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Top 10 PC Games with The Best Story | Part 1

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Text Comments (106)
fuck (2 days ago)
I recommend u guys check out What remains of Edith Finch + The vanishing of Ethan Carter. Great story games..
ItsKaito (4 days ago)
Wheres toy story?!? Unsubscribed...xD
Loli Pronoms (5 days ago)
please the song at 3:28 and thanks
Nicholas Killmeier (8 days ago)
Ewww.... Before The Storm was Ok, but compared to how AMAZING Life Is Strange was, it was crap.
Md Hasnat (12 days ago)
Games name list plz
TheEliteGoldfish (13 days ago)
Don't forget the forest
Sourav's diary (13 days ago)
Duex ex & half life 2 has the best story in evolution....
Loli Pronoms (14 days ago)
Great Video Thanks a Lot , i want to ask about the calm song used at 3:28 Nier Automata and Thanks For Everything .
amar bugarin (19 days ago)
call of duty has a great storyy? come on people
Sidhant Anand (23 days ago)
this list sucks half games are not mentioned like bioshock infinite and mafia 2 etc.
BaSiC47 (24 days ago)
Call of Duty good story? Who are you trying to fool?
Kungull (26 days ago)
life is strange is my fav game series
Hitman robyn47 (26 days ago)
Wtf bro wr is mafia,prince of Persia , max Payne GTA vice city hitman
Kushal Gurung (26 days ago)
God of war 4 has a better story
ChickenFak 43 (28 days ago)
We seriously need more stories like walking dead. I has so fucking perfect mix of sad moments and happy moments, really memorable characters and the story telling really good.
ITS X10Rafik14X (29 days ago)
im glad that stupid witcher wasn't the number one .
Take my like bro! HELLA COOL
Shami Khan (1 month ago)
In my opinion 1).Life is strange series 2).The witcher series 3).The walking dead series
ChickenFak 43 (28 days ago)
Shami Khan walking dead number 1
Jan Šrámek (1 month ago)
No Mafia I or II? Bullshit
Kappahala (1 month ago)
witcher should be top1 let's be realistic cod hasn't got a better story
DuckyDucky (1 month ago)
csgo is the best story based game
Ryo Hazuki (21 days ago)
lmao , Fortnite too
Mikey (1 month ago)
first of all, you cant just show the gameplay u need to talk about the story of the game so people could understand why the game are in that order and second of all, how is undertale not included in this list?
Ryo Hazuki (19 days ago)
i agree , respect to the creator , but like i said "in my opinion" , you can't change mine and i can't change yours.
Mikey (19 days ago)
+Ryo Hazuki let me tell you 1 thing undertale is the combination between a good story and an original gameplay mechanic and dont firget that the game is an indie game made by one person so making all of that and a realistic graphics in a few years is somthing that a only a big game company is able to do
Ryo Hazuki (1 month ago)
in my opinion , undertale is shit , how could a 16-bit game can be so good ? but the story might be well.
Renikee (1 month ago)
Undertale is best😄
Brothers a tale of two sons ._.
Shinigami Sama (1 month ago)
guys please play firewatch
MrTheMortanius (1 month ago)
TW3 by far the best game ever made, when talking about the plots of each game its a shame to even try to compare Witcher 3 to other games.
Faizan zargar (1 month ago)
No, far cry, mafia and assassin's creed series??
robir jhonsob (1 month ago)
spec ops?? WATCH DOGS,?? tales frome the borderlands???the last of us
robir jhonsob (1 month ago)
lol is this joke video??
Ryan Jackson (1 month ago)
You missed out the bioshock series some of the best story's out there :)
Mister TG (1 month ago)
okay and what is the name of the games?
Renikee (1 month ago)
Those are at left bottom...
DXSmack (1 month ago)
GTA San Andreas!!!! THE TRUE WINNER <3 :)
Kryštof Dostál (2 months ago)
You forgot to Bioshock series. Huge mistake
Assiya Mattoo (2 months ago)
Max Payne
TheIziestLelz (2 months ago)
nvm ill crack far cry 3 xD
Sanslayer (2 months ago)
Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice....?
Archons (1 month ago)
Good game but the puzzle side of it is annoying along with weird mouse movement.
Amiruddin Tahir (2 months ago)
Intel i7 5500U 4GB RAM Nvidia Geforce940M Can play all?
