smash Bros on Nintendo Switch? God damn it.
Joshua Suh (5 months ago)
Spydermann What's wrong with that?
Oswaldo Olvera (6 months ago)
Booi 2018 for the new smash !
Poland Ball (6 months ago)
It's been announced 2018 the first trailer is out and it's a character reveal and the character is the inklings
7thString (6 months ago)
so wrong about smash lol
JustAFreakingWeeb (6 months ago)
I still want goku
Edwin Sanchez (6 months ago)
ive also seen and heard that bo4 maybe out for switch as well. or just a new cod4. any thoughts?
Zant Smith (6 months ago)
also i give no fucks about anything dragon ball, never interested me and the anime was junk
Zant Smith (6 months ago)
also bethesda just wanted to bug out another system with its shit poor checking of glitches allowing MILLIONS of fucking glitches to exist i kinda hope that Obsidian takes over the fallout franchise if they have a chance.. bethesda isnt worthy of the fucking thing anymore dont get me wrong their games are goodish, but they kinda spit in the buyers face with the incredibly dumbed down game play, and the sheer fucking number of glitches that just go overlooked and either never get patched or take damn near a year to get patched..
Zant Smith (6 months ago)
wtb RED DEAD 2 omfg id play that fucking game for months on end before touching another game lest pokemone randomly dropped in the middle of playing
Zant Smith (6 months ago)
they made an official announcement that there will be a NEW smash Bros.! for Switch! realize this videos old but just sayin
Brookie Smallz (7 months ago)
It better have a fucking story mode and not just classic and game board bullshit. Subspace Emissary was so epic and fun
Matt Mays (7 months ago)
I played ff7 on psx when it first came out before it was cool.
Harry Best (7 months ago)
You Know That It Will Probably Be In The 20's
Tom Sivell (7 months ago)
Metroid prime 4 Mario maker dx smash bros dx skyward sword HD pokemon switch bayonetta 3 f-zero
Calum MacKinnon (7 months ago)
Remaster melee
mlggolisopod z (7 months ago)
I swear i want the yiga members as playable characters
HyruleMaster022 (7 months ago)
Dark souls is happening.
One Winged Akuma (7 months ago)
I hate the idea of a episodic Final Fantasy 7 .
Gamer Guy (7 months ago)
If Super Smash Brothers came to Nintendo switch it would be cool if they had a character from that game called arms. And since Capcom is part of the Smash Brothers series now what if they added a Resident Evil character like for example Leon Scott Kennedy from Resident Evil 4.
BrickBreakDown (7 months ago)
Lol who the fuck things Nier is a middle tier game....
88RSam (7 months ago)
I don't trust Square they are the worse with dates, they still can't get it together for the PS4.
TheVaultzee (7 months ago)
A kingdom hearts trilogy would be fantastic!
LilMRB127 (7 months ago)
We don't need a Smash 4 port. Just make Smash 5.
Square Enix should put just cause 1 & 2 on the switch, maybe 3 if the switch could handle it
grizz is pizzed (7 months ago)
Pls be brand new u see i hate bowsers design in the new one if they do a new one more charecterz
Owen stroud (7 months ago)
The 5 games I want for switch this year is fallout 4, smash 4 port, Wolfenstein 2, donkey Kong (port or not I don't care) and mega Man 11 (the reason why I'm okay with ports is that I didn't have a Wii U)
Drew H (7 months ago)
We don't need a smash 5. Just port 4.
LilMRB127 (7 months ago)
Wonderful logic, because screw new installments in video game series's! Let's just discontinue every single Nintendo franchise ever and only port everything! *strong sarcasm*
sukiaki96 (7 months ago)
I believe porting over the new Digimon games would be amazing as well. It could serve as a temporary Pokemon replacement (yes I know gameplay and mechanics are completely different but both share the monster collecting motif and it is a long lasting series with brand recognition) for switch users and could bring in new players who hadn't played any of the new series. The newer anime look is inline with other games' artstyles such as Xenoblade 2 and Fire Emblem which makes the game more approachable. Even a port of the 3DS/Psp game Re:Digitize would be a effective way to testing the waters for Switch as there is still a demand to play this game in English.
Adam The yoshi (7 months ago)
Im not play it Nintendo switch but it's September 2018 cause I'm going to f****** suck
Tyler Shawwaf (7 months ago)
World Ends with you :0
Khgamer32 (7 months ago)
If kingdom hearts 2 alsp go to switch im getting it instead for the ps4 and im a die hard playstation fan but just knowing i can play. Kingdom hearts 3 on the go anywere beats it
Kim Palermo-Kielb (7 months ago)
In my opinion I think Proto Man should be added as a character. If not then atleast make him an item. It would also be nice if they could give Zoroark a chance.
