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Top 5 - Worst games on Metacritic

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Metacritic has been keeping track of review scores for entertainment for a pretty long time now. So we decided to round-up the worst scoring games of all time. What qualifies the game to be on the list is that it must have the worst metascore and it must be a retail box release. So let’s take a look at the absolute worst of the worst in gaming! 5. Anubis II - Wii Anubis II is a title by Data Design Interactive, a developer that has been known for recycling code. They implemented the gameplay and controls from their first game NinjaBread Man into titles like Anubis II, Myth Makers: Trixie in Toyland and Rock ‘n’ Roll Adventures. Unfortunately the gameplay and controls they copied were pretty terrible to begin with. Thankfully Data Design Interactive is no longer plaguing the world with similar games after ceasing development in 2009 4. Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust - PS3 The Leisure Suit Larry saga got completely ruined by the abysmal Box Office Bust. The jokes in this game consist of fart noises, pathetic sexual innuendo and practically stillborn puns. Then there are also a bunch of mini-games that control terribly. This game took away all the respect and love gamers had for the once great franchise. At least the developers had the right idea when they came up with the title because this game really is a bust. 3. Ride to Hell: Retribution - PC Ride to Hell: Retribution is so legendarily crappy it quickly got a cult following. There is much to love about the awfulness it provides. There is some extremely bad voice acting … hilariously bad gameplay … and even a couple of cringe worthy love scenes. You can definitely try out Ride to Hell for some masochistic fun if you’re the type of gamer that enjoys playing crappy games. 2. Family Party: 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade - WiiU The Family Party developers have been providing Wii owners with bad shovelware for years now. However they outdid themselves with Family Party: 30 Great Games Obstacle Arcade on WiiU. With no directions what so ever for the mini games and random events popping in and out it’s frustrating to play. It’s a shame there aren’t any laws that make it illegal to sell garbage like this to innocent children. Honorable mentions Fast & Furious: Showdown (X360) Rambo: The Video Game (PS3) Charlie's Angels (GC) Fighter Within (XONE) 1. Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing - PC Notorious for being one of the worst unfinished games of all time. Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing officially is the lowest scoring game on Metacritic. The game has no sound, no physics, no losing, and no collision detection. It’s so broken you start to wonder if it even qualifies to be called a game. At least it provides a benchmark for developers as the single most crappy game ever made. Did you play any of these crimes against gamers? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to leave a like before you leave! ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ GET OUR APP ► iOS - bit.ly/ZGCommunityApp ► Android - bit.ly/ZGCommunityAndroid ZOOMINGAMES ON SOCIAL MEDIA ► Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/zoomingames ► Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/zoomingames ► Snapchat - zoomintvgames ► Instagram - zoomingames.ig ► Twitch - http://www.twitch.tv/zoomintvgames ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ MUSIC AND AUDIO Music provided by Epidemic Sound. http://www.epidemicsound.com/youtube-creator-subscription/ ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ ABOUT US Zoomin.TV Games is the number one source for game related top five videos, list videos, game information and everything with some comedy. ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ PARTNERSHIPS Information about Youtube partnerships can be found here: http://corporate.zoomin.tv/youtube/become-a-partner/
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Text Comments (156)
Friendly Grimreaper (10 months ago)
Wii Music
Hai Sun (10 months ago)
now it is Battlefront 2
Thomas Ruth (7 months ago)
It doesn't count user scores.
Ворон (11 months ago)
Star Wars Battlefront 2?))
Don_ p75 (1 year ago)
I played fast and furious showdown on PS3 and I loved it!
Glynn Edwards (1 year ago)
no Action 52?
Tristan Pearson (1 year ago)
Wedge Antilles (1 year ago)
I was fooled by the leisure suit Larry title. And ride to hell was played for 20 minutes and then tossed away.
cod freaks (1 year ago)
3:27 most cringe worthy scream ever
super gamer bandicoot (1 year ago)
I played rock in roll adventures oh God I thought that game was fun as a kid
Sleepy Vivo (1 year ago)
Big Rigs is the best game in history, what are you talking about? The graphics are beautiful and the lack of audio creates a tranquil atmosphere. Also, it's very easy to burn the box and disc so you never have to lay your eyes upon it again. Definitely worth my money.
Adam Block (1 year ago)
Why you gotta do PS3 like that and show Rambo for it? It was on everything after all lol Big Rigs..you would think a game without losing would be fun..but it really isn't..it's the anti-dark souls I guess?
