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Logitech G PRO Gaming Headset

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The PRO Gaming Headset is purpose-built for professional gaming. The most advanced technology and highest performance specs—designed in partnership with professional players worldwide—deliver the precision, speed, and endurance required to win. When you want to push the boundaries of play, Play Advanced with Logitech G. http://www.LogitechG.com http://www.twitter.com/logitechg http://www.facebook.com/logitechg https://www.instagram.com/logitechg
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Text Comments (103)
Krazy Potato (21 days ago)
Does it work on PS4?
killakali3000 (28 days ago)
All I can say is wow, after having the Astro 40's first gen for like 7 yrs these sound amazing ..
FUNNY GUYZ (1 month ago)
Can we connect gpro with ps4
BobtheBuilder (1 month ago)
- Sensei - (2 months ago)
Please!!! Make a wireless/bluetooth version of the gpro headset. Logitech wireless headsets all look too gamery whereas this looks so clean and nice
TOXIC26 (2 months ago)
Luis Zaiter (2 months ago)
These or Turtle beach co three or hyperx cloud alpha, for rainbow six siege and fortnite and footsteps? I'm also on xbox.
ArabOverDoZ (2 months ago)
please which is more more better for foot steps like rainbow six?? logitech g pro or g933 ??
I Stole Yo Bitch (29 days ago)
ArabOverDoZ 933
kloud (3 months ago)
May I ask why this headset is not available in Australia?
Daniel Hawn (3 months ago)
Supreme Potato (3 months ago)
Different colors soon?
Eddie Perodin (3 months ago)
This is going to be my next purchase. I currently use a Plantronics RIG500 and I love it a ton, but with the Logitech Pro G mouse and Prodigy G213, it just makes sense to get into the ecosystem of Logitech Pro products to take my gameplay seriously. Thanks again for putting this out!
Shadow (3 months ago)
박근우 (3 months ago)
If you guys release a headset with RGB lighting, I will move all my peripherals to Logitech G from Razer xD
박근우 (2 months ago)
Yeah but I want that G PRO design with RGB
Shmozone (2 months ago)
박근우 they have the g933 and g533 for around 100 dollars, they are older products but I know people still like them
Mr NyAAA (3 months ago)
my 1st problem when u wear headset for a 3+ hours u can start feeling some heat on your ears did thay fix that?
Bernt Arne (4 months ago)
The Logitech G PRO Headset sounds basically like my iPhone headset. The mic is trash. Im returning this for a sennheiser game zero. Not worth buying!
FF PopeOscar (4 months ago)
Work on ps4?
Daryll Wajendra (2 months ago)
it has headphone jack. so it will work on any console
TSM_ King (3 months ago)
Pope Oscar Yes they do
Lloyd Miller (4 months ago)
or xbox?
danish harith (4 months ago)
This or Cloud Alpha
Patrick Mediodia (4 months ago)
Razer mouse bungee at 0:33
Daniel Kim해준 (4 months ago)
Is it suround 7.1??
Do they work for Xbox?
Suciu Daniel (4 months ago)
Is the clamping force on the G PRO same on on the g533 or g633? cuz on those my head hurts after 10 mins. :( would apreciate a fast answer since i wanna order em tomorrow thx.
The Doomslayer (4 months ago)
Boi (4 months ago)
What is the difference between this Headset and the G433? I assume the the G433 is better because of it price but idk
Thành Luân Hứa (5 months ago)
I wish that headset had led rgb
Ivan Kovačević (4 months ago)
its because the headset would have to be usb and digital to analog conversion doesnt sit well with good audio quality and adding separate usb just to power the LEDs would be overcomplicating it and at the beggining they said that they ask pros what they need and im sure every one of them would say that 3.5mm jacks for voice and sound plus usb for leds is unnecessary
RICH PAINO (5 months ago)
this or razer man o war?
One21Gun (2 months ago)
Buy a g pro and soundblater x g1 soundcard
Taco (2 months ago)
eggyoshi (3 months ago)
DaEmVeePee Dud so is the kraken my shit just broke
DaEmVeePee Dud (3 months ago)
Coldmeta Man O war is fragile though
Supreme Potato (3 months ago)
ChaosFireBlades I went with the g pro for all of those reasons. Also you can use them outside without looking odd. Also that the cable is detachable
1000 subs with no videos (5 months ago)
They would be good for fortnite
ANDRESTROYER (5 months ago)
Logitech I have the G433 to some kind of gain in I buy the G Pro? Analyzing the site I found no difference between them.