That Dope Dude (2 months ago)
yes you can at low setting but its still good
Dragos Ngr (2 months ago)
Ok, my top 10 pc games with the best story : 1st. Assassin's Creed 4 2nd. Assassin's Creed 3 3rd. Far Cry 3 4th. Battlefield 4 5th. Battlefield 3 6th. GTA 4 7th. Assassin's Creed Rogue 8th. Tomb Raider 9th. Outlast (With and without whistleblower, they're both are amazing ) 10th. The Walking Dead.
Dragos Ngr (1 month ago)
Moustafa Zoudji these games ive mentioned marked my childhood man
Moustafa Zoudji (1 month ago)
Dragos Ngr you forgot about red dead redemption man !
how has cod a better story than the bioshock series?!
lanes (2 months ago)
Life is strange is so fucking good
Daniel INFINITE (2 months ago)
Mafia II???
Naim Keriss (2 months ago)
I guess you're a 13 years old boy,How could forget about Hellblade
Nep Nep (29 days ago)
I legit couldn’t read this comment where did you go to school little man?
Nicolas Cage (2 months ago)
didn't hellblade come out in 2017? lmao why 13?
Muhammad Umair (2 months ago)
Mafia 2???
Pixel (2 months ago)
whats the first game
MareBro HD (2 months ago)
Pixel life is strange
JOE FS (3 months ago)
Actually quite good but everyone knows the witcher 3 everyone includes it, could of put another game out there instead. Battlefield 3/4 has a better campaign than cod though.
X-men bang Hella (2 months ago)
JOE FS multiplayer also realistic
VNCSMusic Release (3 months ago)
for me the top 3 best games with story :1 Nier Automata (i just loved the game) 2 Final fantasy XV 3 Witcher 3
X-men bang Hella (2 months ago)
Osva ? Don't worry Nier Automata won't force you to do such things. It's a very painful journey.
Osva ? (3 months ago)
VNCSMusic Release aren't they all open world games? Got any suggestion for linear games? They tend to be a lot shorter and story progresses properly, not the witcher type of problem "I need to save Ciri, but first let me get drunk as fuck, win few horse races, solve rat problems, fuck a bunch of hoes, gamble, save enough money to buy a small country and hunt for lost in time treasures". You know what I mean with open-world games. They are fun in their own rights, but not that good on story telling compartment
Gaurav Malewar (3 months ago)
I think I forgot to watch this video!😂
Tarxan Bayramov (3 months ago)
AllGamesReview (3 months ago)
Eddy Kasili (3 months ago)
What about far cry 3
Johnny Bravo (3 months ago)
ok how does cod have a better story than witcher 3 please ?
F4kEAstraiT (15 days ago)
Nep Nep (29 days ago)
I really like the game xenoblade chronicles 2 you don’t see me making it out to be the greatest game of all damn time
Nep Nep (29 days ago)
Cod modern warfare were actually great games anybody who actually played the game would know that
Johnny Bravo (29 days ago)
whatever man i won't talk to people who think that witcher 3 isn't masterpiece and enjoy cod see you man
Nep Nep (29 days ago)
It’s fine to enjoy a game but other people will always think different than you do
Alessandro Varotto (3 months ago)
Sahil Talokar (3 months ago)
akram 10 (3 months ago)
nice idea
KING STON (3 months ago)
game no 3 name bataoo
Boki i (3 months ago)
Joel Castro (3 months ago)
You Absolutely Right!
Anxiouswolf_vetran lol (3 months ago)
Modern warfare 2 has the best story tho
ChickenFak 43 (28 days ago)
Anxiouswolf_vetran lol it has funnier missions yes but the story in mw3 was better
Joe Kamouh (2 months ago)
Anxiouswolf_vetran lol the mw series
Anxiouswolf_vetran lol (3 months ago)
Mass effect 2 is still awesome
Ivke (3 months ago)
Good,Thank you
The Punisher (3 months ago)
The walking dead season 1 has the best story line in TWD series
anas el (3 months ago)
4Go ram Inter core i5 Inter core HD Je peux jouer ces jeux ?
Dragos Ngr (2 months ago)
all you have to do is to buy a graphics card, i recommend you an 750GTX or an r7 350 or r7 250 from msi overclocked at 2 gigs.
anas el (3 months ago)
AllGamesReview ok thanks ✌
AllGamesReview (3 months ago)
you can play some of these games in low settings
Than Vanth (3 months ago)
Johny (3 months ago)
anas el (3 months ago)

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