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I struggled with this level like the whole day so I ended up just looking online how to skip it and it worked LOL Thanks for watching my suffering Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Ninkendo OUTRO: https://youtu.be/EpjtuO3_PPE --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/ninkendo Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ninkendo Recorded With: Elgato HD60 Edited With: Sony Vegas Pro 14 Patreon Supporters: $50 Nate G. Nathan N. Cybershell's a furry $25 zang00se CausTiC $10 Scout Azure it's ya boi Nup Astoniic $5 Alex Korbin C. Julian G. Zack B. Eric C. Collin W. Dravein MSE Mantisword Chad C. Mario D. DanGroove $1 Scout Kally MadderJacker Lukas V. Elisha D. Roman Wesleyem3 Christopher W. Skull Bonk Chris S. Luis E. THE HARDEST LEVEL IN MARIO ODYSSEY
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Gamerboi 18 (29 days ago)
2:50. Frustration settled in at that part for me as well. I. Hate. That. Level!!!
HephaestusOffical (1 month ago)
I beat this 5th try lmao.
Metal Wolf (1 month ago)
666th comment...
*_F R I C C_* *_T H I C C_* *_D I C C S_* (Those last two are completely pointless.)
fight_and_die 157 (2 months ago)
With the hardest bit, I triggered those fire rings around the end of its run, to kill off any remaining enemies, and the platform should be close enough to the Pokio bit that I can Cap-dive into it.
Temmie Hacked (2 months ago)
It actually amazes me about how bad you are at this game.
CromGem (3 months ago)
Dude u kinda suck that levels pretty easy as long as you understand basic trick jumps
NeptuniumX6 (3 months ago)
How to bear this: Assist mode bubble.
Aegises (3 months ago)
i beat this level on the first try. i dont really see the problem.
A Lover of Video Games (3 months ago)
I just switched to "Game Journalist mode". A few tries later, and the game was beat.
Fricking Loser (3 months ago)
What kind of marth main doesn't know how to do this
Derrious Dancer (3 months ago)
A ninkendo did you how bring up your life up by prassing z1 and z2 at the same time
lonewolf gamer (3 months ago)
Shadowplays YT (4 months ago)
Same this took me forever I HAD TO MY BRO TO HELP ME IN TWO PLAYER!!!!
Shadowplays YT (4 months ago)
I suck.
Mark Kraske (4 months ago)
Unlike you, I managed to beat this level.
Neo Silver the Hedgehog (4 months ago)
At the time I did it they patched the skip glitch so I had to play the level all the way through and I was able to do it without getting hit
majestic dragon (4 months ago)
Wild pack of Yoshi's (4 months ago)
Shonen (4 months ago)
I just used my limited edition 30th mario amiibo to get invincibility (idk if it’s 30th or 50th I’m to lazy to check)
flambamamba (5 months ago)
Nessboy12 (5 months ago)
This level aint hard at all. Its either easily bypassable if its platforming, or its super spammy. Nothing truly challenging.
Kayotic (5 months ago)
When alpharad beat this with the invisible cap on his first try ☠️
Brian Kane (5 months ago)
Brian Kane (5 months ago)
You cant actually skip the spiny and bird part
UnixRift (6 months ago)
I BEAT THIS IN SOME SECONDS -First Go to your menu -Second Quit -Third Break Your Computer EZ PZ :D
Just Music (6 months ago)
The way i beaten it was in assist mode. It helps.
_ Its DerpyB33 _ (6 months ago)
If I Ever Played This Stage 9999 Coins at Start 0 coins when I beat it like if you agree
marc benavides (6 months ago)
Just remember tightboistaketheirtime
Henry Thomas03 (6 months ago)
Dude this level is easy I did it second try
Turtleitious (6 months ago)
*F R I C K*
Kage Tsume (6 months ago)
Why is he so bad at this game
Noge Lad (6 months ago)
So many fricks
Henry's Gaming (6 months ago)
Why did you ground pound to the lava?
Commander Potato (7 months ago)
I won this on my 2 try
Maxy Snaxy (7 months ago)
Assist mod is op, you regen health
Fartonaut (7 months ago)
Darker side is nothing compared to the volleyball 100 points moon
Lancer (7 months ago)
Volley 100 points has nothing against Jump rope 100 moon
Brutalrattle (7 months ago)
I did exactly what you did, I just skipped the level with the frog glitch. I came back to this level a couple weeks later to actually beat it legit...I did it first try
Force Respawn (7 months ago)
Ur bad kid lel end my suffering
Frank Lance (7 months ago)
you could just wall bounce at the beginning, you don't need to use motion controls.
Bean Boy (7 months ago)
That first part was not the one to struggle at
Nathan Fasenmyer (8 months ago)
Take a shot every time he says “frick” you’ll be dead in the first 3 minutes
Kirbs • (8 months ago)
i know your struggles
AleCates (8 months ago)
1 like = 1 more yoshi stays alive
Jadendo ;3 (8 months ago)
I already beat that in like 24 minutes...
Edward Robinson (8 months ago)
What you thought playing Smash Bros would make you good at a 3D Mario game huh,HUH?
