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Seriously Though, Fuck Black Ops 4 (The Jimquisition)

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http://www.patreon.com/jimquisition http://www.thejimquisition.com http://sharkrobot.com/collections/Jimquisition-merch Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is basically despicable and Activision Blizzard is the worst. At least until another publisher takes it place in the rotation. __ Twitter: https://twitter.com/jimsterling Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jimsterling0 Jim’s Big Ego (No Relation): http://bigego.com/ Bandcamp of the Sax Dragon - https://carlcatron.bandcamp.com Nathan Hanover - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-8L7n7l11PJM6FFcI6Ju8A
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Text Comments (2770)
RevTn (3 hours ago)
Wait... WB removed loot boxes? Wow. I guess I can buy a game I was genuinely looking forward to now.
Dragon Warrior (12 hours ago)
"It's not need, it's greed." That's a great quote there.
EnterTheLyon (1 day ago)
The funny thing is, the alternative would be to just make a decent game, Activision-forbid 😥 lol. Honestly I'm shocked that they would charge full price after taking out half of the game, but what is even more shocking is how many morons will still probably buy it.
brendan Potter (1 day ago)
Overwatch isn't pay to win, I see what you did there
UBERMAUSSE (1 day ago)
I laugh at anyone who puts money into CoD, not for buying the 60 dollar base game but the dlc. Ever since Ghosts I just couldn't understand why people would put in hundreds of dollars into dlc that becomes obsolete within a year. It's just funny to me
Luke Himself (1 day ago)
Yes.. Thank you for being the ONLY HONEST YOUTUBER to tell it how it is, that Activision copied EA by going back to WW2 after DICE laid down the plan to do WW1 then WW2. Thank you.
Plutia chan (1 day ago)
It's not even black ops without a story to tell.
Tyg Rahof (2 days ago)
Too bad I can't write code as it seems if a new company came up with GOOD games without all this shieet they would rule! Like the genius minds who make awesome mods for Skyrim; which will never die. Even Oblivion mods are better than some of these "new" games.
Devus The Wolf! (2 days ago)
.....why do you do this activision?......call of duty black ops used to be the best.. Im disgusted.
resonance01 (2 days ago)
I was done with CoD after the first Modern Warfare
ron d (2 days ago)
The big problem for Activision/Blizzard is that CoD never had anything that could compete. One can only hope that this version of CoD will be the one that makes them realise the error of their ways. However that won't happen until the sales drop to zero this year ... and even then they will blame anything and anyone (pirates, second hand market, Trump, etc). And as for how we can stop people buying ? Easy : make a game that is better than CoD, market the heck out of it and pray you're lucky.
xX HeroFTW Xx (4 days ago)
TBH, I always play the Zombies mode way more than the campaign anyways
Shawbag 11 (4 days ago)
I almost had a heart attack when i got the 3rd one for free on ps plus Free being the key word and then they want 40 quid for the zombies mode that's without the multiplayer dlc. so glad i hate cod, before i didn't know y but now it proves i was right to hate it
Sebastian Michlieas (4 days ago)
Yet people defend the game no matter what.
sealedinterface (4 days ago)
Call of Duty has reached critical mass.
SkippyHD (4 days ago)
Now there just milking cod out until it’s dry knowing they will always make their money
Panos Papazoglou (4 days ago)
Hey Jim, could you look into what Paradox Interactive is doing with their games and DLCs? Their money hunger goes unnoticed due to even bigger greedy fuckers and they cover it up by putting on a "small, friendly, family-like company" face, which they have not been for years. They use the same old tired lines about "needing" all the money like they are still a small indy studio but when they get any complaints they are quick to dismiss their already niche community. The saddest part is that there are people still defending them and accusing the rest as "complainers". Please don't let fuckers like these escape notice just because there are worse than them.
johnnysasaki (5 days ago)
according to some,COD also caused 9/11(guess who said that...)
guillepankeke (5 days ago)
i think this series of games went to hell when they traded shooting nazis with torturing tied down ppl in abbandoned warehouses and trying to assassinate castro
suijin25 (5 days ago)
It's stuff like this that made me stop playing COD after MW3.