Adam Block (1 year ago)
"What the hell happened?" "DISAPPOINTMENT!"
pancho villa (1 year ago)
The Solmanian (1 year ago)
Box office bust weren't that bad; it wasn't particularly good, but not terrible. But big rigs was terrible, how did it even got that 8/100 score? Way too high.
Louis Kelemen (1 year ago)
I think I have cancer now.
Phsyco Gaming (1 year ago)
I pan Big Rigs for this crappy qoute YOURE WINNER!!!!!!!!
MforMovesets (1 year ago)
4:13 count the Mario Party ripoffs. This one is an exact copy of Mario Party 1, cannons and all.
Karifi (1 year ago)
Big rigs dont count, its a unfinished game
redoblivion711 (1 year ago)
If they still released it anyway, it counts.
calitroit45 (1 year ago)
lol What yall talking about rigs is better than witcher 3,skyrim,gta 5 and bloodborne combined
elvancor (1 year ago)
I'm sure nobody's ever mentioned that but... this lady sounds like the female Danger Dolan.
Zack Legend (1 year ago)
Do Top 10 - best ps1 games on Metacritic
Tony Yee (2 years ago)
Vegas Party, America's Next Top Model, Cold stone creamery game on Wii very terrible games. I feel like the truck game would be better than those
Walter van Lille (2 years ago)
Pretty bad. Proud to say I don't any of those... Yay!
Rogue (2 years ago)
there's programmer should get there books
Longshots (2 years ago)
why is Kronk from The Emperor's new Groove in Leisure Suit Larry?
Ecks Gaming Benchmark (2 years ago)
This is the worst of the worst top 5's since Day One: Garry's Incident has the all time lowest score over Big Rigs.
Dusan Ivic (2 years ago)
was that crunk from emperor's new groove?
gabe prentiss (1 year ago)
Yeah it was Patrick
R B (1 year ago)
crash bandicoot (2 years ago)
duz bookaky skare you lmfao
Even Nybø (2 years ago)
read through some comments and it seems many dont understand that it is the bottom 5 at metacritic and not an opinionated list even if you think another game is worse as long as it is not in metacritics bottom 5 they wont be on the list
Korkoro (2 years ago)
One of the most legendary voice actors was in that Leisure Suit Larry game...such a shame.
1973Washu (2 years ago)
Did any of these game almost destroy the entire medium of video games and be so abysmally horrific that they buried their remaining stock in a landfill in new mexico? ET for the Atari 2600 has that rather dubious honor.
Itai Sprachman (2 years ago)
1973Washu this list is based on metacritic E.T game died way before they could review it
fiz2234 (2 years ago)
big rig played when i was a kid ruined childhood?
Szikla Gránit (2 years ago)
Mind Jack? I can!t argue with this list because the first one is really deserves that place.
Mint Mag (2 years ago)
Ride to Hell is awesomely fun in a stupid way. AS you play you keep thinking that it can't get more cringy, then it does.
klyzn (2 years ago)
Crime against gamers.. Thats a good way to put it.
JDX (2 years ago)
Ride to Hell is hands down the worst game i ever played
Phane (2 years ago)
Best Friends Play Fighter Within is one hilarious video.
oddleader12 _ (2 years ago)
Crazy frog racer 2 for PlayStation 2, was a terrible game but still got higher score than these games? lol
Tim King (2 years ago)
add No Mans Sky to the list
Online Game (2 years ago)
Kesinlikle zooin tv yi partner olarak seçmeyin. Pişman olursunuz. Sizi kullanırlar ve ağdan istesenizde çıkamazsınız.
Rumble (2 years ago)
I Was asked to join zoomin network and im confused lol
Alex Townley (2 years ago)
Why does Big Rigs even have an 8? It should have a 0 cx
Michael Ballard (2 years ago)
what about homefront the revolution, that game was a fucking mess
Singleplayers (2 years ago)
I was expecting that the narrator would get out of the character and laugh again like at the last time she talked about Big Rigs.
Clark Kent (2 years ago)
which video is that?
Maciek Pieniążek (2 years ago)
The animations in the last honorable mention... You wouldnt hurt anyone with so slow punches or kicks...
Timur Sultanov (2 years ago)
it's not first time big rigs is on a list like this, but it is actually a box release?
Oh god, that "Fast & Furious" game was hands down the worst game rental I've ever made! Huge fan of the movies, and then I see this on the shelf and think that I've found a golden nugget, only to discover it was just a discolored turd.
