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5 GOOD Nintendo Switch Games ONLY Released In Japan

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JAPANESE ONLY Exclusive Nintendo Switch Games that we didn't get! *sponsored by Amino App* Join My BeatEmUps Amino and other communities here: http://aminoapps.com/invite/H304T5W1N6 Find my poll by searching WoodBeatemups once you've joined Nintendo Switch Amino - Like/Comment/Subscribe Become A Patreon And Join Our Family By Supporting The Channel - https://www.patreon.com/BeatEmUps Want to send me MAIL?! Wood Hawker - PO Box 821231 North Richland Hills, TX 76180 Buy Some MERCH Maybe! - https://shop.spreadshirt.com/BeatEmUpsMerch/ PayPal - beatemupsmerch@gmail.com Business Email - beatemupsbusiness@gmail.com Follow BeatEmUps on Twitter - @BeatemupsWood On Facebook - facebook.com/BeatEmUps Instagram - @BeatemupsWood Join The BeatEmUps Discord Chat - https://discord.gg/zyUGPfs My Second Channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/WoodsMaj... Music: Erek Ladd - https://erekladd.bandcamp.com/releases "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use." All clips and videos belong to their respective owners.
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Text Comments (623)
Alysabeth Stuhlmacher (8 hours ago)
Dragon quest and Serect of Mana.😁
Sonicice 24 (15 hours ago)
I just beat the Subscribe game I 100% the game wow
Spencer Johnson (16 hours ago)
we need the secret of mana triliogy in us
Chris Gildart (1 day ago)
I would love it if the Warriors games started coming to the Switch. The west is apparently getting One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 on the switch, but we need the others as well.
That1guyfromco (2 days ago)
What o want to know is where is Naruto at!? It's supposed to be out next week and I see it no where on the store
Frit-yawf Saga (2 days ago)
Good points vaild
Seth Strickell (2 days ago)
While we are not getting dynasty warriors 8 or dragon quest heros 1/2 for the switch, we are getting one piece pirate warriors 3. Unfortunately it is gonna be digital only.
DarigaazTheNewFlame (2 days ago)
I was perfectly calm about seiken densetsu releases and mh but your seriously telling me m****f****** pso games are getting released as japan exclusives!? I went though the maze of menues etc to create the pc mmo account and was devastated when my account got banned but this is sad :( i want my pso
Neptune Pirker (3 days ago)
Do a video on English patch Japanese/ European release list! Please?!? =]
Soki Moh (3 days ago)
Probably it's because they hate gaijin pigs? Just kidding,the thing is Nintendo have the right to grab most of third party dev game sales profit that got release for western market on Nintendo platform,that sucks if you ask me. #nintendoisyakuza
Erumbitarbo (4 days ago)
you also forgot to mention you could've had samurai warriors spirit of sanada and warriors orochi on the same shelf with dynasty warriors, hyrule warriors, and fire emblem warriors
Anastasia Stern (4 days ago)
Anyne else get the warm fuzzies when wood calls us his best friends?
The Zekenator (4 days ago)
I recently tried out PSO2 Cloud, the connection was so bad that even the intro cutscene kept buffering on and off every second.
Preston Anderson (5 days ago)
Wow He was from Australia, I'm from Australia too
Shal ucard (5 days ago)
I guess the u.s gotta give japan season 3..
deadman k. (5 days ago)
jeus's review.
Andrew Milhoan (5 days ago)
PSO2 and MH XX would both be HUGE in the US, maybe they get announced at E3...fingers crossed.
Isain Faust (5 days ago)
Phantasy Star was was my favorite video game and mmo of all time, i was so sad when i found out we weren’t getting it in the US, the argument being Americans don’t like mmorpgs its been a total kick to the balls. it was another kick to the balls with monster hunter XX so sad, so disappointed
Adrian Cheifetz-Broca (5 days ago)
I would love to have a free to play mmorpg game on the switch
joshua cook (5 days ago)
Give me monster hunter xx
Jon L (5 days ago)
honestly not too heartbroken about these games. it does suck that PSO2 isn't coming to the US and the SOM games aren't getting localized. DW8 is just another crappy DW game. you played one of those you have played them all.
Otaking Mikohani (5 days ago)
You do realize that those Warriors games have all gotten US releases on Sony systems, right? At least it's better than nothing
Mr Wux (5 days ago)
Will Phantasy Star Online 2 ever be available out of jp?
MasterKcoop (5 days ago)
subscribe? idk about that one. graphics look kinda busted.
NL0Gwenster (5 days ago)
We havent had a phantasy star in forever. They skipped out all the Vita versions as well. I honestly doubt it`s ever coming back to the West. So wasn't surprised that they didn't release the Switch one for world-wide.