Jay Bizzle704 (6 days ago)
Warframe - Where Specialists and over 1000 weapons can be crafted in game rather than buying supply drops. Fallout 76 is going to be lit. RDR 2 gonna be lit. BFV gonna be lit. I'll find my gun action thrills elsewhere.
George Garner (6 days ago)
Lol welcome to free market capitalism make cheap crap and sale it for as much as possible
superfaceparm (8 days ago)
excuse me donkey kong?
James Moore (8 days ago)
It hurts me to say that I'm getting BO4...
g mail (8 days ago)
Not sure why people still buy into the pre-order BS. Just buy them when they go 50% off in steam sales.
RadThatsAwesome (8 days ago)
I just want to buy Activison Blizzard so I can make gaming more affordable and restore gaming to its true and former glory. Wish me luck Jim.
OverwatchBastard (8 days ago)
The Battlefront community are so much smarter than the COD fanboys, try to get those sport pricks to boycot Black Ops 4 and they won't be able to comprehend what you're saying.
TheKrigeron (8 days ago)
3:20 uhhhh shouldn't there be a PUBG clip here? I mean Fortnite did exactly what COD is doing but at the right time. The innovation was done by PlayerUnknown.
JC Gregory (9 days ago)
COD: BO4 Digital Deluxe Enhanced Mega Ultimate Legendary Complete Edition.
Shane Steinhauser (9 days ago)
Digital Deluxe Edition is an oxymoron.
joeslickback (9 days ago)
"I wanna know the secrets that the crystal holds" sorry I saw Expand Dong in the beginning lol
Rory Snow (9 days ago)
I’ve been a big fan of the zombies mode since black ops 1 and from what I’ve seen of black ops 4 zombies so far I’m looking forward to it. It just really makes me sad that something so great is in the greedy hands of activision. The team who work on the zombies mode clearly have a passion for it but sadly their corporate overlords are holding them back
mk gaming (10 days ago)
Blizzard itself is a genuinly good company, and i hate activison for adding blizzard to there name after they bought it, just so they ciuld get the sweet sweet blizz fan recognition. So it really hurts me when people compalin about cod, and then blame blizzard bby proxxy by saying activision blizzard. :(
So is Waluigi the new Waldo? You just gotta find him.
Withnail & I reference. I caught it.
Maximvs Dread (11 days ago)
Jim. You are a poet. My ears ring with the sweet song a whore being whipped upon a pole deservedly so.
Humam GFE (11 days ago)
Activition are liars the sells are not real liars fuckkkkk them they paid money to all for just said them game is great they spent money on sites and idiot gamers to said them game is great more then the money they spent on the game lol 😂 😂 😂
DasSp0rk (12 days ago)
We go through this every year, epic
James Phocas (12 days ago)
Here's a new game I made up: 'Pretend to be a Ruthless Activision Exec' - come up with the most absurd greedy ideas that Activitision will probably implement at some point. Idea #1: Lock the ability to buy lootboxes behind a paywall, then implement a subscription service that unlocks it and give subscribed players one exclusive lootbox each month to make it seem like a good deal.
Michael Jacobs (12 days ago)
I'm honestly surprised Activision was able to be so generous with Crash Bandicoot and, seemingly, Spyro. It's probably only because they had little faith in those IP considering they're single player platformers though.
Michael Jacobs (12 days ago)
I liked Black Ops 3. I haven't cared about one since then though. I think Infinite Warfare, WWII, and Black Ops 4 are the ones that have come since then.