Art Venix (7 months ago)
The roster is never to big smash is a great strategy game and skill game. The more different pieces there are on the board the better the competitiveness gets I played all the smash from 64 to wiiu all games of smash were great but it just gets better and better
Matias Larsen (7 months ago)
I want final fantasy 15
1973Washu (7 months ago)
FF7 Yuffie Hype
Donna Artis (7 months ago)
but what if his arm is fixed and he works on next smash bros
Deku (7 months ago)
Weisman Writer (7 months ago)
lol I love how DS remastered was announced not that long after you guys asked "From Software where you at?"
Alex the dude (7 months ago)
Want naruto as guest characters
T SMACKS (7 months ago)
If smash 5 play anything like 4 or brawl. I'm not getting it. Bring back the real hardcore competitvines like melee and cut the bs child friendly casual play out. Can't wait for metroid prime 4 and bay3
T SMACKS (7 months ago)
Bene Maccarone with out l cancel and wave dashing. Melee still moves at a great speed which allows you to follow up. I like doing combos. U cant really do em in brawl or 4 because you got unlimited air dodges which is stupid. I'm so glad I got 4 hacked now I can actually enjoy it again. And I liked the way they look in melee. Don't look like a rainbow like in 4. It's so childish now. Melee just feels right for the older ppl. 4 is childish af.
T SMACKS (7 months ago)
Kwagz I mean updates are necessary so marths magneto grab wouldn't be present. But melee as a whole is a lot better than 4 and brawl by far
Kwagz (7 months ago)
Fuck Melee's glitchy broken ass
Edvard Elnaes (7 months ago)
What's the song in the intro?
Blaque Link (8 months ago)
2019 for a port of Smash 4 wouldn’t be worth. The wait and the game sucks in my opinion.
Blaque Link (8 months ago)
I don’t want a Smash 4 port. I want a Smash Bros 5.
cheriKOLA _ (8 months ago)
I need smashbros on my switch *NOW*
Ahwoofe (8 months ago)
wait,this was posted on my birthday
Chas the Spaz (8 months ago)
Justin Fuerst (8 months ago)
I think if Witcher 3 and Fallout 4 can run on my crap laptop without and real issues I think they can run on switch and I'd probably buy again on switch. Especially Witcher.
chaos control (8 months ago)
I wamt viewtiful joe remastered. Maybe a remastered sonic advance battle 2 ( best sonic game) kh1.5+2.5. If it's powerful enough GTA 5. A new pokemon game but I will settle for a bundle of the old series. I never played xy or sun/moon cuz I didn't own a ds.
84 Ateo (8 months ago)
Webb (8 months ago)
Hopefully it’s Super Smash Brothers Deluxe 69.99 (because of the dlc) Coming 2018
Webb (8 months ago)
Great I have to play shitty brawlout for god knows how long
David Hill (8 months ago)
If it’s gonna be a port (a third version of Smash 4), there should be 24 new Fighters, including 3 Zelda characters. Their respective amiibos would also work in the existing versions of Smash 4. They would appear on the character select screen after Bayonetta. They’d be unlocked by buying the Nintendo Switch version, which would give a download code or buying the new DLC pack. The 24 new Fighters in chronological order are: Urban Champion Great Tiger Adol Christin Chun-Li Terry Bogard Nakoruru King K. Rool Ayra Arvis Ruto Vaati Krystal Blaziken Lloyd Irving Masked Man Kumatora Lightning Fi Shovel Knight Yarn Yoshi Captain Toad Decidueye Noctis Twintelle
The British Pilgrim (8 months ago)
I’d much rather have a port of the wii u smash with all the dlc then a fresh new one, it’s not like many people got to play the wii u version.
The British Pilgrim (7 months ago)
Actually sod it, let’s just get a remake of the wii u game and leave this franchise on the shelf. A little digging and you realise that the geezer who directs the smash bros games is super frustrated to be tied to a franchise he’s lost his passion for. If he makes another smash then his frustration is likely gonna come through on the game and produce an inferior product, likewise if someone else heads the project then it’s going to be very hit and miss whether or not we’re gonna get the game we want. Let’s just shelve it and release the staff so they can make the games they want to produce. Nintendo consoles always get the same rehashed games anyway and everyone screams out for them, like seriously you can almost write a shopping list of the games you just know are going to get released it’s that predictable. So surely getting something new and totally original is always going to be a better option, both for the people who are making the game because it allows them to indulge their passion and also for us because we get to enjoy the fruits of their labour.
