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Is SPYRO Reignited Coming to Switch? | RGT 85

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Crash Bandicoot made his Nintendo Switch debut and is setting sales charts on fire. Spyro Reignited is coming to the PS4 and Xbox One, but will Spyro come to the Switch as well? Join myself and Jordan Fringe for some interesting info! Jordans Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJKE87wqkVvbP2hUJcAKJNw Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/shawnlong Twitter: @ShawnLong85 Shirts: http://rgt85.spreadshirt.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rgt85
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Text Comments (235)
RGT 85 (7 days ago)
Jordan's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJKE87wqkVvbP2hUJcAKJNw
Seth Stover (3 days ago)
Jordan likes wrestling?!?!? I need that shirt!!!!!
ForJustice (7 days ago)
RGT 85 love the content! (Just subbed a few days ago) and now just subbed to Jordan! Keep it up guys
Dad_Shoes (3 hours ago)
Being in Unreal Engine, I imagine that they'd have an easy time porting it without needing to downgrade the graphics as much as Crash. And seeing as there's no exclusivity, I can see them working on the port shortly after their PS4/XBOne release, or right after the game finishes production.
Joshua Nicholas (5 hours ago)
People got to stop port begging for games to come to the switch.
jim patterson (12 hours ago)
I'll take any good port to the switch it's the only platform I have
CaptainClogga (15 hours ago)
GAME had a Spyro poster with the switch logo on it.
Isaac Cannonball (1 day ago)
With the sales of Crash and Spyro on the Switch combined, maybe Activision will be motivated to bring a Call of Duty game to the Switch.
Alpha Stoutland (2 days ago)
I am 100% getting this when it comes to Switch. I've never played a Spyro game (save for a literal minute or two at a friend's house when I was five or so), and so I'm syked to finally play as the adorable purple dragon 😀
Titus Robinson (2 days ago)
They didn’t let you play it on vita same with crash
Bryan Kinney (2 days ago)
Most likely Sony paid them off to not make a switch version. Bastards..
John Doe (3 days ago)
All I'm going to say is 480p, Want to know what that means? Go watch the analysis of the Crash Bandicoot collection on the switch. Then put this in context with the Spyro collection. Just something to keep in mind.
Cee (3 days ago)
If it doesn’t come to switch, can I borrow someone’s Xbox or PS4? Willing to travel, will bring snacks.
Midnight Ninja (3 days ago)
That tells me, they have a deal so when it's over they we release it on the switch.
davidpst (4 days ago)
cool t-shirt bro !
ShadowOfNexxus (5 days ago)
Didn't Nintendo already confirm it
Kevin Trott (5 days ago)
LOL the one game thats good for the switch....
Clive Nelson III (5 days ago)
But the real question is.... Do you think your Wu-Tang sword can defeat me!?
Ryan Steffen (6 days ago)
I want Spyro on the Switch so bad! I will be double dipping with the PS4 version of course.
kek bur (6 days ago)
I would like Spyro on the Switch. I played the first two games on PS1 when I was in HS.
sonicteam2k1 (6 days ago)
I hate your Intro because you have Panzer Dragoon Saga :-/
ChurchCrusade (6 days ago)
I wonder if they'll make a Crash 4 with the engine they built for the N.sane trilogy.
Robert (6 days ago)
Yo where’s the switch version at?! Lol
Johno Daz (6 days ago)
Really nice video RGT 85 and Jordan Fringe. Spyro Collection on the Switch as we can all agree, just makes too much sense. I think Spyro Collection out in Jan 2019 would be prefect.
tele-arena guy (6 days ago)
Gareth Sanders (6 days ago)
Now he has ties to cnd lol
Kelly Northcraft (6 days ago)
Nice Collaboration, enjoyed the video!
Grabakr Fen (6 days ago)
Who's this Spyro obsessed guy?
Jordan Fringe (6 days ago)
that would be me, hi
Inkpoison 83 (6 days ago)
I hope so won't buy it on PS4 or Xbox this game would be perfect for switch
Brian Betancourt (6 days ago)
Me too
Playstation_Minion (6 days ago)
All these titles are essentially PS games of course they are awesome. Spyro has always been a PS game, don't think it should appear on any system apart from PS4 obviously
Charlton Christian (6 days ago)
CHRISTIAN R. (6 days ago)
I made a video on why Spyro could come to the switch “Why Spyro won’t come to the Nintendo Switch”
John Williams (6 days ago)
My wife and I loved the Spyro games and would love to see this on the switch.
Eddy (6 days ago)
Do you even need to ask? Obviously!
dgp Productions (6 days ago)
Nintendo switch 85
patrick watkins (6 days ago)
unlike most people i don't care what platform it comes as long as i have a chance to play it.
Lucan Sanchez (6 days ago)
I hope a jak and dexter trilogy remake is made. And others like James pond and thunder force and Mario trilogy. Oh and final fight trilogy as well.
