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PSG vs AS Monaco 4-0 Highlights 2018

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PSG vs AS Monaco 4-0 Highlights 2018 By FootballMinds Paris Saint-Germain 4 Monaco 0: Di Maria double sees Tuchel start with silverware Neymar was only needed for a brief cameo as Paris Saint-Germain made a fine competitive start under new boss Thomas Tuchel. Thomas Tuchel secured his first piece of silverware in charge of Paris Saint-Germain as Angel Di Maria's double helped set an ominous tone for the new season with a 4-0 win over Monaco in the Trophee des Champions. Di Maria scored once either side of half-time, while Neymar made a 15-minute cameo as the Ligue 1 champions prevailed in the traditional curtain-raiser, played in China, for the sixth successive season. The result also provided a competitive debut victory, a clean sheet and a valuable confidence boost for Gianluigi Buffon, who endured back-to-back defeats in two International Champions Cup appearances last month. The Italy icon was rarely worked, with his new boss Tuchel afforded the luxury of introducing Neymar for his first PSG appearance since fracturing a metatarsal in February with a three-goal lead already established.
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Text Comments (427)
Carlos Cuevas (19 hours ago)
Si heres fan del fútbol dale lay
Evelyn eroule (1 day ago)
Oui toujours fort en championnat mais en ligue des champion tous des malades
Krishna Priya (1 day ago)
Md hasan (2 days ago)
ok nc
RedAce XV (2 days ago)
i like psg but honestly ligue 1 is boring af
Sk Mazar TV (2 days ago)
R A (3 days ago)
Very weak league. EPL, Bundesliga, La Liga and Seria A are the top 4 in Europe. France, Turkey and Portugal fight for 5th place. Even the Brazilian league with all the long travel and competitive players is superior to the French 1. Every game PSG can score 5-6 goals. Not a balanced or consistent league. Without African and South American players this league is comparable to the Russian league and weaker than Turkish.
李俊利 (3 days ago)
It's very easy to win the Ligue. It's not good to see neymar and mbappe. It's not so strong. It's not good to go to England to play psg is not very strong and because the opponent is too bad to lose real madrid and bayern,, liverpool french league easy team win easy neymar and mbappe come to England to win in Say
Wilson Piñeiro (3 days ago)
Carlos Andres Ramirez (8 days ago)
que equipazo Monaco ya va perdiendo 0 - 3 vs brujas de belgica y henry nada de nada no le pega a una van para la b otra vez y falcao como siempre eso es lo q pasa aqui...
Najay mavin Lewis (16 days ago)
Salnave Simon (17 days ago)
李俊利 (3 days ago)
It's very easy to win the Ligue. It's not good to see neymar and mbappe. It's not so strong. It's not good to go to England to play psg is not very strong and because the opponent is too bad to lose real madrid and bayern,, liverpool french league easy team win easy neymar and mbappe come to England to win in Say
Babay D Ælex (1 month ago)
Nguyen Loc (1 month ago)
đẹp vl
Dab Bang (2 months ago)
#gros vent 2:10 like si toi t aime
Talha Sa aad (2 months ago)
Gulya Meliboeva (2 months ago)
Neymar 😘
Emine Berber (2 months ago)
jmuse2k (2 months ago)
I love your channel. God bless you
Eric Garcia (2 months ago)
Dimaria mbappe cavani perfect trio
abdurrahman siddiqui (2 months ago)
Weah is acc pretty good
manaus77 (2 months ago)
i miss NEYMAR!!!!!!👍✊
Md. Shaon Hossen Sikder (3 months ago)
ryan owen (3 months ago)
Psg is shitttt
Vitor Sousa (3 months ago)
2:36 😩😩😩
Sanjida Parvin (3 months ago)
Neymer Jr gol very wonderful
Vitinhogames Br (3 months ago)
Meu irmão é o seu fan
Elias Chase (3 months ago)
Wtf that has been the first time in my life that I see a number peel off on a professional soccer player 😂😂😂 cheap as print lol
Tonny Soprano (3 months ago)
1 + over 3,5 thank you pariss))))))))))))
Cristian quispe hilario (3 months ago)
bts love (3 months ago)
Roberto Chale (3 months ago)
DI Maria
Riccardo Palumbo (3 months ago)
4:46 first shot on goal for Monaco and Buffon makes a mistake, not only he doesn't block that ball, but he also push it in the center of the box, good luck with grandpa Gigi
A great win by PSG as always, their only important challenge would be the Champions League which I don't see them in the semis. A great goal by DiMaria and Timothy weah also. Not the complete video of the goals you posted admin. And also love the beautiful bushy Asian last in the stands when DiMaria bent in that free luck, what a beauty 😍!!!
Quyết Lù (3 months ago)
Không có nerma . PSG vẫn thắng bình thường
Putin The Great (3 months ago)
Keep Neymar out please.Fucking joke
John Etienne (3 months ago)
Jυηαιd Hx (3 months ago)
Neymar gettin ready for the next season to dive again... n roll
M4L (3 months ago)
i love Di Maria !!
CIA Channel (3 months ago)
Shubho Mandal (3 months ago)
Di Maria is a great player
fede master (3 months ago)
frederick Dyan (3 months ago)
di maria is maguiko
Russell T (3 months ago)
Di Maria is the best Argentinian player today.
