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Seriously? Destiny 2's Holiday Update Is Microtrantastic!

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Forget Christmas, it's Boxing Day EVERY day at Eververse!
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Rhaenyra Reigns (17 hours ago)
*Destiny 2 Cycle:* 1. UPDATE - Deploy update; 2. BREAKAGE - Fuck Destiny 2 with said update; 3. FAN ANGER - Upset everybody playing; 4. BUNGIE RESPONSE - Issue boilerplate apology; 5. FIX SOMETIME DOWN THE ROAD - Repeat.
Back Country Pastimes (18 days ago)
Never have I seen a fan base treated so badly. I love you bungee, you brought us halo, but (pardon my French) fuck you. Fuck you for destiny, fuck you for using and abusing your fan base, fuck you for cheating people out of their money. Fuck you for everything, fuck you very much
Freddie Wallis (1 month ago)
I feel like this wasn't the best video for a destiny 2 add
Tuls Tenebrose (1 month ago)
How did it take people longer than 3 days to figure out the EXP throttling? I maxed my Warlock within the first 48 hours the game was released with some friends and I was the one being called paranoid when I started to feel like my EXP bar was slowing down after I had gotten a number of engrams. I insisted and argued with 2 friends even only be called right when it came out that they WERE throttling my EXP.
Micky S. (1 month ago)
At a time where even some games "private servers", a non official server for a game made by "fans" if you want you could even call it piracy, lock content behind a paywall and disguise that paywall as "donations" in exchange for a non-farmable ingame currency, exchange goods for money is a purchase not a donation in my book, this honestly doesn't shock me anymore. Thanks to everyone who ruined gaming. Was fun while it lasted. Time to find a new hobby. @jim sterling please make a video on this private server donation bulldung. Even though this video is 8 months old i hope you read this. Love your videos <3
ROFL TURKEY (1 month ago)
Haven't played it in ages, probably won't until they fix everything in about 3 years time.
DOF -San (2 months ago)
jim…. fucking.... sterling-san have you lost the plot you wanker?? lol, though really man your titles are hilarious as they could be. "microtranstic" another one was "X has been mastercarded" instead of mastercrafted or something like that. lmmfao. I love you dude. hahaha
DOF -San (2 months ago)
finally, I can't afford a ps3 or  a ps4, but I've been watching you and others and playing PC, I don't think I WOULD play multiplayer games. I don't WANT *accent* "live services" I want a fUCKING game. *boogie2988 voice* I JUST WANNA FUCKING PLAY!!!!!!!!
DOF -San (2 months ago)
yes yes. thank father for jim sterling-san
Clockworks Gamer (3 months ago)
My dad invests in Activision-Blizzard. Recently he said he would invest in more stock. :(
The Reflafitator (4 months ago)
Someone bought me this game for 12 bucks. One week in and I can easily see why 90% of players quit after the first month. I've taken to personally renaming Bungie to Dumbgie after this one.
Bstrds Company (4 months ago)
Plays Destiny 2: OMG COOL, DAT COMBAT ! Plays Warframe afterward : Ok, my bad, it was just COD with a sci fi skin.
Sherman Herritt (5 months ago)
Somehow it's no coincidence that Diablo 3 has almost entirely gone silent since Necro Release ( June 2017 ) and that minor ass patch afterwards ( Nov 2017 ) last year. Activision Blizzard had Destiny 2 to setup before Blizzcon Activision Blizzard had Overwatch League to setup after Blizzcon Activision Blizzard had buckets of money to make during the holidays. We're going into the second "3 1/2 month cycle" in a row where Diablo 3 is not getting a patch, and still zero posts by Blizzard employees about the game in general. It's a no-brainer that they're pooling all their resources into their microtransaction money makers, and saying fuck all to everything and everyone else. Overwatch had the same exact holiday lootbox bullshit last year, where the holiday stuff was stuck behind paid boxes, and was buried underneath all the normal items that appear in those boxes too. And God knows any common sense person would question why you can't earn them separately ..or just buy them outright. Lootboxes have become an online version of the heroine drug trade, amidst an air of organized crime ( box gambling, bribing affiliates, fixing prices / outcomes, etc. ) Everyone is trying to get a piece of the action, and the people you once knew as normal citizens are now walking around strapped looking to try to move product as quick and quietly as possible, or score it for themselves to consume. People have just lost all sense of perspective and decency. And "fuck you" for wanting to take that away from them.