MeatwadMeatwad (13 days ago)
i fuckin hate cod
onizukaman (13 days ago)
Don't forget the pan exlicive maps
kitestar (13 days ago)
I knew Activision was gunna shoot themselves in the foot somehow once everyone in the industry realized microtransactions were taboo. Now if we can convince everyone that shitty mobile ports aren't games, they are trash
Cody Brown (13 days ago)
Ubisoft added pay only loot crates to siege recently
Steven Wood (14 days ago)
If they want to go to micro transaction s maybe they should make mobile games instead
Alex Roberson (14 days ago)
This is one of the best game topic channels on youtube. Congrats bro, and thanks for the heads up!
Snikta (14 days ago)
What an abrasive human being... must be hard being Mr. Jim Sterling
Izzy (13 days ago)
Yeah because you don't mind ruining gaming, rather than those who try to make companies think of the consumer! You sound like an EA Guy.
tygonmaster (14 days ago)
Can we all agree to stop buying AAA games until this kind of garbage stops? No, of course not because the sad fact is people still buy this shit. Do you blame the crack dealer or the degenerate shithead that keeps buying his product? Obviously, both are human garbage, but I really wish people would speak more with their wallets and stop rewarding these dickweed companies with millions of dollars for fucking them in the ass. Oh well....maybe some day people will wake up and figure out that this is a problem that could be fixed literally overnight. Imgaine if the next CoD, Battlefield, or [insert other "AAA" game here] got literally 0 sales day one. Imagine it. The dramatic changes that would occur. Total changes of management, total changes of practices, downsizing to stop the ever-growing stupid budgets. It would be like a rebirth....but no, keep buying your horse armor, people. Really promotes change. EA / Ubisoft / whatever are shit. Stop fanning the fumes of the shit all over the gaming industry.
Richard PS (14 days ago)
Digtial Delux Enhanced Edition jesus wept they really suck people dry as hard as they can, I feel for the fools that fool for it
Richard PS (14 days ago)
COD has jumped the shark its on its way out, someone needs to put a pillow over its head and smother it
Excludos (14 days ago)
Love the jab at Overwatch for having "pay to win" content (by showing a picture of it as you said it) after literally just saying it at least had the excuse of cosmetics only.. That was unfortunate editing. Hearthstone would have been much more fitting if you wanted to throw shit at Blizzard, as that game is pretty much a literal scam disguised as a trading card game (With the ironic difference being in the word "trading"). The biggest problem with Blizzard is that their games are just really really fun. So these skinner's box techniques (Which have been implemented in every single game since WoW, excluding sc2) are somewhat forgiven by a lot of the fans.
Machina Inc (14 days ago)
OMFG Activision is making EA seem reasonable. Greedy fuckers
Robert Weaton (14 days ago)
Nice intro, I see someone really does enjoy Dunkey's videos haha
Grinderson Gear (15 days ago)
Them taking on a battle royale genre is probably the only thing I can actually stand behind in terms of everything else they've been doing with it is almost EA levels of absolute garbage
Chris Thomas (15 days ago)
Will be running out of publishers to buy games off at this rate. Oh well, there are plenty of indies to enjoy!
Arthur Hosey Jr. (15 days ago)
Do you live in MS Jim? You're ALWAYS in Jackson! I'm going to end up at Pro Wrestling Ego to see Sterdust. I also have to hear you say "Triple A" in person!
Annie Nyan (15 days ago)
So here's a fun thing... people will complain about this game, yet they will still buy it.
ArmouredLemming (15 days ago)
I still want a way of hiding this weed from the garden that is blizzard's game launcher... And Destiny 2 can fuck right off while you're at it.
ZM DumpBox (15 days ago)
I wonder why these TREEPLE-EI publishers don't just simply reverse-psychology consumer expectations by releasing the base game quietly... then announcing a week later after everyone has had enough masturbating desperately over the base content that oh wait, there's a Season Pass which contains 50% more game to game all over your face with. Cynically. Scummy as hell, might not make all the monies, but I'm sure it's far more sustainable while still retaining the scum-factor of what they're currently trying to pull off.
