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Seriously Though, Fuck Black Ops 4 (The Jimquisition)

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http://www.patreon.com/jimquisition http://www.thejimquisition.com http://sharkrobot.com/collections/Jimquisition-merch Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is basically despicable and Activision Blizzard is the worst. At least until another publisher takes it place in the rotation. __ Twitter: https://twitter.com/jimsterling Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jimsterling0 Jim’s Big Ego (No Relation): http://bigego.com/ Bandcamp of the Sax Dragon - https://carlcatron.bandcamp.com Nathan Hanover - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-8L7n7l11PJM6FFcI6Ju8A
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Josh Davis (3 hours ago)
You've lost me on this one Jim. :D Blackout is the best iteration of Battle Royale at the moment, Zombies is as stunning as ever, and Multiplayer is brilliant too. :D
GregyP (19 hours ago)
activision are c~~nts tho
GregyP (19 hours ago)
i love bo4 but im not putting anymore money into it except what i paid for it which include no season pass that can kiss my a@@ (will see how long that lasts please no pay2win) ps dont reply if youre gunna support micro transactions keeping it fressh because it makes the game sh..... rip off activision gambling for kids they shud have stuc to theyre word of cometic only jokes on them if they dont change they will falll KARMA
GoodOlChippy1 (23 hours ago)
I think it’s fun. Wish there was a campaign still tho.
- Arrow - (1 day ago)
To be fair though, now that the game has released, this is a really fun game. I got burned with WW2, and hadn't bought a COD game since BO2 because they all looked, and sounded, terrible. But this one actually feels fun.
Thor Marius Borge (1 day ago)
Seems to be doing well, follow-up? Zombie-mode exluded with the one map.
ForgedHorizons (2 days ago)
To be frank. CoD is usually a series I hate. I haven't enjoyed a CoD game since Black Ops 2. Especially in terms of multiplayer. And I'm a sucker... Black Ops 4 feels almost exactly like what I remember Black Ops 2 feeling like, on top of the inclusion of Black Ops 1 and 2 maps. And I know Zombies is the same thing every year, but the new maps and easter eggs are enough to keep me going. And the battle royale is the best BR mode out there when its not being a total shit and crashing or dropping frames into illegal territory.
varietywiarrior (4 days ago)
Mr Grey Tea (4 days ago)
What's killing me is that there's nothing else to really compete. (That's where you comment me some good games, I'm bored here, recommend me some gold)
LRWS (4 days ago)
"...sniveling shit slinging fuck buckles..."
ScattyCreeps (6 days ago)
this is something that i was wandering about... WHY the fuck does EA get away with locking chars behind loot boxes but ACTIVISION not with blocking weapons behind loot boxes??
The Narrator (6 days ago)
This video didn't age well
The Narrator (14 hours ago)
KFC-Raider yeah, thank you. It's a great game
KFC-Raider (20 hours ago)
The Judgemental Cat Atm the game doesnt contain microtransactions. The way you get stuff in mp atleast is like you used to in ye olde black opses, challenges, headshots and playing the game. No loot box fuckery in sight. Jimbobs entire video was about his opinions and guesses about the game, not the publisher so i would say that this did not indeed age too well
The Judgemental Cat (3 days ago)
Maybe, but I think you've missed the point. Although it’s not difficult. Gameplay has nothing to do with it. Business practices is the topic. This is incredibly simple. Not talking about how good the game content is. It’s the practices of Activison and their shoddy scamming ways. I’m guessing you’re quite young.
The Narrator (3 days ago)
The Judgemental Cat nah the game is great
Spinning Teabag (7 days ago)
...but it's got a battle royale mode
Lord Tachanka (8 days ago)
Oh no your gonna trigger all these 12 year old kids who don’t know a good CoD if it smacks them in the face
Chels The Game Ruiner (8 days ago)
I never planned to buy BO4, so many more games coming out in the next upcoming years that will actually be worth the money(I hope), three such games in my eyes are God Eater 3, Code Vein, and a new Guilty Gear(hopefully it's not like Cross Tag Battle in terms of DLC). And as for you CoD fanboys who will possibly come to the rescue of your false God, I will kindly tell you that your playing a franchise that is slowly but surely killing itself.