MasterKcoop (5 days ago)
dentisty warriors? ...sounds clean ._.
ITyraxI (6 days ago)
Yaasss terranigma was amaaazing
Die nasty warriors not den asty
白空 (6 days ago)
Great video! New subscriber BTW...
ElitePWNSFace (6 days ago)
Snarky Mark (6 days ago)
Even Sega, an American-based company, released games only in Japan.
Belanes Covington (6 days ago)
i just played subscribe can't wait for the DLC :)
Martin Zhang (6 days ago)
ROTK13 was also on switch in Japan. I guess they some how think that there are no one outside japan and china who's interested in chinese history
kameoosama (6 days ago)
It's weird that most of these games are available in English speaking territories, just on other platforms. If I had to speculate I'd say those versions didn't sell well in the US but no way to confirm this. The rest are available in English but only unofficially possibly using unsavory methods so it's kinda sad we continue not to get them.
ZetaXO (6 days ago)
I am setsuna was physically available in France
Kuikka T (6 days ago)
I want mana!!!
Stevezftw (6 days ago)
I want monster hunter XX :(
Ka_mook (7 days ago)
Yeahh... Dragon Quest on 20 fps with ps3 geometry, that must be fun.
x1nk3dx (7 days ago)
It’s a crime that monster hunter isn’t here
I hate it when company's are too lazy to localise their games when released in Japan first. It kills me.
Demosthenes (7 days ago)
I'd love fortnite or pubg, pubg on my android tab is great and dedicated controller support would be nice
scatlink sean (7 days ago)
Fate/Extella has come out on Switch in all countries; but it also is similar to a warriors game albeit more different than others.
Alain Reyes (7 days ago)
dat =3 reference
shinasura777 (7 days ago)
Last i checked pao still has an active online community and the private servers are still running. Spent fsr too much time playing that and making skins for it
RetroProGamer (7 days ago)
To bad i cant play Subscribe. Youtube is not on the Switch :P
Kwasi Williams (7 days ago)
I'm pissed about Romance of the 5 Kingdoms not coming to the west.
kurokuyo (7 days ago)
I bought my Switch on ebay and it came with a physical cartridge of Monster Hunter XX ;) I may not be fluent in Japanese, but it's so far really fun to play. I ended up buying Monster Hunter World because of that game
AzraelThanatos (7 days ago)
Hyrule Warriors isn't exactly a port of the WiiU or 3DS version, it's pretty much everything from both and additional bits, so it's kind of just another version of it. You also have a 3rd game already out with the same formula with Fate/Extella. I really wish we'd have the Senran Kagura game as well
MrEasyNah (7 days ago)
Meh, they can keep PSO 2. I'm not even mad at that, but the Seiken Densetsu trilogy being Japan exclusive?? _WHAT??!!!_
AMBC (7 days ago)
Die-na-stee warriors not din-a-stee
Jason (7 days ago)
I put hundreds of hours into Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 & 2 on GameCube and another couple hundred into Phantasy Star Zero. Would LOVE Phantasy Star Online 2 to be English on the Switch. I'd love MHXX on the Switch, though I doubt any of my MH fan friends would get it, if they have MHW. The team that ported Doom to the Switch has tried to contact Capcom about a port. They claim they can port MHW to the Switch. They're just waiting on Capcom to give them the green light and pay them to do it. Secret of Mana also needs to come to the US. Though personally I'd play the above games more than these only due to replay value of the others.
Linnf 2003 (7 days ago)
Phantasy star online 2 would be so cool if it left japan
TheCrazyFightClub (7 days ago)
I played PSO2 a lot on PC. I was hoping to test it on my console but apparently I will not. It's my favorite game of all time.
Justin Mahoney (7 days ago)
That phantasy star game looks awesome
LosDaBoss928 (7 days ago)
I wish that Capcom would bring out an english version of Monster Hunter to the Nintendo Switch, I really enjoy playing that game a lot.
Happymonday 2015 (8 days ago)
I pressed subscribe... I was already subscribed
Leolyon00 (8 days ago)
I want a Dragon ball warriors game ...on switch
wmcroy3306 (6 days ago)
Leolyon00 You never know
Federico Pinci (8 days ago)
dynasty warriors 8 is already available on Vita, dragon quest heroes 1 and 2 on ps4 in the west (ps4+vita in the east with en subs) but I agree these games are great as portable games. In general terms tho switch needs exclusive games and, as of now, there is not much we have not played already apart from Mario, Mario+Rabbids, Kirby and Gunvolt (Gunvolt and Mario+Rabbids are GREAT games tho!)
patk2 (8 days ago)
I think nintendo should have released the switch 2 already
06silverfire (8 days ago)
Paying for YouTube red and seeing ads is annoying
Daivid Silverio (8 days ago)
I didn't see any nipples.