Victor Lara (2 years ago)
Yeah, because Metacrtic is so accurate and non bias....(sarcasm)
Itai Sprachman (2 years ago)
Victor Lara you can't deny these were pretty shitty
Juanpi Jimenez (2 years ago)
Wii games dont count. They are all shit
Max Neuhold (2 years ago)
Red Steel 2 , No More Heroes, Madworld, Resident Evil 4, Super Mario Galaxy, Fire Emblem, Super Smash Bros.and Xenoblade Chronicles are pretty good aswell.
Kobe Sanders (2 years ago)
Even Twilight Princess And Skyward Sword, Shut up puck nit
Darth Lazurus (2 years ago)
I hope a good games development company buys the Ride to Hell rights, makes a new game, and we learn that RTH Retribution is a story being told by some idiot lower in a bar.
Park Jung Ah (2 years ago)
What a dick game that number 4 is, even the cactus is a dick (2:02).
thegamingnerd 123 (2 years ago)
that thumbnail though
RD 2 (2 years ago)
I had leisure suit larry back it was new and i had 100% completion on story trophies and collectibles i still had it now and just knew today it was the worst games in metacritic of all time hahaha
yuh (2 years ago)
CuM B)
The0mega79 (2 years ago)
But what about Superman 64?  Or is that just a dead horse?
UnbornDecay (2 years ago)
I'm sorry if I'm a little angry, but we seem to keep having to hammering it in. This was based off of Metacritic scores, it says so in the title. As superman 64 was created before Metacritic existed, the game is automatically disqualified.
Kristian Kristiansen (2 years ago)
finally a top 5 video without Nintendo
Mike Fox (2 years ago)
Rambo the video game - PS3 *shows Xbox footage*
Camilla B (2 years ago)
Charlie angels and number four weren't that bad
slylover123 (2 years ago)
is that the voice of Krunk in leisure suit Larry?
T3chn0Mixer (2 years ago)
I kinda expected hatred on here...
Python_l (2 years ago)
My parents bought me Anubis 2 when I was younger. Even then I knew it was bad and refunded it.
U Tub (2 years ago)
dude know dark souls 2? lord
omar Balooshi (2 years ago)
Where's Resident evil 6?
UnbornDecay (2 years ago)
ResE6 was a shit horror and ResE game, but a good action game in my eyes. And, once again, this is based off of Metacritic.
Crimson King (2 years ago)
The Voice Actor in Leisure Suit Larry, is he the guy who voiced Handsome Jack in the borderlands series?
LegendsP (2 years ago)
He also was Spiderman in The Spectacular Spiderman.
scott bryant (2 years ago)
We all make mistakes I guess
The Dank Zombie Soul (2 years ago)
Come on comrades, He's a man not a god!
Vivian Saengsuruyeat (2 years ago)
NeferPitou's True King (2 years ago)
angry joe reference =D
El Aquapimp (2 years ago)
AVGN needs to destroy Ride to Hell.
DopeCloudy (2 years ago)
thats a fair point
UnbornDecay (2 years ago)
+DopeCloudy He did his own games, so it seems that Ride could be on the horizon. Also, he said during Big Rigs, that 'Wasn't there some sort of quality control?' Now look at Ride to Hell. He'd be enraged almost immediately.
DopeCloudy (2 years ago)
he only does retro games
Donny yuntwis (2 years ago)
Ive played the Larry Bust game and actually 3 to 5 trophies away from the Plat. but don't want to go through the game again for it.
Mr. Jumbo Shrimp (2 years ago)
I played that family party game at some friends brothers birthday party
Grahbird (2 years ago)
Like how zoomin used identical footage and jokes to +peanutbuttergamer 1 day after he made his vid on that game
Natalie Keegan (2 years ago)
if you do a list of the highest metascore games, cory in the house would be on the list
Thomas Ruth (7 months ago)
It doesn't count user scores.
Aleksa Zivkovic (2 years ago)
Well guys you know if you really tried you could find her face I ' ve already seen her face but i dont wanna spoil it for you guys.I really hope they show her face in 1mil special video.
Jun Kurosu (2 years ago)
+Aleksa Zivkovic You're a meanie
Aleksa Zivkovic (2 years ago)
Sorry buddy i will leave that as a surprise :)
Jun Kurosu (2 years ago)
Link me
GingerBeard Man (2 years ago)
i remember the charlies angels game unfortunately i owned it cause when i bought the console from a friend it was left in the system
Kamius (2 years ago)
No goddam cockbreath commie motherfuckers in this video? :/
EvtheNev (2 years ago)
Noodle (2 years ago)
It's a franchise not a single game and every CoD game scored more than any of the games on the list
hardkor1024 (2 years ago)
Anubis 2 was one of my first ever games :C
UnbornDecay (2 years ago)
Damn. I feel bad.