Liam Leggitt (8 days ago)
Man MW3 was a brilliant game... a great finale to my favourite series of COD. WaW was fun and really dark, it was brutal. The black ops series was also brutal but it's story was more held back. By that I mean the gore was toned back since WaW, then came Black ops 3... It was bad, the story wasn't as bad as people say... It had a decent plot in my opinion. After that we got Infinite warfare and my god that was a train wreck. BUT it had a very good campaign. Plus MWR was unfortunately locked with it, sucked ass but MWR was just a nostalgic trip for people. After that, CoD ww2. From what I heard it wasn't fantastic but it was good. I never bought or played it so I can't give my opinion. Now Bo4... no campaign? Yeah that's not a good sign. Regardless it's my opinion, I'd love to get your opinions on the games.
Grouncontrol (8 days ago)
This is why when it comes to big games, I wait for the goty, or complete editions of games to go on sale a year or so after they launch.
Rev Funk (8 days ago)
Destiny 2 has done exactly the same thing. Forsaken cant be accessed until you purchase previous TWO DLC. I wonder who's behind that??? 😉
Harry Ashton (8 days ago)
Weirdly enough, Black Ops 4's Battle Royale is actually incredibly good and I was in the camp of "CoD is dead, they're adding BR and it's gonna be a pile of wank like the past 5 or so games" but nah, it's actually pretty damn well and is probably the only decently done and actually finished feeling first person battle royales
Suzaku (11 days ago)
I haven't bought a CoD game since Black Ops 2. I've been watching gameplay on Black Ops 4 and I'm not sure whether I want to buy it or not. The multiplayer looked nice, never really committed to a Battle Royale game and this might be the one for me? Zombies, I don't mind playing it every now and then. I'm not sure if i want to commit buying a game after watching this video... I actually feel soo fucking conflicted if I do. But at the same time I want to (jesus christ, the fuck is wrong with me?)
KFC-Raider (20 hours ago)
mp is really close bo2 with the unlocks n stuff so you should get some nostalgia rush from it. No lootboxes and there isnt microtransactions in the game yet and when they come it should be like v bucks for fortnite, bying player skins and other useless shite
Titus Richards (15 days ago)
“It’s not Waluigi.” Oh, thank God for you, Sterling.
doltBmB (16 days ago)
Infinite Warfare was GOTY 2016. Fight me IRL.
TK Baja5817 (16 days ago)
When the BO4 beta hit I admit I had fun playing it, toyed around with the idea of buying it too; figured I had plenty of time to save up the money should I decide on that. Now I'm just irritated all over again. I had this thought: Netflix: $10 Amazon prime: $10 Hulu: $10-$20 depending on package PlayStation+: $10 Xbox live: $10ish Spotify: $8 YouTube Red (why): $X.99 Disney: $10 That's almost $100 a month before the internet bill, not including any games I want to buy or movies id like to see in the theatre. This is getting out of hand. Now as a consumer I am to spend $100 to get a internet required multiplayer slaughterfest just so I can get a zombies mode to go with my..."campaignless call of duty" I would rather buy Star Wars Battlefront 2 (it pisses me off saying that). Guy I am tired of this. Its just going to get pricier from here on out for content which the developers themselves (see EA) have stated it doesn't cost that much to make. I believe we the consumers should make a strongarm on the industry similar to how we slapped the sh*t out of EA. I refuse to pay that much money for something that's a CoD version (sort of) of everything else out there, and only then will I get the full game. Heed my words, soon developers will be making games with devoted systems, "Battlefront vr headset required to play battlefield 3.5" it will feature cosmic aliens here illegally and a Gender fluid unassumed protagonist main character...who can summon a unicorn covered in tank armor that can fly like a jet...but only if it has the right prosthetic for its tail. I digress.. We will soon be having to pay for multiple pieces of hardware for the same console and wont be able to play otherwise. Industries as a whole are taking the piss, telling ya
ion bing (17 days ago)
Really Jim? You liked MW3 and the CoD campaigns? They were trash all the way from MW1 with IW being the only remotely decent one. Also, stop complaining about 'greed'. Of course they're greedy. That's why they're in gaming.