Lan Aud (15 days ago)
I find it comical that Activision still has the balls to continue its crappy business practices in this day and age ,with us at this point
Vault-Born (15 days ago)
"Slipped a lil bit" Going down from 30.7 million sales to 12.7 million in five years is not 'a lil bit' at all. It's still selling a lot sure, but that's a huge decline. (also there's those remasters and mw4 that each sold well, well under a million during that 5 year period so.)
Puck Chang (16 days ago)
i have to say. i appreciate that they did stick some feathers to the raptor costume.
Jon 5 (16 days ago)
Hopefully this is what finally causes CoD to implode. The Activision/Blizzard merger should have been enough to go off of, but they def found a way to make it worse. Please, just die already.........
killerbee256 (16 days ago)
Did call of duty get worse after blizzard bought activision?
Justin Bryant (16 days ago)
Dear Sterling, I recently began watching your videos and I believe you can predict the fucking future. Don't stop, ignore the haters, and thank God for you!
Guy Smith (16 days ago)
Don't stop.
Brandon Kilgore (16 days ago)
Blizzard wanted to close off Warcraft fan made levels... Okay, Call of Duty got rid of Single Player Campaign mode in Black ops... Okay, Now Activision wants to sell you a Digital Pro Enhanced Deluxe... Didn't Activision used to be inventive? Or perhaps ...No... Were they bought out like Respawn Entertainment? or maybe Visceral has just been wearing a Call of Duty mask this whole time.
meh meh (16 days ago)
Publishers these days are basically saying "Can I haz ur stuff".
Strazdas (17 days ago)
ah, free map-packs...... remmeber when mappacks were community made?
Jani Akujärvi (17 days ago)
Love your channel Jim, the more you give fucks the more i’ll like you you crazy bastard! Keep it going, you crazy diamond!
cbp105 (17 days ago)
The last CoD I wasn't completely repulsed by was BO2.
iceveiled (17 days ago)
I get the abandoning of the SP campaign from a business and market trends standpoint, but their casual marginalization of the SP fans is what is triggering me, especially considering the franchise started as a single player experience. Whatever, Red Dead Redemption 2 will cover that need for me later this year. I'm honestly really curious how this game will sell given the direction it's taking, and I don't want any game devs to fail after what is undoubtedly a lot of hard work and sacrifice, even if I disagree with the way things are going.
Braden Chittick (17 days ago)
Honestly, cosmetic loot boxes wouldn't even bother my if either a) the reward for getting repeats wasn't basically worthless or b) you just couldn't get repeats. At least at that point you aren't constantly getting diminishing returns.
Braden Chittick (17 days ago)
I still don't get much of the contreversy surrounding online passes. Game companies have to make money, and they don't profit any off of secondhand sales. As long as the original purchaser can somehow get it for free I don't see it as all that bad.
Saint_Somnia (17 days ago)
I need to know what that intro is from
Sentinel (17 days ago)
I’m just gonna say it - If you buy this game, you are part of the cancer in nowadays gaming.
iiiears (18 days ago)
Extortion?!?.. is criminal. The "innovative" people at EA are using differentiated pricing to better serve the needs of the gaming community any ancillary benefits accrued to stockholders we can be certain are entirely, completely, totally, coincidental. EA will suggest to you that purchasing an entire game as one purchase is... wasteful of the opportunity to savor each delicious slice of the game cake. Could it be that EA is slowly building courage to tell it's playerbase that the cake is a lie?
bill clay (18 days ago)
why do they keep the prices of their older games up so high on steam?
Kadulikan (18 days ago)
Most of the people I've heard from don't even bother with the campaign. If that anecdote applies to the majority then I don't blame them for removing the campaign. The sales will tell us whether that's true I suppose.
I think Activision loves being nazi...