TierTwo (5 months ago)
ANDRESTROYER There are only minor differences, the earpads on the pro are leatherette, and the cup part (with the logo) is not fabricky like the g433. Reviews said the fabric is uncomfortable but that’s up to you. I think the last difference is the g433 is 7.1 vs stereo on Pro. IMO if you find the g433 comfortable, theres really no need to waste $80.
Maxwell (5 months ago)
Omar Sawtari (5 months ago)
How much is it gonna cost probably way more than my budget
Omar Sawtari (5 months ago)
Oh thx i think im getting it
TierTwo (5 months ago)
Omar Sawtari it says $90 on the logitech website
Sam Felton (5 months ago)
Omar Sawtari £85 $120
안승우 (5 months ago)
very nice
Ypsilon (5 months ago)
Okay, so ive got an idea, what if you guys made a slightly smaller version of the g403, but not as small as the g pro, and the form of the g403, so its the same mouse as the g403 but a bit smaller so it fits more people's hands
Theo (4 months ago)
Ypsilon YES!
Daryll Wajendra (5 months ago)
why are g pro products are just so overkill. do they really took years of designing, making, testing and repeat
TacoMeat FijiWater (5 months ago)
Although ive been using my G430 for 4+ years, the sound isolation for this headset is a selling point for me.
LIL jace_ (5 months ago)
How much does it cost
Sam Felton (5 months ago)
LIL jace_ £85 $120
Michael Camp (5 months ago)
Wait so is pro gameing gear better than regular gameing gear??😂 like why not just make the best of the best and only that
lawrence sueno (4 months ago)
the answer is dynamic price range. you simpleton. not everyone can afford 250$ sennheiser headset used by most pros.
TierTwo (5 months ago)
Michael Camp they say its engineered for E Sports, I use the G Pro and out of the like 6 mice ive used, its my personal favorite
Robbiani Stefano (5 months ago)
Ha freesm!
Roxas (5 months ago)
RightWingKing (5 months ago)
Sooooooo how's the mic?
Ypsilon (5 months ago)
RightWing King yea exactly
Dan (5 months ago)
2:28 Um... Where's the translation? Some people may or may not understand Korean language (한국어).
Dan (5 months ago)
Caption wasn't included until now.
Moose War™ (5 months ago)
Turn on captions.
Michael Camp (5 months ago)
Jenna right i was like umm okay
HeyCharlieBall (5 months ago)
Haunter " because of the .... Pro... G..... Drivers inside"
Tegar Raditya (5 months ago)
can i get a link to the G wallpaper?
Stephan Braun (5 months ago)
so tell me where do i get a logitech G Pro Keyboard with German layout?
Charles Martin (5 months ago)
not sure if I want this or g933 tho
One21Gun (2 months ago)
Gpro with soundblaster x g1 soundcard
Ypsilon (5 months ago)
(the wireless headset roundup)
Ypsilon (5 months ago)
TierTwo audio quality is still really good, you should watch HC's video
TierTwo (5 months ago)
Charles Martin 933 looks kinda bulky and its sorta outdated but theres a lot of features and its on sale right now along with a lot of Logitech products
Ypsilon (5 months ago)
Charles Martin g633 and g933 are really good headset, outstanding audio quality and good mic quality tho if you wanna stream etc you might need a better one as it does sound a bit too compressed in my opinion
faisal prince (5 months ago)
First viewer baby ✌️
AntonyShooter (5 months ago)
Ardha NA (5 months ago)
Will this g pro headset be sold in Indonesia?
Joonatan Tjader (5 months ago)
Ardha NA likely it is sold there but if it isn't you can just order it from another country :)
Ardha NA (5 months ago)
And I wish logitech will make a microphone
Calipso YT (5 months ago)
Can I get one. I ❤ Logitech G
Meh Meth (14 days ago)
Calipso YT yes you can, buy one

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