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Philadelphia Screwjob Royal Rumble 2015 #justiceforaxel

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our curtis axel is da winner roman reigns sucks
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Johnny Guriko (8 months ago)
The real winner of royal rumble 2015
Rahil Kothari (8 months ago)
He's technically in the rumble for 3 years now
wherewolf (1 year ago)
He’s been in the Royal Rumble for 1,000 Days now🐐
Useless PayToPlay (1 year ago)
King A.D. Seems legit
Jourdan Gibson (1 year ago)
really think about it he never stepped in the ring so he wasn't apart of the match
Useless PayToPlay (1 year ago)
Jourdan Gibson Yes but if no.1 eliminates no.2 before no.3 enter match is over ? Think about it .
Mr Content (1 year ago)
Curtis axel is still in this royal rumble
WizardOfOsman (1 year ago)
lmao why does he need justice, axel never got eliminated, he's been in the rumble for over 2 years
Skjelett (1 year ago)
He actually won...
Hayden F00ken Hewings (2 years ago)
Imagine in the 2017 rumble, Rowan enters and Axel attacks him before entering.
Francis Filth (2 years ago)
worse than Montreal screw job
Sam C (3 years ago)
he looks so god damn excited, almost like he is gonna cry, only to be attacked from behind. this is fucking hilarious.
Patrick Hughes (3 years ago)
Often imitated,NEVER eliminated   #axelmania #wewantaxel
Ben Baxter (3 years ago)
Mr.Gentlemac (3 years ago)
Go Rowan!
Boards oK (3 years ago)
Aye wtf u talkin about roman reigns suck u suck Curtis axel sucks who gives a care if he wasn't eliminated roman reigns won BELIEVE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Useless PayToPlay (1 year ago)
iShiFty Tv Raging Roman fan kid 10 years old confirmed !
Riley Oconnor (2 years ago)
i give a care bro...
Matt Vasquez (3 years ago)
Why was he so hype if he knew he was gonna get wrecked?
Blulish2 (9 months ago)
Matt Vasquez Kayfabe 🤣
Riley Oconnor (2 years ago)
+TheJudefam i am....lolz
TheJudefam (2 years ago)
+Riley Oconnor I hope this is a troll
Riley Oconnor (2 years ago)
+TheJudefam eric rowin ataked him frum beehynd stoopid...
TheJudefam (2 years ago)
he's acting duh
Kayspaify (3 years ago)
Curtis Axel is the best WWE wrestler today.
Jackson Cook (2 years ago)
Bork Laser (3 years ago)
Unpg sheep man sucks...Curtis was hurt because sheep man stole cm punks steroids and took some
Julian Bell (2 years ago)
+Bork Laser Thank you Bork Laser
Mr.Gentlemac (3 years ago)
Ok Yoda
LordOfTheHobos (3 years ago)
w8...who is teh reel bork laser?
bork laser (3 years ago)
cm punk's steroids :D lmao
The Shovel (3 years ago)
lamen reigns is asshole and untrue winner of royal rumble 2015 my pg legend curtis axel is tru winner of royal rumble and should headline wrestlemania lamen reigns and cm quit sucks -Bury Approved -PG LEGENDS = NO BURY
Useless PayToPlay (1 year ago)
The Shovel Hell Yeah , Lames Reigns bury confirmed !
Xavier Woods PG Legend (3 years ago)
Xavier Woods PG Legend (3 years ago)
This is an injustice to the all mighty PG legends. Eric Rowan stop a PG uprising that they are scared if because we will dominate the WW "Out Of Touch" E. I can't BOlieve that Roman Boreigns won the match. However, I still prefer him winning over that TV-14 jobbah RUSEXV who I won a PhD off of in a CZW deathmatch. Balee dat. #CurtisAxelWasRobbed #PGLegends #CancelWWENetwork #RiseAboveTV-14 #CurtisWasTheRealWinner #XavierWoodsPGLegend
Wat a heart warming speech by a pG Legand himsalf. Every ward you siad was a waist of tv 14 waist of time speech that makes sin cars inspired to botch like a jobbah moar. But I came here to say BOlieve dis: da Pg Lajind Darrin yung is da bunnny.
king trex (3 years ago)
poor ax 
The Starboy (3 years ago)
Blame it on the Sheep Man....
curtisAxelRules42 (3 years ago)
stupoid erik romen my axel still n1 conteder he elimminated rains from rumble when royel rumble went of air
Harry Winston (2 years ago)
+ChiefLuxio "Pobody's Nerfect"... i guess this is why the social outcast group is doing quite well today cause many people can relate to its aura.
Mr.Gentlemac (3 years ago)
How did you get past elementary school?

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