R3LiSZ (3 months ago)
That mf shit suck like i miss old mfs like cavani mbappe neymar
Lucian Lucian (3 months ago)
AS Monaco will be forever behind Paris Saint Germain 😉
Romario Categoria (3 months ago)
My favourite player in PSG Angel Di Maria.
Dedacraft (3 months ago)
G. Greco (3 months ago)
It’s impossible to speak french without spitting LOL
Nike Boy Ahmed (3 months ago)
Monaco shave started golovin and tielemans
Abdulaziz (3 months ago)
JKskillz DeStorm (3 months ago)
When did Buffon go PSG??
Kazmo 1927 (3 months ago)
Di maria 😘😘😘
Angelo Strazioso (3 months ago)
Tres facile par le Psg
Eva Eva (3 months ago)
Neymer will win Fallen O'r
AceyD3 (3 months ago)
Di Maria est le meilleur!
Hafis Dani Wicaksono (3 months ago)
2:38 :v
baraka dili (3 months ago)
Weah gonna be just like his dad
Denis Vanancio (3 months ago)
David Nobre (3 months ago)
super Di Maria
Zlat (3 months ago)
Di maria neymar buffon thiago silva matuidi
Zlat (3 months ago)
Neymar could be best in the world but he is so amateur I dont think anyone would like him
Life Eats (3 months ago)
Zlat Neymar is not an amateur eye are u talking about he’s one of the best soccer players in the world his skills and ability to change the game game is amazing but him diving and his attitude is something else
Zlat (3 months ago)
Thiago silva ☣❤
Zlat (3 months ago)
Thiago silver is goat cb
Kal 888 (3 months ago)
Niezwykły Kibic (3 months ago)
Good match
Ramjet164 (3 months ago)
At least the diving pussy wasn’t on for long.
Infidel (3 months ago)
Galaxy Georgiadis (3 months ago)
NO Golovin No Party
Amirul Ashraf (3 months ago)
Always talk about "shadows"...tf
F (3 months ago)
African Players and Chinese crowd
2:25 The Goalkeeper!! xD
Gabriele Zirulia (3 months ago)
0:09 kavinsky
iclark2400 (3 months ago)
Gareth Bale should sue that fool Di Maria for copying his heart goal celebration! Nice freekick though
Matthew Layton (3 months ago)
As a Monaco fan, I get fucked off that we sell all our best players every summer. If the owners of our club showed some ambition, we could challenge PSG every season in Ligue 1 and get to the latter stages of the Champions League.
ajwad chowdhury (3 months ago)
If rabbiot or verratti leave nkunku should be a perfect replacement
Emir (3 months ago)
Monaco missed some great chances
kheyr rrh (3 months ago)
its crazy how France,with most talented footballers of this generation, still has poor and incompetitive domestic football,,,an amateur in football wont agree that these are the best two teams in france,,,i bet PSG is gonna win everything domestically this season
Gants d'alf (3 months ago)
monaco won 2016/2017 ligue 1 and went to semi final UCL. let time to Lyon et OM... I hope they will soon be dangerous team as Arsenal, InterM or atletico at least
Some Dude on YouTube (3 months ago)
kheyr rrh Because the Premier League robs other teams best players. Main reason why Bayern, P$G, and Juventus are dominant.
张起灵 (3 months ago)
6:49 neymaric virus
Jakub Murasicki (3 months ago)
2:37 "opssss"
Saitama Andes (3 months ago)
mantap admin Semangat Terussssssss
Best Rachsinz (3 months ago)
2:37 ( • ) ( • )
Roberts Shirley (3 months ago)
poor keeper positioning from the free kick
Leitch (3 months ago)
Goala Goala Goala Goala Goala Goala
K cobain (3 months ago)
เปเอสเช ยาวๆ เนมา มึงมันกะจอก ไม่ได้ขี้ตีน เมสซี่ จึงต้องหนีมาลึกเอิง
Zuvrashe Vere (3 months ago)
why Chinese PSG
anonymous 23 (3 months ago)
dude your video quality is so shit. Why do you rush to upload? We need 1080p, nothing less mother fucker.
b 88 (3 months ago)
What's the point? just give psg the league title already.
빨아SUGA (3 months ago)
Maxwell Joer (3 months ago)
did i miss something ..? i saw zizou
arif hossain arnob (3 months ago)
so nice
Douglas Martin (3 months ago)
Varela Nelson (3 months ago)
di maria
Douglas Martin (3 months ago)
where is cavani?
rakib sarkar (3 months ago)
Di maria best
rakib sarkar (3 months ago)
Du maria good paleyar
rakib sarkar (3 months ago)
Di maria the best
George Fares (3 months ago)
Di Maria is a fuckin ball hugger
Mike P (3 months ago)
Jersey made in chine
Jjess Jjess (3 months ago)
ade bela lah ...hahha
Bajeet The nigga (3 months ago)
Weed has played a good match 👍
SK18 tiw (3 months ago)
why is name china language
Victor Destiny (3 months ago)
D Maria... D goat
Cleany Mesquita (3 months ago)
Eae rapaziada *

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