Ludwig Ziffer (6 months ago)
Never played this, no interest in it, just noticed: The Eververse NPC is called Everis? As in, pronounced the same as "Avarice"? That's... honest.
Gallitorsgaming (7 months ago)
i made a video on the beta the game play was great but the full game i learned how much the game was ruined by loot boxs and bunqies greed to say i was disappointed would be a understatement.
Noose Chan (7 months ago)
Hence why Warframe will always be better. The dev team treats their customers like people instead of gambling addicts or human ATMs, and they deliver on their fucking promises. Bungie is a complete joke.
rusrad74 (8 months ago)
The biggest mistake of game companies is to treat all gamers as if they are stupid sucker consumers!
MondoJohnny (8 months ago)
And everything is such a facade. The game is paper thin. Even things with "actual gameplay stats" seem meaningless and illusory. You get to level 20 in no time flat and I was just desperate to find anything to do that seemed like it mattered.
Evangeliman (8 months ago)
I think you are mentally challenged to give it an 8/10 to begin with take out the micro transactions and you got a 5/10 at best.
SkellART (8 months ago)
To everyone who claimed that Rareware went to shit after Microsoft bought them and that Microsoft ruins companies that it buys, look at bungie, bungie went to shit after they LEFT Microsoft
Tea-Rexx (9 months ago)
buy destiny 2 - play for afew days hit lvl 20 then xpack comes out and the end game content that i was able to do is now locked to the xpack .... like wtf
Henry Krull (9 months ago)
Before eververse you had to grind for the event gear. With eververse you have to grind for the gear or you could buy it. Hmmmm. Not seeing anything here other than another whining ass YouTuber
Ryan Wardrop (9 months ago)
I hate, I fucking HATE how blizzard is affliated with activision and bungie.
Argyros Vivum (9 months ago)
I made a mistake on buying loot boxes while I should be rewarded by playing the game, my suggestion don’t buy them. It’s like playing a Vegas machine don’t do it. Don’t play that machine it’s rigged.
Meme Crider (9 months ago)
Yk whats weird, bungie said everything in our vault was destroyed but yet I see Mida , telesto, Jade rabbit and other D1 exotics. False advertisememt Bungie.
SilentGamer X (9 months ago)
For those that dont like loot boxes in Destiny 2 https://youtu.be/SAvm4M2aA4Q - Jim you might find this amusing Enjoy. Funny Short vid i found that sums up Destiny 2 at the moment.
Nicholas Craig (9 months ago)
Has there been a trophy or achievement that can only be acquired by a micro transaction yet?
Erik Jochums (9 months ago)
Destiny 2: you can die a hero, or live long enough to be the villain. Seems like they went the latter route.
Valentin Leitner (9 months ago)
Richard van Tricht (9 months ago)
Have to admit the dawning was a big scam. The entire schematic farm only gave shaders, ships and those scooter things. Only got 1 armor piece through bright dust. Although i do have fun with the game i start playing it less and i am annoyed i need to play raids through clans. There is no proper lfg ingame. Also the loot system is very poor. In most cases i get blue items. And in low levels u only get helmets.
Matheus Linhares (9 months ago)
the only reason that the cameras got upon EA was because they mess around with not only the gamer community but with the Star Wars community as well. and everybody pay atention to Star wars
JK C (9 months ago)
Every time I see a video like this about Destiny 2, It just fills me with joy. The thought of stupid fan boys being molested over and over again, and still playing that human behavioral economics money sink just makes me smile with glee. It's almost like watching Darwin Award winners.