EspectroUrbano (19 days ago)
I'm glad fps were never my thing. This is fucking ridiculous
TH3GH05T (23 days ago)
Gotta disagree on the point about zombies. It’s easily the most fun thing in the Black ops games have to offer currently and the amount of content on day one for zombies looks great
Blue the npc (24 days ago)
Every single cod after bo2 has sucked. I miss MW3. It was my favourite. Also I've always at least liked the campaign in every cod.
MemeMan (25 days ago)
7:40 that clip was used like 4 times
deejayxcrypt (25 days ago)
Damn right! Fuck all CoD games starting from first ”modern warfare”.
Jacob Best (27 days ago)
1:52 Anybody know where this clip is from?
hochmeisterr (28 days ago)
My Favorite Site already has Cheats for it since the Beta and on Release day
Sergei M. (29 days ago)
I agree entirely. I actually "tested" CoDIIII on PC yesterday and it is a steaming pile of garbage, due to only being able to "test" the Battle Royale mode. Fanboys are salivating right now, but I just can't have fun with that game, and it looks terrible! I haven't played a COD since Modern Warfare and that one still looks and feels better than this!
McDiddlyee (29 days ago)
ow my ears. seriously fuck instant loud intros. and your damn voice is quiet as fuck
Phantom thief (1 month ago)
Somebody do something about this game Black ops 4 must fail
OmniCausticInfidel (1 month ago)
i love hime. hes a little bit british, hes a little bit fat, hes a little bit mad, hes quite a swell guy. i do love the rages he goes on
Balthazzarr (1 month ago)
Call of Duty: Black Ops = Amazing. This is my favorite of all the CoD games. I love the story, characters, settings, weapons, and even the flashback sequence was exquisitely done. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 = Complete garbage. I hated everything about this game that I loved about the first one. And...an RTS minigame that's kind of required but not really? WTF? Nobody asked for that, and it was complete shit. If it was at least passable, it may have been excusable, but it was complete shit. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 = Good. On the brink of being great, but not quite. It pulled a Final Fantasy and essentially started over under the same name. The more futuristic setting was well done as were the different weapons and gadgets. The story was also alright, though, it didn't blow me away like Black Ops 1 did. Overall, a solid fun game with a decent length campaign...at least for a CoD game that is. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 = Digitized cancer. No...Activision/Blizzard...just stop, FFS. You assholes. Call of Duty: Black Ops 5 = ?????. If the trend continues, then Black Ops 5 should come back around to at least being a decent game. Here's hoping.
mosquitor !! (1 month ago)
came up with need/greed just then.. pretty sure like fucking 90% of mmos loot roll systems beat you there pal :D
Ryan F (1 month ago)
Glad i'll save money not buying this years CoD, i've only ever bought them to play through the campaigns, so thanks for saving me 60 bucks Activision
EndZiiel (1 month ago)
Don't give a fuck what anyone says Battleroyal mode looks fun as fuck
VOLD GAMER (1 month ago)
bo4 is going to be decent at most because it will not be as bad as ea's bullshit battleshit 5.
Torchmanz (1 month ago)
Evidence in this video stated by Jim is exactly why COD WW2 was the last COD I will be buying. I can't take this money grubbing shat any longer. This well is dry Activision. Congrats, you've completely jaded a long time player and fan of your series, a series I have defended for years. No longer though, as i am tapped out. RIP Call of Duty. RIP indeed.
Joe Murray (1 month ago)
why im switching to the PC master race (not like I played COD anyway lol)
-rOckNrOllsCar11 - (1 month ago)
I would literally pay the equivalent of a season pass to see Jim do a series of the shitty business practices 2k pulls with it's customers. NBA2K in particular. Though I suspect he doesn't play sports titles since most of them are American sports and are completely irrelevant to him.
Who are we kidding we’re still gonna get it 🤦‍♂️
Mr.Binks (1 month ago)
Wow just wow. Yeah time for another 1983. Let the purge begin.
5hane9ro (1 month ago)
Sad because I still love hoping on COD, at least BFV looks really fun
Thetechgenius (1 month ago)
People still buy COD games? I haven't bought a COD game since MW2. lol. COD sucks so bad, and that's not even talking about Micro-transactions, that just makes it even worse.
Kitty Katswell (1 month ago)
Blame kids
Anton (1 month ago)
It's more like a new sequel every 6 months
Dustin Rodriguez (1 month ago)
In any other industry, the only way to make obscene amounts of money is to follow business practices that the audience love. Of course, all of those other industries don't have gamers.