Tony_Tyga (6 days ago)
When I was at E3 I asked if spyro would be coming to the switch at their booth. Everyone said no comment. One guy pointed me to Crash Bandicoot as an example. it came to other platforms first and then came to the switch.
Because of my job I'm going to wait till it comes the switch because I wouldn't have to much time to play in front of a tv
Alan Morton (7 days ago)
if game finally come to the switch - most people will have got it on ps4/xbox one so are people going to double dip every time?
Gunnar Schumann (7 days ago)
Im pretty sure the switch cannot handle spyro
Gunnar Schumann (3 days ago)
michael withof K
SkitBit Production (6 days ago)
Gunnar Schumann it easliy could compared to things like doom and Wolfenstein
matt driscoll (7 days ago)
DUde all types of yess
cody burt (7 days ago)
Jarrod Steel (7 days ago)
You don't put out enough Switch videos....
Yo! where's the Switch version at?
Andrew Farrow (7 days ago)
I'm British and I'm not surprised about Crash Bandicoot being top seller on switch. CB is super popular in the U.K when I bought my copy in Game on launch day everyone was there to get CR on switch .
rollingmaxipads (7 days ago)
You have to be goofy to think it won’t
mad gamer (7 days ago)
loving the beard dude !!!!!
richard turk (7 days ago)
Yeah I'd expect a February - April launch for the switch version along side a PC release. If it happens I'll be double dipping like I did for crash. I'm also half expecting crash to come to android. If they've got it running on the switch it's only a short jump to android and some phones are actually stronger.
Steve Brule (7 days ago)
I subbed to Jordan! I subbed to RGT! I subbed to everyone.
Steve Brule (7 days ago)
Do you use Soul Glo?
Gary Windley (7 days ago)
Spyro has to come to the switch I remember playing spyro on gamecube
That guy rocks get him on spawn wave. And get him to 20,000
Jordan Fringe (6 days ago)
Tony Jenn (7 days ago)
Considering Activision assumed that the switch couldn't handle crash nsane trilogy at first. They're probably late working on the switch port of Spyro trilogy hence why it wasn't announced with the other versions.
Allen Ewasiuk (7 days ago)
Great collaboration guys!
justarandomstan (7 days ago)
I love it how people keep bringing up the Activision Wii U situation as if they supported the system with dozens of titles. All they released for it was a decent Call if Duty port with half assed post launch support, a crappy 007 game and a bunch of Skylanders games. Wow.... I hope the Spyro trilogy gets announced soon forbthe Switch.
kubuspuchatek19833 (7 days ago)
Are you satisfied with how Crash runs on Switch?
Bill Danks (7 days ago)
it was listed on the Nintendo UK store so it's definitely coming! normally wouldn't believe this but I have seen it with my own eyes.
iG _uSat_ (7 days ago)
First time commenting, I have been mentioned this to friends and some family before the announcement of crash, can't wait for fall out 3
ELEXCEER (7 days ago)
Can't wait for Spyrochu
brentstah (6 days ago)
Jonatan Guluarte (7 days ago)
Crash 1 is hard as nails and a ton of fun. I've been playing nonstop that first game, I hated it when I was younger because it was brutally hard, but now I love it!
King Kull (7 days ago)
Maybe its because I lit up a doob, but spermo love it lol.
Zealon (7 days ago)
No. switch doesn't deserve it
Joshua Craig (7 days ago)
This is such a weird turn of events. 1. I just discovered Jordan’s channel a few days ago. Now you and he have joined forces for this video. 2. I just rebought a PS3, so I can replay the original trilogy before the new games. 3. I don’t have a third one, I just didn’t want to end with two sentences.
Tyson Muir (5 days ago)
Joshua Craig Jordan Fringe is awesome another channel I'd suggest is Crystal Fissure his content is awesome
Terence Djtee (7 days ago)
Nintendo Switches are CRACKING!
nextlastgengamer (7 days ago)
I would absolutely love to have this game on my Switch! Spyro 3 was my favorite game on the PS1, and I am dying to replay it!
skyviolet (7 days ago)
..as if U weren't bored enuff
Morn star (6 days ago)
skyviolet just another day where he make a video promoting the switch haha
Samsung Samsung (7 days ago)
Wu Tang!
Souls of Death (7 days ago)
I use to call Proto Man. Patato Man. I wasn´t the smartest kid.
Lucious Thomas (7 days ago)
Wu-Tang is here forever! muthfucka!
Elijah Chee (7 days ago)
Where's my Switch version of RGT?
Alex Calderon (7 days ago)
Fingers crossed for a Switch version, would definitely buy it on the Switch
I want Yooka Laylee and Spyro trilogy physically on my Switch. Never played those. Hopefully the wait won’t be long.