Evi Reborn (9 months ago)
None of you guys have ever played Rift I'm guessing
John Lee (9 months ago)
go play the division
Derek Brandell (9 months ago)
They know they killed the golden goose so they will try to squeeze a few eggs out of players before they move on to poison something else.
ALLKILLU (9 months ago)
stop bitching
ALLKILLU (8 months ago)
yea i am master rank 23 in warframe and i quit that game.
Cephalon firer (8 months ago)
ALLKILLU so you can't make a video about how to get event gears by paying and not actually play to get them? Have you seen warframe?
CAfakmykak (9 months ago)
games in 2k17 lmfao
TastyToons (9 months ago)
Activison just stick their hand out for a handshake and reach right into your pocket.
Konstantin Khitrin (9 months ago)
It's practically a list of reasons I play Warframe instead.
Lonewulfza (9 months ago)
LOVE YOU JIM!!! Sorry, I just had to scream that out loud. Btw, not sure you are aware but there are some youtuber commenting on anti-lootbox or anti-EA videos on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDMho-3qK3A
Rame_mac (9 months ago)
I actually deleted destiny 2 because of the dawning and the fact I was no longer getting any fun out of it
Aidan MacLear (9 months ago)
Bungie actually makes more money off of the Eververse than they do off of the full DLCs, for what I imagine is a fraction of the development cost. Why would they be incentivized to do anything else? EA and Bungie's job is to make money. If creating an engaging experience makes them money, they will do that. If giving people F2P cosmetics makes them more, they will do that instead. There's a concept in economics called revealed preference. People spend money on Eververse, demonstrating that they care more about shiny trinkets and the little dopamine hit of RNG loot boxes than they do about a good game or engaging experience. These developers are giving their audience what they want. Their audience in this case being not-you. Suck it up. If you want something different out of your video games, the indie and even below-AAA publishing scenes are huge, varied, and in the case of indie, cheap due to massive competition. AAA games are now dead to people who take games seriously in the same way pop music is dead to people who take music seriously and Hollywood blockbusters are dead to serious film critics. In all cases because of pandering to the lowest common denominator.
mollemannen (9 months ago)
this is one of the problems arising from converting games from something you own into a service. if i own a game it''s my responsibility but if i pay for your service you better effing service me. monthly at least.
oOPraetorianOo (9 months ago)
Boon tokens don't all work! 3 of coins don't work! Heroic public events loot boxes don't always appear! Dawn gift didn't appear in it's ghost slot! Then there's the XP fiasco! The greed of Eververse! This doesn't cover all other glitches and anomalies like the distances to ammo boxes in the crucible being wrong! Correctly selecting heavy ammo for it not to appear in the magazine! These aren't 'one offs' but frequent!
Chilcoo (9 months ago)
People please replace the name Bungie for activision when talking about Destiny, its their greed thats fucked over this once great studio. The same goes for Dice and other developers, they become puppets of the big companies.
AshG92 (9 months ago)
What’s the track at 7:45 from? I recognise it but can’t place it..
Kevin Toole (9 months ago)
No more loot boxes!
dspicerj (9 months ago)
Free to play tactics in a 60 dollar game lmao
Joshua Villasol (9 months ago)
I️ know Destiny 2 is really bad but what I’m mad about is the people who actually put effort like the level design team and weapon designers.
Clive LFRC (9 months ago)
You can't spell eververse without fuckingliterallyshit
Matthew Snyder (9 months ago)
How have they not done anything there is dozens of pages of #RemoveEververse on their forum and hundreds of youtube videos. wth is this??
Alkemyst Bones (9 months ago)
Why are you idiots still playing this garbage? You just like shit games?