Rhyan Eddy (2 years ago)
Let's explain the thumbnail. Ride to Hell: Retribution is on the list. That's a screen of the game displaying a "sex" scene which the game is notoriously hated for. It is in no way "sexy" or a cheap way to get clicks, especially when again, the game made the list and is relevant. Honestly, the "clickbait" crowd are becoming more fucking annoying, than ACTUAL clickbait. Congratulations, you've become what you've hated. The title should've been a warning sign of what to expect.
Tay (2 years ago)
it doesn't matter whether it's relevant to the video or not. it's an explicit thumbnail that will obviously attract some viewers - baiting their click on the video
Joe Vargas (2 years ago)
This isn't an opinionated list, they just looked up the worst rated games and put them in order. Stop saying "X game should've been on there."
Has Moved (2 years ago)
Where's Sonic Boom and Halo Master Chief Collection?
Chikens AreGood (2 years ago)
Halo master chief collection? Lmao Your kidding ,that game was the only solid reason i made the decision of buying an xbox over ps4
Noodle (2 years ago)
Sonic Boom scored 32 and Halo scored 85
YI_Hou (2 years ago)
Call of Duty Black ops:Declassified. Should have been part of the list
Noodle (2 years ago)
It scored a 33
Iggsy81 (2 years ago)
pity about larry; magna cum laude was a guilty pleasure of mine
Marc Shlyshen (2 years ago)
Does bukkake scare you?
vermillionsedge (2 years ago)
I will never forget superman 64, it was my first bad game I purchased but not the last lol
nejinaji (2 years ago)
i only wish the console version of ride to hell was as broken as the pc port. i mean, if youre gonna play a crappy game, why not play the crappiest version
xTGE (2 years ago)
Curious.. How is it that E.T. Isn't on this list? Like seriously, the game that almost ended the gaming industry isn't on here?
UnbornDecay (2 years ago)
This is based off of Metacritic scores, and since ET was never reviewed by Metacritic, it does not qualify.
Geralt of Riverwood (2 years ago)
Metacritics didn't exist back then....
Braun Stokes Men (2 years ago)
No man's sky should have made this list
Mr. Plats (2 years ago)
Yeah. *cough* It's a fact. *cough* Do you even know what an opinion is? Some people like the game. I like the game even though I found it a bit disappointing. But that's just my opinion!
Mr. Plats (2 years ago)
It got a 71 on Metacritic.
M Afif Pratama (2 years ago)
nms isnt that bad compared to this.... when you first start playing its looks like a legit games but after you play for some hour it become boring as fuck and not worth anymore as a game but..... if you really that bored and have no other games to play you can waste time by playing nms but... only if you want to waste time....
TooCool334 (2 years ago)
+kurwakuwa But for the gamers, it's an 4 or 5, below big rigs for sure
Lanselot (2 years ago)
want some food with all that SALT?
RB Hobista (2 years ago)
Train Simulator or the Bus simulator
PantherZL1 (2 years ago)
will the commentator lady ever show her face
magicrainbow aids (1 year ago)
Yep not her she doesn't even have an accent like the mystery lady
TrueZtyleZ7 (2 years ago)
+Slack Jaw Kate and the Mysterious Voice-Over Lady aren't even the same person. Where are you getting the notion that they are?
Renusek (2 years ago)
someone found her on LinkedIn, I will just that her voice is the only you wanna know
Has Moved (2 years ago)
Maybe on the 1Mil sub special?
EvtheNev (2 years ago)
She has never shown her face. The girl that other guy is referring to is not her.
Monarch[16] (2 years ago)
A Bear with phone 408 (2 years ago)
I heard that the game in the thumbnail nearly gave someone named Angry Joe a brain aneurysm for playing it for 21 hours😦
Pepsia (1 year ago)
Chozo Hunter I loved that review
When The Music's Over (2 years ago)
"I HAVE EXORCIIIIIIIIIIZED THE DEMON!!!" XDI love that review of his, funny as hell. One of my faves of his. :)
A Bear with phone 408 (2 years ago)
+Reign Unity thanx😆
Reign Unity (2 years ago)
+MOSES BEAR hahah I can see that evil dead reference
+MOSES BEAR LMFAO! what could ever go wrong in that basement filled with shit stuff
TheDefectProject (2 years ago)
Marc Shlyshen (2 years ago)
Boosted Bonobos Inc. (2 years ago)
Its not clickbait though,that actually happened in the game
Birgit Śliwka (2 years ago)
Daniel Tentori (2 years ago)
hello ☺
A Jolly Sonny Jim (2 years ago)

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