TAJII114 (8 months ago)
How do you get their
mariotehgamer (8 months ago)
yea this level is hard
Mr.Purple (9 months ago)
I saw a mario odyssey ad before this...
Guest Hero57 (9 months ago)
I used assist mode btw cause it was very frausrating
Caden Sheeran (9 months ago)
oh god, I thought I was bad XD
Limabean _-_ (9 months ago)
You are just not very good at this game. At the poles you can just wall jump. At the metal wave things you can long jump.
Danyal Fairoz (9 months ago)
The darker side is the easiest level to pass
Pug Pixie (9 months ago)
How do u get to this level
GKingTheAlien (9 months ago)
You dont need to do that. Yes... Straight up say NO to that part
thechaotix gamer (9 months ago)
this isn't hard at all. I beat it on my 5th try
Felix Nascimento (9 months ago)
Damn you Nintendo!
just another weeaboo (9 months ago)
"let's not frick up again" T H I S I S A C H R I S T I A N S E R V E R S O N O S W E A R I N G
Vesurf (9 months ago)
*Im angry so I breathe in H A R D* —Insert the Thumbnail— *^^HOW I BREATHE OUT^^*
SaucyCharmander (9 months ago)
Tips n tricks on the sinking pole part use the cage to wall jump and for the moving platform crap after u can long jump through it and u can rematch that long platform on the bird thing on first 1
Haruyuki Miyoshi (9 months ago)
Yoshi Betrayal Simulator 2.0
Jini (9 months ago)
..? Sorry was this level this hard for you
Marcelo Xavier Martinez (9 months ago)
Man he’s bad at this game
ScubaShark8857 (9 months ago)
Ya very heard of amiibo?
Fen (9 months ago)
Om G. Bhatia (9 months ago)
Sean Robb (9 months ago)
Where even is this challenge room?
Rayman3D1 (9 months ago)
I used saves after some deaths to beat my fear of starting from the beginning and got through it without any more deaths. P.S.: I tried it out later: It didn't work...
It’sThatTree (9 months ago)
This is hard to watch... sorry
Andrew Lopez (9 months ago)
I found a way to skip the underground portion and got straight to the end
My life is a lie (9 months ago)
I wish you had 0 subs
Morgan Wilson (9 months ago)
*F R I C K*
The Potato of Fire (10 months ago)
Where is this even I wanna beat it in 1 try
C.Crino (10 months ago)
champion's road was a lot harder.
Donnell Braxton (10 months ago)
woah a game harder than cuphead amazing!!!
Glitch 51 (10 months ago)
Boo you suck... Hoestsly dose noone know you can wall jump on poles also keep yoshi at green walk part and the bird part is easy you know what ill just make a walkthrough.
CurseHD (10 months ago)
And Ninkendo never completed Super Mario Odyssey.
Crash Bandicoot (10 months ago)
you can just long jump through the moving semi circle lava part
dienom9 (10 months ago)
I came for the thumbnail. Mario looked like he was having a wholesome time with his friends on his christian server.
Bluman (10 months ago)
Um I did this first try
Dat1 Eddie (10 months ago)
I hate this level 100% pure hatred for this
BlueChicken (10 months ago)
Normal people celebrate christmas with food and presents. Ninkendo celebrates christmas with darkerside masacistic practices
I feel your pain. It sucks, but it’s worth it... I guess
Crypto (10 months ago)
I don't have this game so how hard is this compared to The Grand Master Galaxy from Mario Galaxy 2?
Steaming Grits (10 months ago)
If it makes you feel better I’m stuck on a level before that one
Euroliis (10 months ago)
Tbh this is underwhelming as a final level. Tried about seven times, noticed I was very upset and took a break. I then slept and slammed through it first try the next morning. It's not dificult, just required very specifics strats to do well.
PlushRush (10 months ago)
Am I the only one who thought this wasn’t that hard?
Jetdean935 (10 months ago)
Use your cheats from 2005 and beat it
Mikeマイク (10 months ago)
What’s the music you use at the end of your videos?
Andy Garcia (10 months ago)
Ok so in the beginning, you could’ve wall jumped from pole to gate, and in the fast moving platforms you could of long jumped.
ChayPlays _05 (10 months ago)
Took you 3 hours? Pfft, I did better. *Looks at pile of broken controllers*
vanderritchie (10 months ago)
Like you’re bea- * *remembers he’s a family friendly channel* ‘Working out’ *; ^ )*
Splat Ruby (10 months ago)
I Don't Care (10 months ago)
I used assist mode It was still hard
HOT_SOUP_420 (10 months ago)
thecross_slasher (10 months ago)
How dare u leave yoshi behind
The hater Is a here (10 months ago)
I beat the game in 15 minuets because I just Deal with it 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
DJWOLF2701 (10 months ago)
look up a no fail letsplay shows you u can do stuff you SHOULD KNOW BY NOW!
Devt (10 months ago)
What the *F R I C K* ?!
Devt (10 months ago)
This is a christian Minecraft server pls leave
Wisp (10 months ago)
More Odyssey?

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