LilMRB127 (7 months ago)
For a second I thought you were saying Smash 5 should never happen. I'm not big on a port of the game, but if it doesn't mean the cancellation of a true Switch sequel, then I guess I'll be okay with it.
The British Pilgrim (7 months ago)
LilMRB127 a new smash won’t have bayonetta or cloud, it likely wouldn’t have mega man or any of the other licensed characters ether. I’d much rather have a port with all these characters, we’d have it sooner and we could still get a new smash a few years down the line so yeah I’d much rather have a remake of the wii u version. And let’s be honest, the wii u flopped so hard that most people never played any of the games released for it, so remaking the good ones is a great chance to let those games get played by more than a handful of peeps.
LilMRB127 (7 months ago)
That's it? That's your reasoning that there shouldn't be a Smash 5? Pathetic.
Vyse195 (8 months ago)
You called TWEWY lol
I'm Your NME (8 months ago)
You think Final Fantasy 7 will come on the switch? You're fucking adorable lol. The ps4 pro version had lags in the demo parts they showed. The switch would melt.
SilverTheReaper (8 months ago)
They should put snake back in smash, my best friend was a snake player which caused difficulty when he was removed on new game
Joseph Norton (8 months ago)
I'll be honest kingdom hearts 3 on switch sounds cool and all but I think it would be better to play it on PlayStation as kind of a nostalgia trip because people started soras adventure in PlayStation and I think they should end it on PlayStation
Azril Azman (8 months ago)
Kingdom hearts 3 for ps4 exclusive
Joshua Suh (5 months ago)
Azril Azman It's not a PS4 Exclusive as the game is also coming to the Xbox One for some reason...
Kieran Orchard (8 months ago)
I hope I get to keep all the dlc fighters I had on 3ds. Do u think this would be possible?
Izzy C (8 months ago)
I want FF15 on the switch people have played GTA 5 already but people still would get it on switch so just cause people played it don't mean anything
ArcticKaiju (8 months ago)
If they were porting Smash 4 it would have come out already.
DarkXGilbert (8 months ago)
I know it's obvious that a Smash 5 could happen in 2019, but what if they added more Sonic music to the game like in Secret Rings, Sonic Heroes, Colors? (Guys, *I KNOW* there were a few of them in Sm4sh so don't even think about backing up my opinions. Most of you are never chill at all. That's a big problem.) At least put some from Forces into it if it happens so that people can get into the intensity of Smash battles even more as they progress through them. Unawakening Float, The Palace that was Found, What I'm Made Of, and High and Broken are some examples of fire Sonic music IMO that you can put in. *Bring on the hype!*
fire starter (8 months ago)
just cut the clones
DJ (8 months ago)
GTA 5 needs to die.
Mattmanmario Saga DX (8 months ago)
Powerpuff Girls for Nintendo Switch
Mike Laymon (8 months ago)
The only game I never liked for Nintendo is smash brothers it’s a horrible game
Joshua Suh (5 months ago)
Juggals ya Care to explain why?
Parzival _ (8 months ago)
Family Dad (8 months ago)
https://www.change.org/p/nintendo-smash-4-switch Sign my petition for smash switch!
Super Mario Dan (8 months ago)
I want Luigi’s Mansion 3 for Switch.
Wicked Games (8 months ago)
I hope kh3 will be on switch I already have a kingdom hearts skin on my switch lmbo 😂😂
Josh Smith (8 months ago)
I didn't know Roger had another game
Alpha Thing (8 months ago)
I need smash in my life.......
Broseph The Almighty (8 months ago)
a nsmb is guaranteed for switch
itsssdante Campregher (8 months ago)
Dark souls is already happening too!
itsssdante Campregher (8 months ago)
I hope that instead of Kingdom Hearts III we don't get KHIII get a Switch exclusive Kingdom Hearts game.
itsssdante Campregher (8 months ago)
Hey guess what? We ARE getting The World Ends with You!!!!
Sakamoto XN (8 months ago)
It could just be easier to port KH1.5+2.5 to switch so they could still work on KH3
Asad Mirza (8 months ago)
They're probably gonna make Super Smash Bros switch deluxe which ssb4 but you have all the dlc's
Maseng 456YT (8 months ago)
I would like to see ark
Mr furry (8 months ago)
I can´t decide to buy a 3ds/2ds or a switch. I want both ofcourse but can only afford one.

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