Narowe (18 days ago)
Yeah I hate these tactics, but MW2 Is quite literally the heart and soul of my high school life. I would snatch that up like a diseased crack addict without a moments hesitation. Yeah I know its gross, and its unhealthy, but I NEED IT. Of course, the moment its announced its gonna be a shoddy imitation of its GLORIOUS MAJESTY and so I will wish unspeakable evils upon the peoples responsible, their families and friends, and anybody they've ever passed on the street that could stifle a grimacing "Eww, fuck. Be gone creature"
Stan Knight (18 days ago)
You have to remember that both EA and Activision was there when the 1st gaming crash happened. They didn't get any credit for it due to Atari's ET being the main scapegoat. But both of them were also responsible and were the two publishers responsible for flooding the market with games and shovelware. They will be there when the next gaming crash happens (which is not that far off). Let us make sure they don't survive that one afterwards to cause the 3rd one. I don't think the next crash will destroy the full industry but I think it will give us a much needed cleansing of publishers that need to die.
joe grimes (18 days ago)
Oh jim. You waggly spicy pepperami of a man. Never stop the crusade my friend.
cigaroomg (18 days ago)
Sir Jim you are a god. Well said indeed 👍🏻
Earthboundmike (18 days ago)
I was gonna buy this game. Then I heard how much it was gonna cost me over all. Fuck, that.
CBU 2029 (18 days ago)
activision gets away with it because nobody cares about CoD anymore. :)
Linkman247 (18 days ago)
I've found myself caring less and less about CoD as of late. I skipped Black Ops 3, Infinite Warfare, and COD WWII. I will likely also be skipping Black Ops 4. So they cut the single player, does that mean we can expect to pay less? Nope. We are expected to pay more for less. Fuck COD. The series can die as far as I am concerned. As far as Overwatch? Yes I hate loot boxes as much as the next person. And yes while they are largely cosmetic, I do think they have an impact on gameplay as people see someone with a cool skin and it creates a situation of haves and have nots. That said? Overwatch is hardly the worst offender. Remember Battlefront 2? The game that tied actual progression to star cards and loot boxes? And for what it's worth? Nintendo's Reggie Fils Aime even has indicated Nintendo are open to the idea of loot boxes. So there you go. Just wait for the day when Smash has loot boxes.
F Lesny (18 days ago)
I've been playing Call of Duty since it first came out on PC in 2003 and basically stopped playing it right after Black Ops 2. The unacceptable 'SH*T' that has been happening to CoD since MW2 reached such a high level that now we do not even get the campaign anymore. Shame on you Activision. What a bad joke.
Charlie Scott (18 days ago)
I appreciate the big lebowski nod
Bdonforetich (19 days ago)
I just returned from hospital. Was playing with a dozen or so Baby Boglins in the bathtub and one of them got lodged in my rectum.
NEXUS (19 days ago)
Overwatch is rubbish
samuel williams (19 days ago)
Wtf has happened to all of his thumbnails?!
ashdoglsu (19 days ago)
IGN review has already reviewed the game 9.5
CaptainRed1000 (19 days ago)
I look forward to the day where I wake up in a new call of duty game has been released, and no one knows a damn thing about it, because no one on the planet was stupid enough to buy it.
FlameB1 (19 days ago)
I went to the Mississippi Comic Con...but I didn't see you Jim 😢
irllcd13 (19 days ago)
Fact: The shareware version of Quake 2 is better than every Call of Doodie game combined. And by that, I mean every copy of every game, so millions and millions of MW1s plus millions and millions of MW2s and so on.
Zorixas (19 days ago)
Banana Slamma!
Katie Haspels (19 days ago)
https://youtu.be/IzaHDSDihdg Call out to stardust on dvd at 13:13
variable_dissonance (19 days ago)
I love you Jim, but Overwatch isn't fucking pay to win for fuck's sake. Is their model unscrupulous? Absolutely, but at https://youtu.be/yjbw0Te_RTg?t=455 you basically fucking lied. Come the fuck on. Don't be like them.

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