Chairman Meow (1 month ago)
Last CoD game I bought was Advanced Warfare, fuck em. No offline bots or campaign, no sale
LaacAttack (1 month ago)
Didn't realize Overwatch had pay2win mechanics, fuck that game
Adam Farrelly (1 month ago)
Call of Looty: Cash Ops 4
Bad Dragonite (1 month ago)
Too bad I missed the con I woulda said hey "It's not waluigi' xD
Cannibal Jesse (1 month ago)
Thank you, Jim Stirling. I was playing WW2 last night and was thinking "I gotta get BO4" watching this and putting aside my hype has changed my mind and saved my wallet!
BrandonTrex (1 month ago)
They're focusing more on Zombie mode because the CoD franchise is one
MforMovesets (1 month ago)
Blizzard got away with it because there's actual content in the lootboxes. With CoD it feels like "Holy shit you just got a new helmet for your generic-ass soldier!"
MforMovesets (1 month ago)
Everyone's gay for a Nintendo character that would have the same moveset as Wario?!
bill Castle (1 month ago)
I’m really vexed about there being no campaign in BO 4 because I actually liked the plot of 1 and 2 so I was hoping for a continuation of it in 3 . Sadly 3 had a shit campaign that had bugger all to do with the originals but I wanted 4 to be the one to fix that . Well sheeeeet
Luka Hays (1 month ago)
MW3 sucked. How could you possibly defend that tripe?
Logan Blackwell (1 month ago)
When this game relatively fails, it will probably deter others from the same business practices.
alexubel (1 month ago)
So I have to buy the deluxe edition just to be able to even buy the season pass? Fuck that shit.
Dontreadthis (1 month ago)
Hate me if you want but i still like CoD. I think that the multiplayer is pretty nothing new and trying to play catch-up. That all being said the zombies mode is by far the best mode in the game. The zombies storyline from bo2 to bo3 has finally wrapped up and the team is free to make whatever they want. It doesnt change the fact that lootboxes will still probably be a problem and I dont deny that, but if theres a current cod that can be good it will be a treyarch one
L4Disillusion (1 month ago)
I haven't touched COD since black ops 2, I don't miss it either. Fucking Activision.
Oldboy Stoddard (2 months ago)
Staying the hell away from BO4, everyone else should too, Activision's anti-consumer practices have gone to far, they have reached the equivalent of asking the playerbase for their wallets while spitting in their faces.
Lord Adz (2 months ago)
in b4 activision tries to sue you lol
Zombies is the only reason ill even think about buying it
BattlestarPegasus (2 months ago)
Greedy criminal bastards!!
Montesama314 (2 months ago)
Before I start the video, I have a comment: Why does this game even exist?
Topan Freeblade (2 months ago)
I love MW2, MW3, Black Ops, and Black Ops 2. Then... then I played Ghosts. And I haven't played any more.
megaman37456 (2 months ago)
Jim, ALL FPS games that were popular 10 years ago are doing this shit. Sure CoD may have started it slowly but look at games like CoD, Halo, and Star Wars Battlefront, ALL of these games were top dog in their day and stayed top Dog for years to come. Then EA tried rebooting Battlefront, Activision started lootboxing CoD players, and Halo just lost all of it's identity after 343 took over. 5 years ago I'd talk to people online even over xbox and they'd say "Oh hell yeah Halo Reach was awesome!" or "I loved ODST" even "Halo 4 wasn't great but it wasn't abysmal." Then there's the CoD community which admittedly has suffered the same as Halo, but Battlefront got the worst of it, when EA rebooted it people COMPLETELY forgot the originals still existed and were still available to play. Nowadays I hear things like "What's Halo?" "CoD is still relevant?" and "What happened to Battlefront?" This saddens me as a gamer. Game devs in this day and age need to stop worrying about what their share holders think and start caring about what their FANS think.
mike schoemaker (2 months ago)
They charged for the MW remaster DLC? Jesus, had no idea, that's a first for the industry, and as always I'm impressed by Activision/COD's ambition to push the industry to all new lows. Always redefining the definition of predatory microtransactions, congrats
Frying1Pans (2 months ago)
Call of Duty 2, 4, World at War, and Black Ops 1 were the best in the series. Change my mind.
pagb666 (2 months ago)
After trying the beta, I find amusing how Ironsight manages to be more CoD than CoD itself.