The Reflafitator (9 months ago)
Holy shit, fuck this dumpster fire of a game! Glad I held off on buying, I'll be spending my money elsewhere. I refuse to buy a full price 60 dollar game with free to play-tier cash grab events in it. If there's an event in a full price 60 dollar game I expect to be able to get all of the event swag in a reasonable and timely fashion through NORMAL GAMEPLAY, not grinding literally 24 hours a day or spending real world cash. In fact from now on any game that has lootboxes or other free to play trash in it is automatically ending up on my "do not buy" list. Bungie is fucking dead. This is coming from someone who has been a fan of their games since the 90's. They are a rotted, dried out husk of their former selves at this point, and it makes me sad.
Paul C (9 months ago)
Pandering to the hand holding gullible youngsters ! This is the problem with most AAA games nowadays !
Masterdevil (9 months ago)
Wish inbred retards would stop buying this shit, we wouldn't have to deal with it anymore...
DecimusEX (9 months ago)
is that megaman or Ken's Rage playing in the bg?
nrocinu1902 (9 months ago)
You realize that it was Bungie who made this game and Blizzard did nothing to it right? Activision probably had a hand in the loot boxes, but Blizzard had nothing to do with it other than it being stuck on their launcher
Dirk Diggler (9 months ago)
Bungie's new years resolution is to Suck every last penny out of their fan base by any means necessary
Chad T (9 months ago)
I dropped destiny 2 just before the dlc and after watching all the videos on their greedy f@cktards I still haven't logged on and will not be going back .great videos and keep on keeping it real !
liquididentity101 (9 months ago)
It's not a gameplay feature in testing... this garbage is the BUSINESS MODEL from square one.
Indescribible1 (9 months ago)
I will not be purchasing the second seasonal pass DLC. If only they spent as many resources on content creation rather then advertising and hoping for the cash to roll in from Eververse, it might be decent. It's totally crazy how most of the content from D1 that made it enjoyable was removed in D2. The arena is but one example. Moreover, I was really hoping that sparrow racing would return with the Dawning (SLR), but what we got instead is a kick in the nuts... Lastly, it is completely unacceptable for major title games to have known issue bugs and glitches to go unsolved for weeks before finally getting fixed. The expectation is that anything that alters gameplay adversely should be patched within hours.
Indescribible1 (9 months ago)
Anyone else notice how Eververse seems to be strategically positioned to make you click on it? For example, when you land at the Traveller after doing some gameplay, the usual pathing for hand-ins starts at the postmaster, then when you turn around, the hand-in indicator for Zavala is above Tess's head! I have on many occasions clicked on Eververse thinking there was a hand-in. Additionally, it is sickening that Bungie implemented an engram system that requires every player to click on its marketplace to advertise its in-game purchases..
Sdrawkcab Eman (9 months ago)
Hey Jim, I wrote a verse about this to the tune of Jingle Bells, here it is: ... Jingle Bells, Eververse smells, Your wallet just flew away... Buy our stuff, 'Cause the rewards aren't enough And we made it exactly that waaaaaaay! ... God I hate lootboxes. And thank God for Jim F*cking Sterling, Son.
Weirduncle Bob V (9 months ago)
I was half-way through downloading the trial version of Destiny 2 when I watched this. Cancelled! Looks terrible besides all the bullshittery you spoke of. Thanks for the heads up, Jim!
Accelr8r (9 months ago)
I'm so glad I skipped out on buying this game, how can this be the same Bungie that created the Halo games? What a disappointment...
Boris Blade (9 months ago)
I'm going back to metal gear slug
Simon West (9 months ago)
Jim. Do a video on Valve and their shitty business practices. Nobody is even touching them for some reason.
Toto Yonu (9 months ago)
It's Tess Avarice errbody
Cezar Grey (9 months ago)
Wow that dynasty warriors bgm
Chris Simons (9 months ago)
The problem isn't the outright scarcity of seasonal lootboxes. The devs provided players with the ability to acquire Dawning lootboxes by grinding tedious collecting and killing tasks. The problem is that these lootboxes have clearly been handicapped. I have played the Dawning now for a week and a half and have acquired ONE piece of armor on two characters. I have acquired sparrows, ghosts, and ships non stop. But the gear we actually desire has been crippled to encourage the purchasing of seasonal lootboxes.