FF THECRAFTER (7 days ago)
And i still hope that wwe 2k19 will be on Nintendo switch
SkitBit Production (6 days ago)
dgp Productions the developer where just lazy
dgp Productions (6 days ago)
Not powerful enough to run it after last years attempt.
XG GAMER7 (7 days ago)
It'sKD (7 days ago)
I think Nintendo is gonna surprise announce it in a September direct and be like available now and act like it isn’t important
pjgarcia79 (7 days ago)
RGT, on your copy of Crash, did you buy physical or digital? I can't decide which version I want to get. It's kind of nice not having to change out Switch carts, but it's nice to have the physical copy as well. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Tyson Muir (5 days ago)
pjgarcia79 Physical because it's Crash if your a fan of Crash
Master Tubias (7 days ago)
na man Celeste is the best plat-former on the switch
Roberto Buatti (7 days ago)
The Spyro Reignited Trilogy would be a good fit for the Switch even if it's not as visually nice looking as the other consoles. I would love to play it in handheld mode.
NintenCraft MCPE/MORE (7 days ago)
how are you? I hope your doing good
Jacob Hayles (7 days ago)
68 months!!!! Wait 6 to 8 months :D
Pasta Rhythm (7 days ago)
I hope companies start bringing their games to Switch day 1 soon. I understand if it's hard for the first few years, but this has to stop soon.
Chris Gennusa (7 days ago)
Im loving crash on switch This would be awesome
Somtin Basic (7 days ago)
Jordan's shirt is just TOO SWEET
G 92 (7 days ago)
Spyro Triliogy Switch version gonna sell millions Week... no, *Day* One! I admit I have only played Spryo 2 on Vita (didn't grow up with Playstations) but I will fucking pre-order this beauty for Switch soon as they announce.
Lady McCrystal (7 days ago)
I want Spyro on the switch so bad! I already bought South Park and Crash for my PS4 and now they are on the Switch. I really want them on switch but is it really worth it to rebuy a game just to have it on the go? I hope they announced Spyro before it comes out on the other systems so I dont double buy.
Jonathan yousif (7 days ago)
Lady McCrystal i think its worth double dipping for crash but if you dont wanna buy it again just swap crash ps4 for crash switch on reddit. r/gameswap community is very active and friendly.
Adrian Garcia (7 days ago)
So every switch sales is on the UK, I assume?
Zarr0ch (7 days ago)
Adrian Garcia what?
Gavin Petty (7 days ago)
Activision put skylanders on the switch before crash but it only has a physical copy due to it being toys to life
SkitBit Production (6 days ago)
Gavin Petty Yup
Bishamon (7 days ago)
I couldn't see why not, firstly remasters don't NEED a highly graphical push, and the slight graphical downgrades on the switch did not change really any of the gameplay. So for them not to is such a miss business-wise.
CarbonKnight (7 days ago)
"Yo, where's the Switch version at?"
gigi (7 days ago)
like dark soul they need more time for the switch version this is just a question of time for see spyro on the switch,be patient
LaBounti (7 days ago)
Random, but will you be picking up Dead Cells for Switch?
LinkToo (7 days ago)
Why can't they do this with Banjo? The real platforming king
LinkToo (6 days ago)
pr0xy they would've won E3 even harder
pr0xy (6 days ago)
LinkToo That would be nice. Im surprised they didnt jump on a Banjo remaster after Yooka Laylee's somewhat lackluster reception. It would pretty much print money for Microsoft.
LinkToo (6 days ago)
pr0xy I don't care if it doesn't come to the Switch, I just want them to remaster it, I'll buy an Xbox
pr0xy (7 days ago)
LinkToo Banjo is owned by Rare which is owned by Microsoft.
JayR Dy (7 days ago)
I also want to see the original Spyro games ported over to the switch.
Spintechfilms (7 days ago)
Im gonna double dip
Hawk Pants (7 days ago)
6-8 months is far too long and it is utter bullshit
Blake Herndon (7 days ago)
DOPE SHIRT! Protect Ya Neck! Great video also!
AlphaMax (7 days ago)
I would be so happy if it came out on the switch. I plan on getting my nintendo switch sometime this year and this will be one of my games to pick up along with crash bandicoot.
Bryan Kinney (2 days ago)
AlphaMax Just be sure to get whatever color joycons you prefer when u buy. $80 is not worth it to change the color and I've been stuck with the charcoal joycons for a year. However I think you'll discover as I did that the switch is more fun to play than ps4 or xbox 1
SquirrelEmperor (7 days ago)
Just like what's going on with most late Switch ports basically. 1) The wait and see how Switch does approach. 2) Not getting Switch development kits on time. 3) Too late to fit a Switch version into their plans that were finalized a few years ago, or whenever the game was green lit. So instead of complicating things, they'll just wait until resources are freed up.
Snowypods (7 days ago)
My youngest girl would love this game.
Marbly (7 days ago)
The switch*

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