RetrOtaku (2 months ago)
Dear Jim: I want to know? Did you ever find waluigi that day?
KingofHearts67 (2 months ago)
What sort of giant cunts even buy into this shit? The problem isn't the fact that they're selling this stuff, it's that people are buying it. There is only supply where there is demand, so boycott companies that do this, make it not profitable so it starts loosing them money and they'll go back to what works.
Falloutman 342 (2 months ago)
Dear Jim you probably will probably not read this but when the giant bar raiser known as rockstar releases red dead redemption 2 will you make a video on that?
LucidTeFlon180 (2 months ago)
Since when did Activi$ion become Activi$ion Blizzard?
tommy karatzikos (2 months ago)
Thank God for Jim sterling indeed. 1 of the few critics out there still calling out corporate bullshit. Never change.
Tony Montagne (2 months ago)
I agree with most things, but i played the beta for hours and i never had so much fun playing COD since 360/PS3 era, i enjoyed some changes. Advanced warfare, WW2, BO3, Infinite Warfare... those games are a pile of shit. I don't want to say BO4 is a masterpiece but it is much better than the last four COD games.
OmegaVideoGameGod (2 months ago)
"Next year, Black ops 5 will be the same"
iPadVulk (2 months ago)
Cheesh, just don’t buy it then...
Black ops 4 the Last cod i ever buy after back to back shit games
shawn figueroa (2 months ago)
At least I can say I grew up in cods golden age with the mw series ww2 and the first 2 black ops games. But was also there for the beginning of the end with ghosts. Such a shame.
Justin Quarles (2 months ago)
best selling game of 2018 i just looked it up checks out thanks
Max Strength (2 months ago)
Friendly, fun extortion
Colby Roger (2 months ago)
RIP cod (2000andsomething-2018)
Domonoasis World (2 months ago)
Call of Duty fanboys are like toilets. They take in as much crap as they can get.
Roman Woolner (2 months ago)
I think some of the Cod veterans only buy amd play the games out of Series respect, hoping one day a new Cod game will be competent enough to shit on the kitchen floor instead of the carpet
JustAnotherBrotherHD (2 months ago)
The only thing I need to corrrect you on is how they're selling the season pass. It will be sold separately but the DLC's within them that are usually divided into 4 map packs won't be happening this year. So its either all the maps or none of them instead of some of them. The mp maps should be free though.
Desmond Debil (2 months ago)
Pretty much the good game companies left are Nintendo, From Software and Devolver Digital. Square Enix is alright as well.
92Beyo (2 months ago)
Its a shame that CoD is still a thing
ca5ualm3dia (2 months ago)
i paid like 70 bucks for IW and remastered i love the bots matches in classic maps , but wait what you cant buy a season pass or new maps without buying the delux bullshit . damn son , im typeless ...
SubatomicSeal (2 months ago)
1:51 did Jim just show us his fursona
joseph josepi (2 months ago)
I hope the people that work at activion-blizzard get stage 4 brain cancer
The Greek Geek (2 months ago)
Waging the war on dlc and microtransactions!
Ian McDaid (2 months ago)
Essentially, anyone aware of this who is still dumb enough to buy this game is a fucking idiot & like the proverb says - a fool & his money.....!
Sheridan Varn (2 months ago)
Yeah I fucked off with blizzard after the fourth expansion to Warcraft, then I said goodbye to cod before I ever played it even.
A Hettinger (2 months ago)
I think the real question is, what's going to be in the season pass? I mean, I normally would look to that for additional story content... but they don't have any. Kinda think their jumping the shark here. Full disclosure: I am an ATVI shareholder.
Ura Towel (2 months ago)
Will never buy COD as long as I live.
Michael Ivanov (2 months ago)
It’s how it’s. Everything that once was groundbreaking has to catch up at some time. Nokia vs Apple Apple vs Samsung Dota vs LoL PUBG vs Fortnite Everquest vs WoW CoD vs Overwatch? PS3 vs Xbox 360 XB1s vs PS4 Someone has to start and someone else will improve upon

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