Strazdas (9 months ago)
It goes under the radar because Destiny is a game that noone sane plays to begin with and everyone who cared about unethical anticonsumer practices already left after destiny 1.
J Goose (9 months ago)
Thank you for saying what we all fucking think. Bungie are greedy ass holes.
MC Mark Markson (9 months ago)
I'm afraid Activision will drag down Blizzard hard :/ At least Blizz knows how to do microtrans without messing with balance.
Sonny Lowell (9 months ago)
Dawning was never free (':
TV Rigid (9 months ago)
whats so funny about all you youtubers, is, that when bungie was doing this exact same thing in destiny 1, no one was here to call them out on their shit. we were on the forums battling, but only to be ignored
Sean Smith (9 months ago)
Bungie is literally a pile of trash these days
Romi Mario (9 months ago)
It is a free update, i really don't get the complaints this time, it seems that people just like to complain about everything now that everyone has jumped in the bandwagon. No, i'm not a destiny fan, not a bungie fan, but geez, you can play the game normally without buying loot boxes It's a game, you don't need everything in it for it to be enjoyable, just freaking play
Nokzen (9 months ago)
Why is this still surprising people? stop supporting these companies.
XCruzrR6 (9 months ago)
yet another fun thing they stole from Warframe...SMH. Warframe had snowball fights first plus Destiny is basically a Warframe ripoff anyway. Oh..and Warframe is free to play. The XB1X and P4P should be able to handle the high level boards a lot better than the original systems. Haven't tested it myself. I'm on PC and XB1. I haven't touched the P4P or XB1X yet. Just going off of the system specs. I'm sure there are videos out there now.
Michael Lindley (9 months ago)
Everything the industry does these days feels like a corporate sponsored team building picnic. Sure picnics are cool. Except when you are given the corporate list of what defines a fun "picnic" with a list of bland activities set to a routine schedule. And a wicker basket full of generic sandwiches and no-frills wine. Sometimes. Just sometimes. You wish they'd splurge on the good stuff so you can wake up the next day with a hangover like a Tarantino movie, a half eaten kebab and a trouser leg full of piss... and a vague memory of a good time.
MrCatsEyes (9 months ago)
If you beat a dog everyday one day that dog will bite you
MrCatsEyes (9 months ago)
Stephen O'Brien bungo like thier vegetables ala dunte
Stephen O'Brien (9 months ago)
If you boil a frog slowly, it won't realise it's being cooked.
Metal Rules (9 months ago)
I wish for second you would just up so I can hear what music is being played
Subotai84 (9 months ago)
whats the name of the song playing in this video?
Dimitri Shenouda (9 months ago)
What do u mean 8/10?? OW PLEASEEEEE THIS GAME IS A 5/10!!!
TBONE (9 months ago)
Played destiny since the Beta but I totally agree Bungie can kiss my Christmas hairy swingers their getting jack shit off me . The game sucks its total shite and boring. They are conditioning players to buy what is basically cosmetic crap that gives no advantage to your grind. Just delete it and as its Chistmas the cold turkey will pass quickly and you will feel better come the New Year.
Awesome Cat (9 months ago)
Not enough free loot. Save us. Only giving us some free just to get us to buy more. I only have 14 Sparrows!!! I can't take gamers seriously anymore. If you suck this much at Destiny 2 maybe someone in your clan will help you earn Dawning cosmetics
God Fire Inferno (9 months ago)
love the dynasty warriors music in the bg
Chez Green (9 months ago)
The reason bungee isn't getting dragged under the bus is because the destiny community is more than happy to dish out money for less game content.
Tyg Rahof (9 months ago)
The review of games this year is really disheartening. I am about to get another gaming computer but am wondering if I will be playing Skyrim until 2024 when the next one comes out.
UnknownSoldier (9 months ago)
SO happy i never purchased anything bungie related after halo reach ....all that bungie is right now is activision's personal hoe.