Flare Burnsky (8 days ago)
Did you just say Super Smash Warriors? Boy, you are getting me on a Hope train I don’t want to ride.
Demigod Dragoon (8 days ago)
nintendo needs to stop playing with my damn emotions
Phantasy Star Online 2, for God's sake!! Why Sega keep that game away from us? :(
tsukinoakuma (8 days ago)
Dragon Ball Warriors (WarriorZ?) sounds like it would be cool.
jim maury (8 days ago)
Denasty Warriors
Blitz Tanker (8 days ago)
dude... chill da fak out. heres your comment.
ilove Dougdemuro (8 days ago)
I love it when Thor recommends Nintendo Switch games to me. :)
Sammysamson 19 (8 days ago)
If senran kagura isn’t on it I swear
Moises Garcia (9 days ago)
When I heard they released a seiken densetsu trilogy on e-shop it was the biggest nutshot i felt all year. Granted ofc there is a fan translation of the third game ( a damn good one I might add) we still want official translations damn it T^T
Gene Ciampi (9 days ago)
Jonathan B (9 days ago)
I enjoyed this
anime4everjapan (9 days ago)
censored lot in secret of mana Jewish letter spell magic was remove in ps4 version😂🤣🤣
Zac Uhacz (9 days ago)
Secret of Mana and Dragon Quest are games I have been waiting to play again.
BoSS (9 days ago)
Die nasty warriors is how u pronounce it
ForceEJ (9 days ago)
Why sega why just patch pso2 with english patch and let switch owners play the game.
anime4everjapan (9 days ago)
ForceEJ is copy right
Jeremiah Smith (9 days ago)
Phantasy star online 2 and monster hunter xx
Cold Clutch (9 days ago)
I didnt like dragon quest “warriors”. There are other warriors games that do it much better.
T Smith (9 days ago)
I am setsuna and lost sphear needs to get physical releases in the USA and Canada.
justine buchnik (9 days ago)
I want monster Hunter xx
Novaki (9 days ago)
woah, the RayWilliamJohnson =3 Reference, jesus, threw me off for a second
Theodore Kerabatsos (10 days ago)
Yes Wood, DragonBall Warriors would be perfect. Now get Nintendo to feel the same way.
GrimmSage (10 days ago)
That subscribe game is on point!! It's so fun!!
Lunch Box (10 days ago)
Unnaturalthinking (10 days ago)
Definately pso2. Was mad about them not releasing it officially for the west on pc. Now even more upset that its on the switch for japan only =/
Ian Harvie (10 days ago)
I clicked the subscribed button as requested and all that happened is that the D came off of subscribed, that's what I was to do right?
Justin Evans (10 days ago)
One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 is coming to the switch, so that's a third warrior type fighting game on the switch
Marcellus Fab (10 days ago)
Now i must ask, you know this always happened as long as videogames existed, so why are you bothering asking the question? It's redundant!
TheApexofthevortex (10 days ago)
dentist-y warriors
ShiftNBXX (10 days ago)
Some people is talking about sony paying to companies not to get certain games on the switch or either get them later on, bcs nintendo switch games are selling more than in other systems, it would make sense why we havent got secret of mana since the ps4 remake is a sony exclusive, dragon quest is coming first on ps4, etc
Eric Lavallee (11 days ago)
Cmon no mention of Senran Kagura it was only the top selling digital switch Japanese game for the month it came out.
Nifty Kiwi (11 days ago)
... monster... hunter... I need it so freaking bad!
cody burt (11 days ago)
Phantasy Star Online 2 would be epic here
THEAC83 (11 days ago)
You are so fucking annoying
Was that a Ray William Johnson Transition at 3:25?
Wissem Dens Corleone (11 days ago)
PSO2 is playable on PC, you have a little English patch that helps a little. But honestly, the game is too NSFW in some ways, that's why it will always stay in Japan
Init Prime (11 days ago)
It's a huge misconception that you need to make another eshop account to buy foreign games. You can change your region and then change it back to keep all your games on one account. Best of all you don't need to switch back to re-download these foreign games, they will all appear on your eshop account page in your native region after you own them.
KB Knowno (11 days ago)
Secret of Mana and Dragon Quest Yes Please !!!!!!!!
Denios (11 days ago)
I'd love to play Seiken Densetsu Collection, Dragon Quest Heroes I+II, Monster Hunter XX AND FREAKING Dragon Quest X on my Switch :( I love Warriors titles, but I prefer them having cool characters I know and not hundreds of unknown chinese dudes.
Kai Draconus (11 days ago)
It's called "Dah-nasty warrior's"
Kai Draconus (5 days ago)
wmcroy3306 xD
wmcroy3306 (6 days ago)
Kai Draconus This ain't no English class...so chill lol

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