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Inclusive Education (Hindi) | Child Development & Pedagogy #41 | CTET, TET, DSC & DSSSB 2018

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In this lesson, you will learn about • what is Inclusive education. • who is an inclusive education for • why is inclusive education important • what is an inclusive school • what is an inclusive classroom? • how a teacher makes a classroom inclusive. • characteristics of a teacher in an inclusive classroom. Keywords Lesson 1: Inclusive education inclusive education means that all children be given the equal quality of education regardless of their situation. Disadvantaged children children who come from economically backward classes, those belonging to weaker sections of the society and those with special needs. Special needs children children with physical or learning disabilities. Diverse variety Inclusive school a school that promotes inclusive education. RTE Right To Education - a law that makes it compulsory to provide free education of all children in the age group of six to fourteen years. Heterogeneous diverse Lesson 2: Inclusive classroom A classroom in which a teacher creates diverse and meaningful learning experiences for every learner. Characteristics Qualities Diverse Variety Collaboration Working with someone else Pedagogy The method of teaching Accountability Being responsible for something What is Inclusive education? Inclusive education means that all children be given the equal quality of education regardless of their situation. Inclusive education believes that Education system should adjust to the needs and requirements of all children rather than expecting the child to fit into the Education System. So instead of having a separate school, the education system needs to support the needs of the child in the existing schooling system. Who is an inclusive education for? We know that inclusive education is quality education for all children. Here ‘ALL’ refers to these following categories of children. 1. Special needs children - Those with physical and learning disabilities. 2. Children belonging to the Scheduled Castes, the Scheduled Tribes, and the socially or economically backward class of society. 3. Children who have shown evidence of consistent high achievement in academics, sports, arts etc. 4. Children who can cope with the so-called normal/mainstream syllabus. Why is inclusive education important? We live in a society which is diverse, meaning that it consists of different kinds of people from various economic, social backgrounds and varied physical and mental abilities. So it’s important that our schools provide for this diversity and include everyone into the system. The second reason why inclusive education is important because it is mandated by law. The Right to Education Act (RTE) says that every child of age 6-14 years shall have a right to free and compulsory education till completion of elementary school. What is an inclusive school? An inclusive school is one which promotes inclusive education. It is committed to improving the learning outcomes of all students irrespective of their physical, social or other differently abled conditions and capabilities. It focuses on providing necessary requirements for these special category children. What is an inclusive classroom A classroom in which a teacher creates DIVERSE and MEANINGFUL learning experiences for every the learner is called an inclusive classroom. Each child belonging to the different disadvantaged categories that we learned in the previous lesson has different needs when it comes to learning. An inclusive classroom provides the environment for each of these children to excel. A teacher plays a very important role in the effective functioning of an inclusive classroom. How does a teacher make a classroom inclusive? 1. A teacher gathers knowledge regarding disabilities of students so that he/she can better help the student. 2. A teacher adapts her pedagogy or her teaching style to suit the needs of every child in the classroom. 3. A teacher involves all students in class discussions. 4. A teacher sensitizes other students in the class to help out the disadvantaged children. 5. A teacher articulates his/ her confidence in the ability of the student to succeed. Characteristics of a teacher in an inclusive classroom 1. A teacher feels personal accountability for the student’s success in class. Without this, a teacher would find it difficult to cater to all her student’s learning needs in class. 2. A teacher believes that all children have a right to inclusive education and to study in regular schools. 3. It is not very easy to adapt to the needs of disadvantaged children. A lot of patience and affection for students is definitely required amongst other things. Download Full ebook here: https://goo.gl/L3KoF2 ☛Subscribe here - https://goo.gl/uDVbrF
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sharad bhos (7 months ago)
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Hi Sharad, You will have to take 2 languages for CTET. One of the languages choosen should definitely be English. For the other language you can select the language of your choice.
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Hi, we will be coming up with videos on HTET. Stay Tuned.
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