AtrumDelorox (9 months ago)
Microtransactions/loot boxes/bullshit is proof that mental health, for all everyone keeps *saying* is serious and keeps *saying* is something we should address, is something that is perfectly acceptable to disregard. Mental health is completely irrelevant. That it's a non issue not worth our time thinking about. Not only does it prove that the stigma is alive and well, but it proves that it's acceptable to indulge in psychologically abusive behavior. If we *WERE* taking it seriously, the outage would last little more than a few hours, if not *seconds*, that devs and publishers, with their hawk eye on the media, after spotting the outage, before a statement damning the offense was given and apologized for. Imagine a game promoting pedophilia. One whiff of that and you'd probably get a patch out in the next 5 minutes. But no, mental health is a joke at best, and at worst doesn't exist at all. So publishers have no qualms berating us, gaslighting us, and destroying our very will if it means bigger, fatter profits. Fuck Activision-Blizzard. And all those mindless Blizzard fan boys ought to be ashamed of themselves cause they continuously deny any fault, which Activision-BLIZZARD has more than gladly taken up as their defense. EA has no fans, that's why it failed. Activision-Blizzard has a legion of them. An unbreakable shield they can hide behind because these lunatics will defend them to their death. Fanboyism needs to die. It's anti consumer, anti accountability, and completely illogical. No one, especially no company, ever under any circumstances, deserves such blind loyalty. Destiny is in the*BLIZZARD* launcher. Destiny IS Blizzard. Activision-Blizzard. They are every bit at fault as bungie and Activision(-Blizzard). And even more at fault for being the company that single handedly brought loot boxes into center stage. Valve, in all their infinite influence, didn't make it mainstream, but Activision-*Blizzard* did. Fuck them to hell and back for that. And fuck everyone that keeps defending them.
Stephen O'Brien (9 months ago)
Tons of Japanese games promote soft-pedophilia but nobody bats an eye because it's so common in anime.
Greaven80 (9 months ago)
That's why I deinstalled it right after the first DLC. They think Players are stupid and a little money here and there is ok.... f*** it - I got tired of it. I payed a full priced game to get cheated ?! It's maybe ok for a free to play game so developers got to get payed, but this was fully priced game !!! I never will buy ANY of their shitty games again. They shit at us so i do ...
josh (9 months ago)
I don't get why people even play this game at all. It's so boring and tedious. I liked the first one for a day or two. I found it unbearable after that.
trent82 (9 months ago)
After doing some of the tasks associated with The Dawning, we were awarded a token. That token says that when you use it, in an activity like a strike or crucible match, every member of your fireteam will receive a random award from The Dawning. But both times that we used them, nothing happened. Nobody got anything.
Nepu-Tech USA (9 months ago)
Pay 60$ to continue paying? why do people keep falling for this shit? is like they like being treated like sheep. I can't even get into modern gaming anymore...
Naiko (9 months ago)
you gave this an 8? lmao
Brad Maxwell (9 months ago)
all you do is complain you little bitch
ron d (9 months ago)
EA got caught, because EA = evil empire so anything they do is bad by default (unless it happens in sports games then no one cares ... ). Bungie got a pass, because (until now) it was supposed to be one of the few good guys. I hope they have a few more of these "accidents" so people wake the f*ck up. It sucks.
Danial B. (9 months ago)
If you started by giving it an 8/10 and ended with shittiest game list then you're a poor evaluator.
DurdyClaude (9 months ago)
D2 the Royal Turd, thanks Bungie-Vision, thanks for making pricey poop.Thanks for making us wipe are bums too much and giving us irritated bums. Thanks for always charging us too much $$$ for purple toilet paper. Thanks a lot..........
Angel derp (9 months ago)
Oh shit I thought I was watching an angry more console oops
EmptyNone (9 months ago)
DUDE! You know what is even more fucked up? Like 90% of the items are recycled! They only have a different colour, but same fucking model!

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